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  1. Problem occurs even after being outside the mission on the debriefing screen or during the mission loading.I know it because there is the windows special USB sound that toggle ON and immediately OFF UH-1_Track IR bug1.trk
  2. Sorry what do you mean by Hotplug ???
  3. I encountered from years frequently during mission notifications of plug and immediate unplug of a TRACK IR that I in fact never owned and that is not present or disabled in my mods controls. This was happening at least 1 or 2 times in a mission but in the last one I cannot join because it is 6Mo.... it was every minutes or so...very disturbing because generally it generate at best a small duration freeze on the game with a black screen and at worst a drastic modification of controls, generally the throttle ones, that draw many time my F-18 outboard or my F-16 outside the taxiway...The problem is existing whatever being the mods and even in the ME or the welcome screen. I am using the last version of the beta and the problem exist with or without installed mods
  4. When rearming with engine on on ground and changing number of chaffs, for exemple from 30 to 60 or 90, the new value is not correctly displayed in the CMWS windows but stuck to 30. No such problem with flares that display the right number asked. i don’t provide a track because it is obvious to reproduce
  5. It is quite easy to get Right and Left pilot MFD on separated external displays as explained, it is sufficient renaming right and lef_mfd names in pilot init files into a new name like righ_mfd_plt and place it in the monitor setup file. It works perfectly for me and I even programmed the buttons of my Cougar FMFD accordingly. Switching to CPG, I get then the TEDAC on my third external display correctly but of course left and right MFD are not replacing the pilot ones. I can however use the Cougar's buttons because I've programmed them differently into th CPG control file as into the pilot control file. I am still investigating a way to detect by software the position where I am in order to make a fast new export ....
  6. I have not this problem please look to the control command from keyboard or HOCAS perhaps they have change it ?
  7. After the last update I added the Trim reset control to my HOTAS but when I tried to save the file under the one I’ve created previously it created a new file with the same name but with a duplication of the .diff.lua ending….. so the first name was AH-64-PLT-V1.diff.lua for exemple and now I have a file AH-64-PLT-V1.diff.lua.diff.lua while my file name in the file name area was well AH-64-PLT-V1.diff.lua….Very disturbing because your are not sure saving your file correctly
  8. I agree to the last comment you must NOT use a no spring with a pedal that return to center alone. I perfectly fly with a 0/100/100/11 adjustment of my TPR pedals. For sure they are costly and very high quality specially the hall effect command is much less noisy around 0 position than usual potentiometers but they are a pleasure to fly with helos. Also don't use force trim to take off and be very light and accurate on all commands
  9. Looks like the waypoint position that is visible in the cockpit....By the way, I encounter same problem as everyone but I can fly in CP/G position with all displays correctly present on my 3 Cougar including the TEDAC and without duplication Also all noticed that MFD are numbered by the system from 0 to 3 with a MFD_id .... so it would have been possible if the position pilot or CP/G is somewhere in a variable to select the good MFD to export ....but where are these variables...
  10. I bought the Cougar at 70€ for 2 then 20€ For 1 800x600LCD with its electronic board and remote control on Alliexpress and 5 € for 1 plastic box so it cost me only 60€ for a fully active MFD ….count 2hours of work on every MFD to achieve the mounting Some other views Some other views
  11. Working for CP/G but I am looking to a variable indicating on which position you are pilot or CP/G to switch from pilot to CP/G MFD displays because they are at the same coordinates position with hardware MFD…..with that information I guess an If then else in the monitor setup lua could work…
  12. Hi, everything is OK with the CP/G on my 3 TM Cougar equipped with 3 LCD the 2 MFD and TEDAC are working fine and I even can use 7 buttons per side using the rockers but no way to switch to pilot MFD located at the same coordinates as’CP/G MFD in my monitor setup when I change seat using 1 and 2 keys…Anya idea ???
  13. Hi that’s nice could you share some information about your project like list of elements and software used or a link to a building page Tx
  14. Swson

    M2000 EW set

    One small information about M2000 family EW. Like its US or russian counterparts as first versions of ALR 69 or SIRENA, M2000 RWR is a 4 antennas CVR Crystal Video Receiver that cover a good part of the threats’ frequency spectrum. . Using such wide coverage quite instantaneously has a nice aspect which is instantaneous detection of threat's pulses everywhere in the covered spectrum but also a draw back which is limited sensitivity due to the B into the KTBFG noise level equation. All these principles of operation are based on laws of physic. However, jammers have also often their own built-in receivers which are generally superheterodyne ones and are mandatory to detect and almost follow parameters' evolutions of threats to jam. This is mostly the case even if a RWR designation to jammer is possible for exemple like it is done in some US equipment when the RWR is itself a superhet or channelized superhet receiver like the one of the F-15. Superhet receivers are not or few instantaneous in detection over the whole covered spectrum because they have to be tuned and scanned but their quite narrow IF (intermediate frequency) band provides them with very good sensitivity. It so allows a detection from far of few powered radars and SAM systems. In Mirage a smart combination of receivers allows long range protection and good warning. When an AC is using several built in different types receivers, detections of the same threat occur separately in time at different ranges but at the end of the day information are correlated and merged in only one symbol. As many different radars can be used in the same weapon system different detection are associated to display a single weapon system and not radar symbol providing pilot with a valuable tactical information linked with average range and an indication of Direction of Arrival given by the goniometrical capabilities of the RWR. The jammer antennas are not designed to provide an accurate DOA but to detect and jam most threats of the 3D environment using only front and rear but wide coverage antennas Special symbologies and sounds as well as symbols position on display does also exist to distinguish levels of danger linked to the engaged threats’ modes and triggering or not of self protection jamming. Of course ranges to threats are not always linked to the real danger, you can be far of an SA5 and be endangered…but if SAM system is well identified through the good measure of its parameters and comparison with pre mission programmed EW internal library and if average range is known it provides interesting tactical information to pilot at least for this generation of aircraft that does not own MFCD with scrolling maps and position of threats and danger circles either pre programmed or in real time more or less accurately geolocated thanks to existing last generation EW systems. To finish, I’m fed up reading all these stupid things about the fact jammers would draw missiles to you and help radars to lock as well as about the fact they would not be effective at close ranges due to the infamous burn through range, itself only applicable if the jamming is achieved through a noise technique moreover against a pulse radar. These are true facts but mostly linked to Vietnam era and even beyond noise techniques based not coherent generation of US jammers. I will not elaborate on the reason why this is widely false from the 80s and even before french jammers because it is not the place to do so but their smart effectiveness has been demonstrated particularly on the M2000 that had, and yet has for export AC, the best EW suite of its generation. I however understand that generally speaking neither Razbam nor DCS own the information allowing them programming a representative effectiveness of EW and this is true for all aircraft. This is however a pity because EW is presently the corner stone of any tactical and even strategic aerial operation but the matter is sensitive isn’t it ?
  15. By experience, the RDI is very well modeled with the good probability of detection and almost false alarm rate. Don’t forget that it HFR the radar performs a post integration of pulses so the symbol displayed is synthetic and the threshold is managed by a CFAR constant false alarm rate algorithm. In BFR’ the threshold is managed by the radar gain that can be adjusted manually and positioned just above the noise level to manage the disturbance of ground clutter. False alarms in a radar is the every day life for a pilot that must be able to distinguish the good from the false based on tactical analysis of indicated parameters and yet I don’t speak of intentional realistic false alarms created by jammers that are much more disturbing.
  16. My fault, the gear command was mapped to a button of my warthog that stayed on during the start up or when entering the training mission with engine on. However, there is still a bug because the gear lever would not have to be activated when weight on wheel !!!!!!!! It never occurred on my F18 or A10 even when I voluntarily tried to make gear up while on the ground (who has never check that ?)
  17. It looks like there is a problem with gear command, it is up when the mission starts so the 2000 collapse immediatly
  18. This is the answer I've received from the leap motion support following my ticket. Please @BIGNEWY I know the ED team is very occupied about delivery of AH64 and many other things to fix but please consider the fact that if the leap was perfectly working before the, making the modification to reintroduce this good working in the coming 2.7.8 would be a nice christmas gift for all owner of VR headset and leap motion devices...Pleeeeeeease... "Hi, We have thoroughly tested DCS and unfortunately have not been able to get our hand tracking working in this by changing or modifying the dll as was possible in previous versions. If you wish to use our Gemini V5 hand tracking in this version then you will need to wait for an official update from Eagle Dynamics due to the changes in file structure in this version. Please note that you can still use our previous Orion V4 hand tracking in this version of DCS World. As I said previously we are in communication with them and will pass this feedback on as we are keen as well to see our latest hand tracking working well in the latest versions of DCS World! I will close this support ticket as unfortunately there is nothing further that we can do currently. However, feel free to contact me if there is anything else that I can help with and I will be happy to assist further. Kind regards, Dan."
  19. Everything was perfect unfortunately since the last DCS update no more hands visible whatsoever being the ticks on the special area…. Even with the right Gemini 5.2 leapC.dll in the DCSworldopenbeta bin folder……started a new relation with leap motion support but as the visualizer works perfectly I consider this is a DCS bug …I didn’t checked by returning to Gemini 5.0 . could you confirm ?
  20. I just received an answer from leap motion support: Please follow these steps to update this: 1. Copy the new leapc.dll from the following location (or the location where you have installed the Ultraleap hand tracking software): C:\Program Files\Ultraleap\VRVisualizer\VRVisualizer_Data\Plugins\LeapC.dll 2. Browse to the DCS World folder containing the LeapC.dll: C:\Steam\steamapps\common\DCSWorld\bin 3. Replace the LeapC.dll with the new file. 4. Restart DCS World and test! And it works well and much better than before particularly to manage the pointers and about FOV Could be of some help to DCS users....
  21. I don't have this problem, I never used virtual hands on stick and throttle but when disabling this I suggest disabling and enabling also several times the leap then ok then back to check. Sometimes it helps a lot particularly to manage the pointers options.
  22. Leap motion with Gemini 5.2.0 (don't forget upgrading leapC.dll in DCS bin folder by the new one) works really nicely now !!!! tested with F18 and A10 !!!! started from C&D in few minutes much better than with mouse and much more immersive. I suppressed the pointer option that interfere with clicks and used a lot the cockpit camera to move my position where I can push my hands outside obscuration or hits by real objects of my environment like HOTAS, keyboard etc.... Dont hesitate also to move your head laterally to suppress the parallax effect or turn your hand upside down to switch button, can help a max. Not a single problem with frontal use. Only difficulties (some) is with turning lateral knobs like INS on F18 or TACAN on A10 but with some exercices you will be eased at.
  23. I just received an answer from leap motion support: Please follow these steps to update this: 1. Copy the new leapc.dll from the following location (or the location where you have installed the Ultraleap hand tracking software): C:\Program Files\Ultraleap\VRVisualizer\VRVisualizer_Data\Plugins\LeapC.dll 2. Browse to the DCS World folder containing the LeapC.dll: C:\Steam\steamapps\common\DCSWorld\bin 3. Replace the LeapC.dll with the new file. 4. Restart DCS World and test! And it works well and much better than before particularly to manage the pointers and about FOV Could be of some help to DCS users....
  24. Same problem please DCS and leap fix it !!!!
  25. Same problem with Gemini 5.2.0 cannot see hands anymore either……I will need to come back to 5.0 and it is a pity because the 5.2 looked very promising through their visualizer and very stable….
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