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  1. Thanks. I thought we can map it to a key or something.
  2. Hi, When i switch back from RIO position to pilot seat RIO instantly sets TID range to 100nm even if i left it on 20nm. This is especially annoying in transition from BVR to WVR. Is there anyway to force RIO to keep TID range on the value i set manually? Regards, Kris
  3. Anyone managed to complete it and can give an advise? I killed few F4s and returned to base due to no ammo and BINGO fuel, F-16s fly untill they run out of fuel. I got mission complete message on landing but the mission is closed with 50 points…
  4. Leave the Reaper. Continue to next waypoint on low level and destroy the target. You will accomplish the mission.
  5. For those who want to complete the mission while waiting for the fix: they start taxi at 01:50 instead of 01:18 and then everything continues as expected. So it looks like some kind of timing issue.
  6. Thanks. It looks like they start taxi at 01:50 instead of 01:18 and then everything continues as expected. So it looks like some kind of timing issue.
  7. Hi, In mission 8 (the jamming one) mission wont initiate. The last comm is Reaper requesting taxi and then nothing happens. He does not taxi and there is no further comm neither on Init. nor on Ground freq. And there is no message to return from Init. to Package. Anyone? 2.7 Open Beta. Kind regards, Kris
  8. Really waiting for this one...
  9. First of all I am thankfull to the the developer(s) who decided to build that plane and to work on this mod most probbaly in their free time. Secondly I understand developers unwillingness to share unfinished product - they do not want to be bombarded by questions/ comments from users reporting that something doesnt work as expected or asking for support. That is fair. I think the balanced approach would be to share it will clear communication that it is not finished, no support is provided, no answers will be made to any questions/ comments untill the mod is finished and published. Or maybe even when it is finished. Maybe the suppport would provided only on a best effort basis if it is supposed to be freeware (if its gonna be payware then obviously different rules would apply i guess). Maybe a well written EULA will do the job? Can we help in it as a community? Is this anyhow a good proposal? Best regards, Kris
  10. I am aslo awaiting this mod very much. It would be very appreciated if we can have even early beta version for some familiarization before final version is released. Best Regards, Kris
  11. You missed Mig-21, Mig-19, Mig-15 (paywere) and Mig-23UB (freeware) which are available.
  12. Clicking page refresh daily :) I hope open beta Su-24 is somewhere near to release. :)
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