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  1. mouse control is kinda in the game in Combined Arms. The Door Gunner on the Mi-8 is also mouse controlled as well as the ATGM sight for the Mi-24P so i'm sure it'll be an option
  2. Yep, very excited for new updates
  3. Damn i'd rather fly KBM than an XBOX Controller lol.
  4. Certain support do definitely help though, i for one don't have a throttle and pedals and instead have to bind the throttle and rudder to my mousewheel and buttons respectively using UCR and vJoy, which also means i use the mouse to clicky clicky left-handed, and barely touch the rudder controls in flight lol.
  5. idk why this is but very little EFM mods are actually compatible with keyboard and mouse. The only one i've found is the A-4E. If for some reason you can't get a functioning stick and throttle, i advise you to use something like vJoy and AHK to emulate a stick with a mouse.
  6. Thanks for the hard work guys! With the current modding limitations, what functionality do you think is possible with the WSO seat?
  7. So how do you guys plan to get the avionics working, does DCS allow for custom MFD pages? or will it copy the current modules? Amazing work as always guys.
  8. Maybe pack them together like with the F-14A/B
  9. While colors are mostly the same, the scheme is now a more natural classic camo scheme as opposed to the earlier blots of green paint. That and markings. I'd love to have the option to use the new bort number layouts.
  10. If you're no-sticking it i recommend getting vJoy with UCR (AHK ver) to turn your mouse into a stick, works like a charm, if i can fly helos with it there's nothing it can't fly
  11. Been a while since i last checked it but wasn't that also not possible with the Mi-8?
  12. Is the EFM still being worked on? or did you guys drop that and go with a custom SFM. Also i know Radars are locked behind CDK and that all mod aircrafts with radars need FC3, but while the radar is based on FC3, can we customize its performance? I messed with the sensors.lua but i don't notice any difference.
  13. Can't wait for the new 3D models. How will the AAG missiles work? Do they act like Anti Radiation missiles?
  14. Yeah, having the Russian Destroyers like the Udaloy and the Sovremenny, as well as their more modern Frigates and Corvettes would be nice.
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