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  1. good luck getting a track file from him. We have asked over and over again for track files for all the issues he has and never got one
  2. No, I don't mean it's a bug. If you are flying with human CPG and you are not maintaining steady flight, it means laser will be all over the place. While it might look that George is keeping laser steady on target on video feed, that migh not be the case. Anyway, anytime laser is not steady on target, missiles tend to overshoot. Since you say you were in steady hover, I am inclined to go with Raptor9 explanation.
  3. If you are not in steady flight that will happen
  4. I had same issue. It turns out that issue was with my IHADSS line thickness mod. Not the values themselves, but the mod applied by OvGME. I disabled the mod and changed values manually and everything is fine. I decided to create bug report earlier today and disabled all my mods so I can provide track file and that's how I figured it out.
  5. No, I was giving you a potential issue to consider. While I like your idea, I am not sure how to make sure other crewmember know when, if and how much you are moving your controls. Like I said, you moving controls might look on the other end just like helicopter not responding to inputs as it should
  6. Well, in theory, you shouldn't. Boresighting serves to give the system known reference point from which to track in helicopter. TIR is not helicopter system, it's user-end tool. Same as how, with hot helicopter, your head can point one way, in game LOS goes the other and systems track just fine.
  7. AFAIK, of all DCS helicopters, only Hinds cyclic is completely disconnected. For the rest,controls are interlinked, so, IRL, me pulling on collective will give you a clue what is going on. Consider DCS cyclic. You are doing something, I am doing something else, helicopter is responding to compounded inputs as it should, but to you it looks it's going haywire.
  8. That brings another set of problems, but it is a nice idea
  9. Just out of curiosity, why do you have holding modes active if you are going to front seat?
  10. Guys, it is never his fault, it's always module or controls setup (as in how ED configured it).
  11. If you are flying single player, once you end the mission and before you go back to mission editor, there is an option to save track file. If flying in multyplayer, track will be saved automatically in saved games DCS folder
  12. Some peripherals that store settings on device itself do not like to do calibration through Windows, like Virpil or VKB.
  13. OP, from your photo, you did not actually select the target. Just setting the pointer next to target name does not mean it is selected. Like it was said above, you complain a lot and in almost every instance it turns out to be your fault. Did it occur to you that you should actually try and learn about this stuff before coming here to complain how it doesn't work? There will be no solid box until CPG starts lasing and he will not do that until you give him a target to lase. For IHADSS, OP still "doesn't know how to do it". It's two months since releasee and he still doesn't know how to B/S IHADSS, I guess he wants us to tell him how. Yes, they will. Page 334 of DCS Apache manual. BTW, I will stop trying to help you from now on unless you provide either track file or video of what you are doing.
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