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  1. Tras perpetrar las traducciones de las guías de Chuck del UH-1H y del Mi-8, vuelvo a la carga con la del Mi-24P. Actualizada a la última versión del módulo y con anexos extra. Ya no hay excusas para disfrutar este fantástico helicóptero. Disponible en: https://universo-lf.net/archivo-lostrego/
  2. Buenas, gente. He traducido las guías de Chuck de estos dos magníficos y poco reconocidos módulos y están disponibles completamente gratis en: https://universo-lf.net/archivo-lostrego/
  3. MaxVB

    Community A-4E-C

    Hello. I'm MaxVB, and I'm writting from Spain. In our virtual squadron now we have a A-4E-C flying group and I would like to create a spanish A-4E-C guide, translating Heclak's guide and Ali's guide, adding my own stuff. We believe a spanish guide for this amazing mod would help all spanish talking people around the world. Have I permission to use Heclak's guide as a basis to create a guide in spanish? Thank you.
  4. Tell him to avoid buying a Mars gaming PSU. Everybody advised me not to do it, but I did. My new PSU is a BitFenix Formula 80 Plus Gold 750W.
  5. Hi, guys. I installed a new PSU and now it works properly. I'm still testing it, but after a few flights, all seem to be OK when attacking. Thank you, guys.
  6. Attached As I wrote, I removed x52 and my PC kept shuting down. No. I have not. Will try this evening. Thank you all, people. Logs.zip
  7. Hi. I suffer a very weird bug. When I fire Vikhr or rockets, PC resets or shuts down. Sometimes on first shoot, sometines on second, sometimes on third one...randomly. It seems not to appear when firing gun. On Su-25T I have not suffered this bug. My PC: GIGABYTE 970A-DS3P + FX-6300 3.5Ghz + Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO + (4+4+4+4) Kingston HyperX FURY 1866MHz + XFX RX580 8GB + Seagate SSHD Hibrid 3.5 1TB (Windows 10 Pro) + Kingston SSD 240 GB (DCS and modules) + WD 500GB 7200 + Tacens Mars Gaming 700W 85+ Silver Controllers: Saitek x52 + Thrustmaster pedals + Delan Clip + Mars Gaming MH316 USB headphones I did CLEAN and REPAIR. No results. Then, I uninstalled completly and installed again. Bug keeps on bugging me. I removed X52 and reinstalled my old Logitech Jet Leader 3d. No results. I removed Delan Clip. No results. I removed USB headphones. No results. Memtest, 10 hours. No errors PC stress test 2 hours. No error or overheating. GPU stress test 2 hours. No error or overheating. ¿Someone else suffers this bug? ¿Mi PC turn pacifist? Thank you
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