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  1. So as I play the mission now it is still bugged. Just a sad helo hovering and not picking up the pilot. Has this been fixed or is the downloaded mission from previous links still work for TEW 3.0?
  2. When you select 38.6MHz on the FM radio to home in at Anderson, the gauge does not work. Is there not an actual FM radio beacon for Anderson?
  3. Yeah, I understand. Sadly I’m not sure what to do when 4 P51s are crashed on the runway haha. Thanks for taking note. I’ll try it after the update.
  4. I tried playing the BNBB bonus mission today and got started, got taxi clearance, then immediately got told to “Hold Position.” A bunch of the P51s had ran into each other on the runway. I ran the mission 3 times and each time the AI aircraft crashed into each other.
  5. I figured it out…I’m an idiot. It is one solid gauge haha.
  6. Although they are both inline right now, they move independently...
  7. There are 2 needles in the airspeed gauge. One is larger and there is a smaller one. Unless I am seeing double or there is a bug…there are two haha.
  8. What is the second small needle on the airspeed gauge indicating? i Googled it, but no luck so far
  9. ZnarF, thanks for your thought, but those still do not help me solve this problem. The first one worked fine until some update and now there is a conflict in Windows with the drivers of it. I need help solving that problem. Thanks.
  10. IMG_1411.MOV IMG_1412.MOV Any thoughts? I went to Logitech and they gave me a list of things to do. None of them worked. They sent me a new throttle quadrant, and I still have the issues. I have disabled each different USB human interface device (HID), unplugged each device, and still this is happening. Anyone have any other thoughts?
  11. Still having the issues. It is doing it in the windows "setup USB game controllers" calibration page as well. I am pretty sure something changed in windows that messed it up or the controller went bad. Let's see what Logitech can do for it.
  12. Furiz: I checked it in Windows and the axes are fine and no jumping in the USB Game Controller Settings. speed-of-heat: I'll give that a try and see.
  13. So my throttle quadrant worked great until the new patch yesterday. I was flying the P-47D Wolfpack campaign and after takeoff when I was lowering my engine RPM the engine kept revving and lowering. I thought I had an issue with the engine, but I noticed my RPM lever jumping back and forth. I Googled the issue, took my controller apart, cleaned the pots, went to the Logitech website and re-calibrated the controller and still no joy. I verified that I cleared all the controllers assignments and after trying them one at a time still had the issue. I checked everything I could, but have no joy. I am pretty confident all the axes on my controller did not die at once, so I am leaning towards some bug in DCS that is giving me the issue. Since the only change from yesterday to today was the DCS update. Thoughts?
  14. Even with the new damage model it takes some magic to bring down FW190A8s haha. I was playing the Big Show campaign and you have a furball with 40 of them...it took 22 impacts (mostly 20mm shells) before it finally went down. That also was about all the ammo I had haha. I do think the convergence area is key, but I have been working hard to figure it out. Ce la ví.
  15. This bug is still happening. I ran the DCS repair and it just happened to me on mission 5. This new DM must be causing errors or something. I shot down 3 AI 109s and they went to flames, flipped upside down and flew away haha. Oh DCS.
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