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  1. Hi Doc, Great, done. Have a great day
  2. Hi Doc, Sure, added the F22A, I don't know about the Texan, is it avalaible even as mod? Hi Arew, Added this option as additional planes, you should now find both F-14A & B with (RIO) option. Have a great day
  3. Hi Vettefan, In the future I don't exclude to implement a component integrated with DCS, but at the moment the sync app (or manual input) is the may way to fill logbook. Have a great day
  4. Hi Arew, Thanks! What do you mean about LSO? Currrency system for squadrons? Seems really interesting do you have some examples or can you please explain me what you mean? I constantly develop new features so all can be done. Have a great day
  5. No download is needed, aircraft list is centralized Have a great day
  6. Hi DN, Added both heli, Iran was already present, renamed it correctly. Question of the replay is tricky, may I suggest to save debriefing before play the replay? Logbook sync can import saved debriefing too. Have a great day
  7. Hi DN, About awards I'm working on a automatic awards system... It means it will be able to assign awards automatically on a realistic eligibility. Once done it will work a lot better than the one present in game (where Purple Heart is awarded on merit). This will be avalaible for the US forces then maybe for others; it is very complex to understand real awards system and represent it without the main structutures composing it, adding crossed awards between force will be a mess now . About the last issue you reported I really don't understand what you are meaning for "replay a mission and stop it"... You can play a mission and pause it? Have a great day
  8. Hi DN, There are a lot, please let me know specific requrest, I will add them on the fly. Hi Nealius, Very strange would you please share with me a log file and let me know strange things you see? Thanks, Have a great day
  9. Hi DN, My idea of allegiance is to recall most realistically as possible both ranks and awards. In order to fly both with Marines and AF best mode is to create 2 characters, in your case one for Marines and one for AF. Then you can manage two careers in one. Statics and calendar per user are for this purpose. Obviously if I miss, or you need, any foreign award for certain allegiance that is realistically awardable, please let me know. Cases like French legion of honor. Have a great day
  10. Hi Neaulius, It depend on the character you chose: If his allegiance is undefined, the enemy allegiance disappear because it has no importance; I implemented this behavior especially for online play. Have a great day
  11. Hi DocPollock, No problem! Done! Have a great day
  12. Hi DocPollock, No problem, would you please list the planes you need? Have a great day
  13. Hi Skypickle, Added Greek and Turkish, do you need other languages? Bye
  14. Hi Tugias, About the roll over I will give a look. About the multicrew, if I correctly remember it's only a flag, I will give a look soon. Bye
  15. Hi Nirvi, I analyzed the logfile and I noticed something strange: until now a log file had a "callsign" value that should identify the player, yours should be at line 69280, but I read this: callsign = "" This make the sync app unable to recognize the player. I changed it to what I find could be the correct callsign for the player in this mission (taking it from "under control" events) callsign = "[ugly]Nirvi" And then it worked smoothly. Do you know if is there any behavior may had introduced this issue in the file? Hope this helps, Have a great day
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