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  1. Have you thought of putting the MH-60 pack on the HH-60 mod? it would make it look alot more like the MH-60R
  2. my backup plan is to create a triple rack like the MER and make it invisible so that it has one tank on the centerline and the other two are on the wings, but i dont know where the info is on making mer racks like that Its basically the same thing that the E/A-18G does for its jammer pods
  3. My plan was to do the same thing that the CFT mod did and add two extra pylons for dummy fuel tanks, and move the stores from that pylon over so that when you have two tanks on the the wings all stations are usable. I ran into some issues with this but the idea is still sound i think
  4. I dont have my gaming rig with me, traveling with family, what are the bugs that are currently in this DEFG mod? how are the sounders and SRS working for it and such?
  5. Rato this is basically what the strikehawk pod looks like, makes the helo look like an, MH-60R
  6. Anychance I can have a version of the MH-60 Strikehawk pod rotated 90 degrees? I want to marry it with rato's HH-60H mod for my own personal use, I can share the work if you want it, but that model's connectors take it sideways for some reason
  7. yes, I tried it with the huey, but i think it happens with the UH-60 too.
  8. I do see the collision model in the shapes file, but when I spawn a heli on the deck it falls right through into the ocean, I can't wait for your subs
  9. On the subject of collision models, I noticed that USNS Patuxent doesnt have one either, mind adding one so I can land on her deck? also will the sub be able to sail or is it just a static model for the harbour?
  10. In regards to features that might be cool to have, one thing that might be cool is working elevators to a hanger area, if thats not already implimented. and the two separate versions of the America class ship, the one with the docking well and the one without. Otherwise, great work man!
  11. Any more news on this project, or has it been shelved?
  12. Hi, Admiral I don't see the link for the S-70B mod could you point me to where it is?
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