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  1. Corsair DDR5 Dominator RGB 5200c38 32GB (2x16GB) DRAM, part # CMT32GX5M2B5200C38. Used less than a year, never overclocked outside of XMP settings. Only reason I am getting rid of it is I upgraded to 64GB Kit. Never gave me any issues. $265 $200 Shipped (US Only) PayPal (F&F Only) or Zelle
  2. Lightly used Thrustmaster HOTAS set. Works 100%, no damage. About 150 hrs of use in DCS. Ended up getting some Virpil and VKB stuff so these are up for grabs. Super clean and would pass for new. $450 $350 Shipped CONUS Located in the triangle area of NC and could do FTF if local. Can do PayPal (F&F Only b/c of tax mess), Zelle, or USPS MO Shipping through UPS, and I over pack like a crazy person. If you need seller feedback/reviews, I can provide account names for ARFCOM, TacSwap, EBay, and GunBroker.
  3. Like new Corsair Dominator DDR5 32GB (2x16) 5200 C38 Kit. Ending up picking up the 6200 I was after originally so no longer need these. Ran Memtest on them before packing them up, passed with zero errors. Never overclocked outside of XMP settings, never saw voltage above 1.25 (default). $350 Shipped PayPal (F&F Only), or Zelle (preferred) Can do FTF in Raleigh, NC
  4. GTX 4 series looks like it might be coming later this year, looks promising. If it does I'll grab a 4090 and sell off my 3090.
  5. You said 64gb RAM, are you using dual channel 32 sticks or 4x16? What MB? I had issues with 4x16 sticks causing issues and when I went to 2x16 they went away. All 4 sticks were good, but the z690 asus board didn't like 4 sticks. The Oculus should be easier to drive than the G2. I have both. The clarity in the G2 makes it worth the small performance hit.
  6. Reverb G2 is working great for me on 11. Did all the usual VR windows settings tweaks and it is plenty smooth with a 3090 and 12900k. MB had some RAM issues at first that caused crashing but that was because apparently z690 boards don't like more than 2 sticks of RAM apparently right now. Once I figured that out its been smoothing sailing.
  7. I have been searching everywhere to try and find a chart/list of the communications menu written out to help me configure VoiceAttack the way I want, does anyone know of or have a list/map of the communications menu?
  8. Also, make sure you are positioning the cable correctly. I bring the cable around in front of me, push it up slightly, and tuck it right behind my belt buckle. Keeps it from gently pulling on the back of the headset while you are flying.
  9. Ah, I read the specs too quickly, saw 970 and read it as gtx970 in my brain. Running on no caffeine and hungry is no way to go through life, or the forums. 3080 Will handle things just fine. I have a 3090 and its great for VR, I can get 70-90 fps most of the time on a Reverb G2. Whatever you get, try and get as much VRAM as you can. DCS actually uses all 20GB on the 3090, which is both impressive and sad at the same time.
  10. The question I want to know is that even though the resulting pixels may be the same, does one route or the other, based on how the PC renders everything make a difference in-game vs SteamSS? On paper they shouldn't, but paper and real world differ sometimes. Has anyone tested this quantifiably?
  11. Not sure exactly. Threw in a set of handcuffs because I couldn't find a box of BBs I had intended to use, it balanced it out nicely so they are still in there.
  12. I was getting really tired of having to tighten my Reverb G2 down so much to keep it from sagging on my face, or loosen it only to have to keep adjusting it, so I fixed it. Added some extra padding on top to help keep it from sliding, also makes it feel lighter. Also added a counterweight to the back to balance it out. Now it sits in place all session, I don't have to tighten it down to where my face ends up red when I take it off, and looking around feels much more natural. This is how they should all come. I know someone will ask so here is what I used: Pads Link Counterweight Link Velcro (1-inch Roll)
  13. They were right on the GPU, with that little VRAM you will struggle in VR, especially with the Reverb G2. Updating the GPU should get you going. Look at the new AMD line or the Nvidia 3060 or better.
  14. Occasionally my game will lock up in multiplayer when flying the F-16 after landing and then taking off again. After take-off, as soon as I switch to "Dogfight" missle mode, my game locks up and I have to force close it. Any ideas anyone? Doesnt seem to happen with other modules and I have no F-16 mods installed, nothing but skins.
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