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  1. None of this fixed it. After TONS of experimentation, if was the full screen option in the game settings that caused it. If I turned full screen off, no more crashes.
  2. No one has any ideas? I did a system restore to a time when the game worked and that did nothing as well. I still get the same error message. Its not about inserting the lock on disk either, never had to do that before and I tried it anyway and it didnt work.
  3. Hi there. FC2 used to play fine for me. I havent played it in a while and today out of nowhere missions would not load and I get this error in the picture attached. I have re-installed FC2 but that did not solve it. Any ideas appreciated.
  4. So with this and other threads talking about known issues with flap performance and that it is being worked on, when will there be an actual update?? I know asking for a specific date is impossible, but is it weeks, months away???
  5. That has to be your controller setup. The A-10 flies just great to me and although it is different, its not drastically different to me from 1.12.
  6. How can you zoom in on the target map? Also can you zoom in on the satellite image of the area? I'm going to try the missions soon
  7. Awesome post, perfect explanation
  8. Exactly, he's already made up his mind he knows more than the sim producers, even though the game producers have tons more data, a small part of which has been posted. Just give it up. You are just confusing the guy with facts.
  9. Things like this are why I have supported every payed lock on follow up to date. Except for Black Shark cause I am not a helicopter guy, every payed upgrade for Lockon I have purchased. Cause its support like this that makes this the most enjoyable flight sim product I own. Future DCS products that feature jet planes will definitely be on my future purchase list. I'm a customer for life.
  10. I've spent some time now flying the SU27 and F15, flight model is definitely improved!!! Its been a while since I flew but slow flight in the SU seems noticeably more controllable. I love the changes so far!!! Im starting to get used to the "natural head movement" too.... LOL
  11. I've have noticed the flickering issue, but in other posts it seems all the people I have found with this issue have ATI cards. Is this an issue isolated to ATI cards or does it happen with NVIDIA too?
  12. Another question, is this an issue associated only with ATI cards? Or does it happen with NVIDIA cards too?
  13. Ah, I've never really gotten into modding the game, looks like its time I caught up with the times :D
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