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  1. Невнятно, через раз, работает поворот передней стойки!
  2. А как это правильно понять? Что потом кто владеет А-10 придется покупать A-10C II за полную стоимость?
  3. https://stormbirds.blog/2020/10/23/fjp-podcast-interviews-simon-pearson-from-ed-on-future-of-dcs/ The interview with Simon Pearson has plenty of chit-chat and banter, however, it also gets into some interesting Working with the A-10C’s and F-16C’s in the USAF, with the RCAF and the Hornet, the RAAF, with the French Air Force with 50-60 players, and working with the Norwegian Air Force with their mechanical students with the UH-1, F-5, and others Notes the requests for the Jaguar, Lightning, Tornado in the chat and says that ED probably won’t do the Tornado because its a two seater Notes the disparity between the DCS WWII aircraft, they are going to do more early war Battle of Britain era types later After the Mosquito, the team is intending to head to the east to Japan with the Essex and Akagi carriers and aiming for early 1944 Working on real world dynamic weather is higher on the priority list than ATC at the moment Central European map (‘Fulda gap’) is on the list to do Proper high fidelity Russian aircraft they are interested in doing and want to do that right when the time is right Mosquito intended to arrive before Christmas, in Q1 the Mi-24 Hind P is coming ED would love to do another Hawk trainer, but it’s not on the list right now It takes about $1.5-2 million USD to develop an aircraft Full fidelity tank module is something they want to do in the future Simon is excited about the F-4 Phantom coming sometime in the future There will be big announcements coming in Q4 In 2021, the dynamic campaign will come to DCS and so will Modern Air Combat Electronic warfare and electronic support is 5-years off There’s plenty more covered in the show so give it a listen if you have some time.
  4. в сегодняшнем трейлере сразу после Ми24 был Миг29, думаю, что намек..
  5. Цвета раньше были лучше.
  6. Авито засеяно предложениями 2ххх серии, есть хорошие, есть безумные предложения.. rtх 2080 8gb рny хlr8 gаming 35900р с коробкой с документами с гарантией 06.2019 регард 2 года
  7. Уже вынесите про эти шейдеры в FAQ )))
  8. Спасибо! Все норм, правда сравнить сложно, но Wow эффект был)) Звуковуха - Sound BlasterX G6. Сидят великолепно! Из минусов кабель, жестковат, думаю заменить.
  9. Взял, HyperX Cloud Alpha S, подключил к звуковухе, полет норм, все устраивает.
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