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  1. Hi Mission 13 seems to have some bugs concerning Sentinal coms and Poodle flight behaviour. Part 1: During Ingress through Gold corridor Sentinal sound stopped working. (COM2 was set correctly). Sentinal sound didn't resume throughout the whole mission. Also Poodle's flight behaviour was "strange". At some Point in Gold Corridor he returend to WP1 and orbited there for a while until he started ingress again. Also after Russian Aircraft event Poodle did not resume course towards Texaco. He descended to Angels 2 and remained there for some reason. Part 2: Poodle did not return to Incirlik after CAS Mission he remained at orbit after task, with no obvious pattern.
  2. Hi all, during flight I observed that map objects (houses) seem to be rendered only at a certain distance and become visible in the FLIR. Can anybody tell me which setting effects this behaviour. So far I haven't found the right one.
  3. The Chaff and Flare amounts in the Mission loadouts are not adjusted to the current Hornet countermeasures capacity.
  4. I'm currently getting into Liberation for our MP. But I can't figure out how to change the waypoint order for player flights or to add navigation waypoints. Can anyone help?
  5. Unfortunatelly I have no track file for this particular mission, but as stated above. Yes there where friendly contacts in the scan volume as indicated by the bricks on the RDR ATTK. There were only friendly aircrafts in front of me
  6. I observed that friendly radar contacts are not showing on the EZ/AL page
  7. The Litening TPod seems to stop slewing automatically after the first WPDSP command. Every 2nd WPDSG command will not be accepted. This issue seems not to appear with ATFLIR (see track file 1st run Litening; 2nd run ATFLIR) WP1 is set via ME 2nd WP was created as markpoint. The FLIR was slewed to WP1 first via WPDSG then moved slightly off the WP to set a TGT point via TDC Depress, then MK1 was created. Now the Litening Pod will not slew automatically when you switch between WP1 and MK1 and press WPDSG. With ATFLIR this works just fine. I don't know if this is intended but an O/S of a markpoint is not accepted (please clarify), so I tried this with a "conventionall" WP. I set an offset of 5 NM to WP1; AMPCD Symbology (see trackfile) seems correct but the Tpod will not slew to the offset point as soon as you press O/S on the AMPCD (also the symbology on the HSI Page on the AMPCD seems then incorrect; see trackfile) WPDSG Error Litening AFLIR.trk
  8. After pressing the WPDSB button on the HSI or SA Page (DDI and AMPCD) the target point is locked (can be seen on HMD) but the Lightning POD ist not slewing to the target point and remains in snowplow mode. Even after undesignate and redesignate via WPSDG problem still remains. Power down and restart TGP dosn't work either. Weapons loadout was 2x IR Maverick and 4x GBU-12 Problem was observed after firing the Mavericks and dropping all GBU-12s. This problem happes from time to time and is not always observable direct from the start. I personally observed it after dropping all ordonance (mostly GBU-12)
  9. After 2.7 the velocity vector slave mode can be entered but target lock on the ground after pressing TDC is not engaged corrcetly. Massive drift and offset is observed
  10. Thallios

    Undo command

    Totally agree, absolut necessary feature
  11. Ok problem solved; wait till Raven 1 flight is airborne before you do radio check
  12. The F-18s with the number 407 and 411 get stuck on the deck during taxi to the catapults. I tried restarting the mission with different times when I start to taxi, they always end up in the same position.
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