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  1. I feel like i'm giving it away. $425
  2. I meant balanced if the real planes are balanced. You don't think the best pilot should win instead of the best plane? Balanced makes the field even and now you need skill to win.
  3. Balanced is more fun. You're right though. It's not realistic. I get it in auto sims too. Everyone will drive the fastest car.
  4. Now, everybody will fly Vipers. What have you gained?
  5. He surprised me when I told him about Raven One by bringing out the book. He was way ahead of me and had read it.
  6. Are you talking about the sim racing? Not sure what Brunner is? For racing i've used Fanatec for years.
  7. No, road racing. Not Nascar. That bores me silly.
  8. How about $475? With tax and shipping I paid $630 and another $125 for extras. So, I have $755 invested.
  9. You might think so but actually i'm going back to auto sim racing. I like Warthogs. This is the 6th one i've bought and sold. The truth is i've gotten too old for this. My memory can't cope anymore. It's much easier to remember the layout of a race track.
  10. I just bought this and I didn't get around to trying it for a while. It has maybe 2 hours on it. Gimble is smooth with no stiction or play. Mini-stick works well for me but a lot of people don't like it. Swap ia Delta is easy fix. I bought a 10CM polished aluminum extension for it. It's perfect and feels like it would with the lighter green spring but has more throw. I feel it's better than the green spring. I also bought a Shapsway AB detent. Just push though it for AB. It works perfect and is installed. I'm stumped what to ask for it. I paid a lot for it and the extension and detent was another $125 with shipping. How about $500 and i'll split shipping with the buyer? Guarantee it's still brand new looking and the 2 hours of use is true. USA only.
  11. Thank you for going to the trouble to show this. It seems to be longer than what I thought by just looking at the real cockpit.
  12. True, $80 for a rusty plane isn't so bad. I'd pay a lot more than that for a ride in a real rusty Hornet.
  13. You want to see dated. Look at me. DCS is fine.
  14. You've waited a long time for the Hornet. I bought it in 2018.
  15. It was a joke. Smokeless powder still smokes. Modern weapons use smokeless powder. It smokes less than the old black powder used in muzzleloaders, so they called it smokeless.
  16. Easy answer. Fly the Viper and enjoy the new stuff.
  17. I didn't pay $80 for a rusty plane. I should have an option for a clean Hornet like the cockpit in the Hog.
  18. I can't compare. I've never been near a Hornet.
  19. When I practice with my Hawken. I use a full elk load and put holes in the target.
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