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  1. Im using the Viacom Pro Kneeboard feature. I think it works pretty good except I'm noticing that every time an AI talks on the radio (either to me or to another player in multi-player) the kneeboard page changes to the Viacom Pro kneeboard page. This is super annoying because for example last night I was doing an IFR flight and I really needed to reach though the procedures but the ATC at a local airport kept broadcasting to another player and every time it broadcasted by kneeboard page would change to the Viacom pro kneeboard and then I would have to page back to the one I really wanted to look at. Is this how it it supposed to work? Seems like the Viacom pro kneeboard pages should never change by themselves for any reason.
  2. I had the same issue and the way that I fixed it was that I needed to go to the Audio Tab in Viacom Pro and click the Init button. It actually doesnt really look like a button and I dont know what it does but it does fix the problem. The only problem with the solution is that I need to click the Init button every time I start up Viacom Pro. (That didnt used to happen).
  3. Ok, so clicking Init fixes the issue... but the issue keeps happening requiring me to click Init quite often. Any ideas as to why I would have to click it so often?
  4. The Init button did it! I was re-selecting the audio source but not clicking the init button. I tried also clicking the Init button and it didnt seem to do anything. I tried it like four or five times and it finally worked. It's weird how some of this stuff is inconsistent. Thanks to Max and Olmba for the help!!!!!
  5. I could see how it might be necessary to reselect the various audio devices to get audio to go through the proper paths. However the radio and voice attack communications are already flowing through the correct audio devices. In other words.... when I do a VIACOM PRO/voice attack command through my headset mic I can hear the response from the AI in my headset and the command is executed successfully. So wouldn't that mean that the proper audio devices are already selected? Is there a different setting for audio cues and notifications than audio communications?
  6. I'm looking for a camera angle in DCS that would be the view of a person on the ground along my flight path. Is there anything like that already in DCS?
  7. Thanks Olmba; but I do not think that is the problem. The audio devices were already selected and working properly for communications. The issue is the feedback and sound effects.
  8. Hi folks, I have a few questions about audio feedback and sound effects not working. Overall I have VIACOM pro working pretty well I think, but after an update a few weeks back a few things stopped working. Note that I also use SRS; Im not sure if that might have anything to do with this. 1.) Before the update when I would open up Voice Attack and VIACOM Pro would load I would hear a beep in my headset confirming that Voice Attack and VIACOM pro were now up and running. This was good because it told me two things.. first that those apps had opened successfully and second that the correct audio device was now selected. I'm no longer hearing that beep event hough the proper audio device is selected. Any ideas what setting I might need to adjust? 2.) When speaking to AI in VIACOM pro I used to get a beep response from VIACOM pro telling me that the AI was listening to me after I had called them by name. So for instance I would say "Chief"... "Remove the wheel chocks" and and some point either just after saying "Chief" or finishing my statement I would hear a beep telling me that VIACOM pro had heard me and understood what I was saying. I no longer hear that beep. Any ideas what setting I might need to adjust to get that beep back? 3.) When clicking a PTT button I would get a radio sound effect which sounded like static. I'm no longer getting that sound effect either. Any idea what I setting I might need to fix that? After reading all of this you might think that maybe I do not have the right communication audio device selected. However I do not think that is the case because I can hear all AI and real people through my headset, I just cant hear the audio feedback cues. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Regarding binding PTTs in DCS... seems like you would have to do that if you wanted to have your radio calls to AI and real people go out over the same frequency. I've had it set that way for about a year and it works well in that my teammates can hear my radio calls out to the Tanker, Marshal, ATCs etc. The only PTTs that I would not bind in voice attack are the PTTs that I know will only be used to talk to real people. That is the adjustment I made last night and it seems to work really well. So now I have. Mic Switch 3 o'clock position: In Viacom Pro its mapped to PTT1, In DCS its mapped to Radio 1, In SRS its mapped to Radio 1 Mic Switch 6 o'clock position: In Viacom Pro its mapped to PTT2, In DCS its mapped to Radio 2, In SRS its mapped to Radio 2 Mic Switch 9 o'clock position: in Viacom Pro no mapping, In DCS its mapped to MIDS A, In SRS its mapped to Radio 3 Mic Switch 12 o'clock position: In Viacom Pro no mapping, In DCS its mapped to MIDS B, In SRS its mapped to Radio 4 Mic Switch Push In: In Viacom Pro no mapping, In DCS no mapping, In SRS no mapping, In Discord its mapped as Push To Talk Random Button on one of my button boxes: In Viacom Pro its mapped to PTT5 - I use this to talk to the crew chief as well as talk to Voice Attack / ViacomPro to select Function buttons, (ie F1 through F12). As for DCS and SRS there is no mapping for this button as its only for talking to Voice Attack / ViacomPro --------------------------- Regarding navigating the Kneeboard. I'm pretty sure that those page name calls do not work if you use the VSPX voice recognition engine. (That is the one that I was trying to use) I have since gone back to the "regular" one and its now much easier to navigate the Kneeboard. Also, I'm pretty sure that the Auto browse isn't supported if you use the VSPX option.
  10. Yes, if I am calling a Tanker then my teammates on the same frequency should hear that. And to do that I have TX1 bound in Voice attack but its also bound in SRS. (Thats how I have run it in the past). On another note, I think I have found my problem. I had TX1 in Voice Attack and Radio 1 in SRS bound to the 3oclock position on the Mic Switch but Radio 1 in DCS was bound to the 12 oclock position. I'm going to test this tonight to see if that fixes it. I bet that was my issue. I wish the pages in the Kneeboard could be called up by the name that is shown on the Kneeboard tab so you dont have to remember more stuff!
  11. 1.) Thanks and sorry, I mistyped. I am aware that TX4 is AUTO and TX5 is intercom. Also, I mapped my Mic switch the same way that the Viacom manual suggests so I was making the connection that the direction of the mic switch press equalled the TX node, however as you pointed out, that is not the case. Your response made me realize that I don't need to have TX3, TX4, and TX6 mapped in Voice attack because I will only be using those to talk to real people DataLink/MIDS and Discord. I just have to map those buttons in SRS. I'll give this a shot. 2.) Definitely not going to do it that way. One button push for PTT is how it works in the real plane and is a functional requirement. 3.) I'll try again. I tied "JAYTAK Page" a number of times and couldn't get it to work. I was using the VSPX voice recognition engine; Im not sure if that makes a difference. I have actually switch it back to the "regular" voice recognition engine because the VSPX engine doesn't support saying the name of the sender in your commands and I wanted to stick as closely as possible to the standard comms protocol and after using it for a while the inability to identify myself in my message was a deal breaker for me. 4.) I'll do some more config and some testing tonight and if I can reproduce the issue I'll post a log. Thanks for the help.
  12. Thanks! Where did you get that screenshot from?
  13. Hi, I have been a Viacom Pro users for about 18 months and I am a big fan... although I do not think that I have it set up to deliver all of its value. I have recently re-purchased it to get the new modules and I have also done a reinstall of everything so I am doing a reconfiguration. Here is my set up. Module: F/A18C Hornet Version of DCS - Open Beta SRS Thrustmaster Warthog Controls and I am attempting to use the Mic switch as follows. TX1 = Radio 1, TX2 = Radio 2, TX3 = Data Link MIDS VOC A, TX4 = Data Link MIDS VOC B, TX5 = Intercom, TX6 = Used for Discord (Push In on the Mic Switch) (This is the button in the Viacom Pro Manual recommended to turn Chatter on and off, however I don't use Chatter and I need a button to talk to my squadron team mates in Discord) Questions: 1.) In the manual it says that TX4 is reserved for the Intercom, however I need TX for to use for the Data Link voice channel MIDS Voc B. Is that going to be a problem? Instead I was going to use TX5 for the Intercom. 2.) I want to be able to do voice commands but not have them broadcast over the radios to real people. For example, I want to be able to select the "F Keys" in the comms menu, or I want to be able to talk to my crew chief to remove the "wheelchocks" or "request rearming", also the Kneeboard commands are another one that I want to be able to bring up using my voice with out having it go out over the radio. Would I use the Intercom for that? (In my case that would be TX5). 3.) I started messing around with the Kneeboard. When I have the kneeboard visible its hard to navigate to some tabs. For example, the JTAC tab and the AOCS tab are particularly difficult. Should I call them up by spelling them out (for example "Jay", "TEE" "A" SEE" Page)? Or is there another command that brings them up? For JTAC, Saying "JTAC" doesn't seem to work. Or maybe I need to train Windows Voice recognition to recognize that? 4.) In a single player session I was trying to do an inbound call to the carrier. I tuned Radio 1 to the carrier Marshal frequency and then attempted several different radio calls to the carrier using the TX1 mic switch button press. For some reason VIACOM was not hearing me. I have the audible hints turned on and so I know when a command is successful because I hear a "chirp" after I finish speaking. The calls to the carrier that were failing were not getting a chirp. I then went and looked at the Voice Attack commands list and I saw that the commands that were not getting registered had a response from voice attack telling me to "Use and active TX Node". What does that mean? Something else that is strange about this issue is that its inconsistent. I found that I could get the command to work if I clicked over to TX2 and then clicked back to TX1 and then tried the command again. All in all I was able to get it to work a few times, but it was inconsistent. I know that there is a lot there but hopefully someone can shed some light on some of these issues. Thanks so much in advance!
  14. I figured out what the problem was. I figured out that some peripherals when you plug them into your PC and open DCS they will be automatically bind to certain controls. Sometimes this is helpful. Other times it isn't. In my most recent case I built a set of driving pedals that use an Arduino Board to talk to my PC. The Joystick program on the Arduino board has a channel for rudder pedals. Im not using it but it is there. There also happens to be some noise on that channel. On a flight yesterday I saw that my rudder pedals (in the plane) were moving on their own. I went into control settings and I saw that my Arduino was now one of the controller options and it had the rudder pedals bound to an axis. I went in and deleted that binding and the rudder pedals stopped moving on their own. This is similar to what I did a few months ago for the gun trigger. I went in and deleted the other gun trigger bindings that were automatically set up.
  15. @darkman222 What is your pixel density set to in DCS? Is it 1.2? I'm thinking that Pixel Density is a critical factor here. It seems to me that 1.2 yields sharper image for me in the Hornet DDIs however my performance really suffers in that the ground under the jet stutters when I am flying low and the buildings are blurry. If I leave the Pixel Density at 1.0 performance is great but I struggle to easily read the DDIs. So I might try to go back down to 60 Hertz (Im currently at 75) and then raise the Pixel Density back to 1.2.
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