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  1. I like the no mods, but the UH-60 mod would be perfect as a addition. As it is currently being utilized by all the major fire fighting companies in California and yea it would be cool for some rescue missions of course. But love the server and me as well as the 229th do enjoy coming over to get some SAR time in. Syria was running quite nice today. 

  2. hey ludweek! Ah indeed, the building-fires need an update, thanks for pointing it out! whenever you find something that does not work, please if possible let us know the exact time and timezone it happened, so we can check if theres something in the log. Also regarding mi8 slots with exaust suppressors and pylons, please let us know which slots specifically. most of them should be in clean configuration.
  3. We are discussing adding mods, but for the very near future we will continue our no mods policy. We are observing the development though! In the meanwhile we have a rather substantial update to our Firefighting System! We are now finally able to use the big smoke effect, which should substantially help with immersion. Apart from that, when dropping water you will now have a smoke trail indicating that and where you dropped water. The smoke does not fall down like water does, but still we consider this significantly better than it was before. The most imporant change: we have reversed the direction Fire travels. It now travels into the wind, and is not blown by the wind. We believe this is much more intuitive and should have actually been done like this from the start. Please let us know what you think!
  4. The Wolf Pack US would like to edit and host one of your missions, are they for sale?

  5. We want to occupy whole map eventually, but we are not moving as fast as we would wish for now. Currently work is done for Marianas version of server to put it up soon. Should be up now.
  6. Did you try it while standing exactly at the landing pad?
  7. Server updated and up. We are working on Marianas version in the meantime..
  8. Hey xmegasuro, sorry for the late reply! The crates need to be placed inside the zone of the hospital you are delivering to. So when you get a "welcome to" notification you are inside the zone and if you get a "you are leaving" notification you are outside the zone. The way it works is that the system checks the current position of the crate and wether it has moved or not since the last check. This can take quite a few seconds. If the crate has not moved it checks wether it is inside a zone or not. It should not matter wether you place it on top of the hospital, or on the ground, as long as it is inside a zone and has not moved, it should register that you have supplied the hospital. Once this happens you should get a notification in the top right. If you run into problems again please drop us at which exact time (and timezone) it happened, we'll check the logs if theres anything unusual happening.
  9. Right, good call! Turned out we had them on a few other Units too. I have batch modified all Units to no IR suppressor, it's going to be loaded with the next mission!
  10. Gnarrrr, one of the hard parts about having such a large map is that things like these are easily overlooked will fix asap! It's fixed, thank you for the report! Ah thank's, we'll find that hospital in Paphos! Mi-24 already is a thing in Syria!
  11. So finally Syria has also been updated to the new codebase that has been running on caucasus, and we have also basically reworked the whole mission. Apart from long distance runs you can now also do city missions in Beirut, Haifa and Asana. Cyprus is still in the works, but we did not want to keep you waiting longer with the syria update. If you have recommendations for locations for bases, hospitals and factories on cypres we are all ears! Please let us know if you run into any issues and as always, your opinion is very valuable for us!
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