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  1. In case you don't see it....I'm aiming DIRECTLY at a tank. A tank with absolutely ZERO thermal signature. Regardless of when it last ran its engine, a vehicle like this would absolutely have a thermal signature. From sitting in the sun, alone, it would gather heat. I really hope we can get proper thermal imagers one day. Thermal imaging and fire control systems are the cornerstone of modern MBTs.
  2. Все знают, что в ВР можно использовать модуль "Огневой Рубеж" (далее ОР) лишь частично. Насколько я понимаю по собственному опыту попыток использования модуля с ВР, проблема кроется исключительно в реализации прицелов. Что сейчас мешает всё-таки взяться за модуль и допилить? По сути, это уже реализовано в рамках модуля Ми-24П, неужели сложно портировать это в ОР? Сейчас модуль по сути является огромным недоделом в этом плане. Достаньте его, пожалуйста, с дальней полки, а то как-то не очень серьёзно выходит с системой вечных "бэт" и забиваний на модули. А он вроде ведь как родной "ЕДшный". Тем более, что наличие указания на неподдерживания ВР наверняка останавливает часть потенциальных покупателей модуля. По-моему, зря вы на него подзабили, у модуля огромнейший потенциал при достойной реализации.
  3. Hey there ive been searching for awhile now and been scanning for a landing craft that can carry tanks or troops to shore, i see there are mods out there but i cannot seem to find them. i would love a LCAC mod but i cannot i find any that are available? thanks in advance!!!
  4. SA-17 Search Callout As the title says, the SNOW DRIFT appears to be listed under the SA-11 and SA-17 in the Apache RWR database. Seems to indicate we may be getting an SA-17 at some point, which would be a significant improvement over the SA-11. SA-17 Details
  5. In real life the M1A2 has multiple zoom levels - in game we only have two (3x and 10x) Zoom Levels 3x 6x 13x 25x 50x
  6. Hi all Here is a simple dismount script for ground units in DCS. I really like the potential of Combined Arms and wanted to make APC's more useful and similar to how they work in the Wargame series by Eugen. I was 50% successful.. With this, Transports can be preloaded with infantry compositions in the mission editor and dismount their troops at any time during the battle via the f10 menu. Some use cases could be transporting infantry groups to clear out towns or forests, establish a defensive line, transport MANPADS to strategic locations and so on. It would even be possible to use it for transporting armor and logistics via aircraft. Setup consists of loading MIST and the script at mission start, and making a radio (f10) item calling the dismount function with a transport group name. Detailed explanation how to set up is given in the script, and there is also a demo mission for examples of use. It requires the Mission Scripting Tools (MIST), so you need to read up on how to load that in your mission. I would have liked to make infantry loading during mission possible as well, but that is a bit beyond my LUA skills unfortunately.. dismountScript01.lua zz_scriptTemplate_dismount.miz
  7. DISREGARD I was messing around randomly trying things and I noticed that the year was set to 2016. Then I remembered that SCUDS were a big deal during the Gulf War in 1991, so I switched the year and that gave me the option to add them. I can delete this post if the admins want. ### Hello everyone, I just installed Combined Arms into the latest version of DCS. I see existing available Combined Arms missions but I don't see any way to add units (a SCUD for instance) to my own missions. I watched a video and it seems there should be a "missiles" category in the ground units section, but I don't have that. I haven't tried any other kinds of units. Am I misunderstanding what Combined Arms is supposed to allow me to do? Is it just that I haven't found the right way to do it? Am I experiencing a bug? I did a search here in the forums and ended up with a thousand returns spread over 40 pages, so if the answer is in there and I didn't spot it I apologize. Can anyone help? Dave
  8. Would be nice to be able to link/unlink (group/break group) deployed ground units, into a single group after deployed, while in the mission. When transporting ground forces, every piece of equipment is a group. Setting route for each individual unit is aggravating when they're all going to the same point. And, they usually get separated really bad, you have to adjust all of their speeds to keep ammo and slower units close together, etc.
  9. DCS OpenBeta 2.7.7 Server IP: SRS: LotAtc: Request Access Tacview: Request Access General Server Idea What we wanted to bring to the DCS community is a server that will be persistent, hardcore, and fun. While we are mainly Rotary wing focused, this does not mean we do not like the fixed-wing airframes. Helping other players in building FARP, units, and capturing airfields is a very important part of our server. Discord<<Click me Situation Israel and Syria have been in conflict for thousands of years. Since 2022, After the ceasefire ordered by the Council of nations, Syria Has spent the last 20 years gearing up for war. Syria and the Council of Nations are not willing to allow the dictatorship to have such a large arsenal. The border needs to be reinforced to protect Israel from a possible Syrian Invasion. Once the border is reinforced, we can start the push into Syria to remove the dictator from power. Damascus is heavily reinforced by his followers. Destroy factories and airfields. Frequencies can be found in your kneeboard. There are Easter Eggs in this server mission. Good luck finding them! Game Plan Reinforce the front line(indicated on map) Push the Syrian forces from the border Move into Syria and capture the Factories, Airfields, and strategic points Dwindle the Syrian forces until the supply is low enough for an attack on Damascus Assassinate the Dictator Persistence This server is persistent, constantly evolving campaign. What this means is, everything you do is kept on the server after a restart. Supply There is a finite amount of supply for both Syria and Israel. This means if you take off in a helicopter or a jet, and loose the aircraft that will no longer be in the supply However, there are factories across the map for resupply of Airframes, Fuel, Munitions, and troops. Don't forget that you will need to resupply the airfields and FARPS with the required munitions. Statistics We save stats on the server, that includes but not limited to; Flight hours Kills Deaths Weapons Specifics AI specifics Rules Be kind.... Work together No trolling No Teamkilling Combined Arms Yes! We love combined arms users! If you would like to have the ability to have a combined arms slot, do not hesitate to ask! We keep the slots limited to users who are on the discord and have some form of reputation with Gracey's Village. This keeps trolls, and griefing to a minimum Weather The weather is a slightly bumpy, and chilly light overcast. The time starts at 730 am(first run) and continues through the night into the next day. Weather can change overtime.
  10. SUBMARINE HUNT MISSION MARIANAS MAP Hunt down a soviet submarine spawned randomly in an area. Use S-3 Viking with COMBINED ARMS module commands. Audio detection sounds + ( buoys in water + help from other ships popping flares to help locate ennemy) Try to score 100 points maximum Avoid losing ships from ennemy sub attack. Use as less torpedoes as possible to score max points. INSTALL : ---------- ***************************** On my PC the files go here : ***************************** the Mission file *.miz = C:\Users\Pc\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Missions the FAKE SUBMARINE PEDRO folder = C:\Users\Pc\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Mods\tech Explain/Showcase Video : DOWNLOAD : -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IF YOU WANT THE FRIENDLY SUB AS USS LOS ANGELES : https://www.dropbox.com/s/a6rbxltnyristmp/USS%20Los%20Angeles%20SSN-688I.zip?dl=0 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I suppose you dont need to OWN the super carrier module to have it used by IA but just in case, I made several versions of the mission; --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- this version requires NO MODULES AT ALL, so JUST COMBINED ARMS no mod sub n super carrier https://www.dropbox.com/s/65h0681zyk36mhu/PEDRO%20TEST%20___%5E____%20%20SUB%20HUNT%201.0%20NO%20Mods%20SUB%20n%20SUPERCARRIER.rar?dl=0 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This version uses SUPER CARRIER and Stock game TYPE 93 Submarine to simulate USN friendly Submarine super carrier but no usn sub https://www.dropbox.com/s/6to8s0dmyetyxnt/PEDRO%20TEST%20___%5E____%20%20SUB%20HUNT%201.0%20SuperCarrier%20But%20No%20USNSUB.rar?dl=0 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This version uses SUPER CARRIER AND USS LOS ANGELES submarine super carrrier and uss los angeles https://www.dropbox.com/s/x5v1qtai1nrwn18/PEDRO TEST ___^____ SUB HUNT 1.0.rar?dl=0 Have fun....
  11. Let's be honest. Combined Arms sucks right now. But I love it. JTAC-ing and acting as a FAC is my lifeblood when I'm not in the air myself. There's a certain level of creativity and natural discovery when you're on the ground where you're not normally at. Plus, there's so much more you can find on a map rather than 32k feet in the air. It's just so much fun to have something not too ground intensive as Arma or Squad while keeping the same basic functions of ground forces while utilizing the amazing flight engine in DCS to enhance the experience of the pilots in the air. However, that's where things start to go wrong. Vehicles drive weirdly, some of their vehicles are less than optimal, not as many things are drivable(notably for me, URALs and Rearm/Refueling trucks. Being able to deploy ground troops from a truck rather than only from a helo is something I think CA is really missing. For the R/R trucks it would be awesome to be able to setup mini-FARPs from the ground), and the F10 UI could use a massive revamp as it is not intuitive for your average user(aka yours truly). With those problems in mind, I think it may be time to take another look at re-doing CA. From what Steam is telling me, CA was released May 31, 2012. 10 Years! Off the top of my head, from the time CA was around the A-10, M2000(not sure if this existed around 2012), Ka-50, and a few others were around and all of those have been revamped(A-10CII, M2000 has been vastly changed and updated including the recent HUD vector graphics and TAF systems, and the Ka-50 went from BS1 to BS2 and they're already getting close to BS3 completion). Especially with the A-10 and Ka-50 the A-10C was updated until they did the CII which is somewhat revamped. The Ka-50 is about to be on its 3rd iteration! Is it too much to ask to finally update, revamp, redo, or just re-beautify Combined Arms to the next level? If I understand the non-CA community, one of the main things that is keeping them from the module is mainly the UI, limited availability in MP, and general disinterest. It is my belief a lot of these can be fixed if there was a revamped CA. A simpler UI, better vehicle movement physics, and generally make it more accessible for the end user. If this can be changed I think the general public(and notably MP server owners) will be more welcome to the module and will allow for a better experience for everyone. I went a bit ranty, and it's a lot of the same "just make it better" talk, but I seriously think it's worth it. If we can make a CA2 with a trailer as good as the OG CA, my life will be complete. That video was sick! (Combined Arms Video for Reference) TL;DR: CA has a lot of potential, and with so many other modules getting redone I feel CA deserves to be redone to make it the best module it can be. Smooth skies, Mordant
  12. Earlier we used to see rocket motor burning when GRAD MLR fires it's rockets now rocket motor is gone neither i can see rockets coming out of the launcher. Here iam putting the track and 2 video links in which it used to be fine and the one i saw when i was tryin g to make a video. mlr track.trk
  13. Using a continuous statement that is running "group stop" on a SA-6 site to prevent the site from being moved in multiplayer. The statement fires continuously(using a signal flare as visual indication) but the waypoints given by a tac commander are followed, the group will not halt. This does not quite seem like intended behaviour by the action. could someone clarify the method and possibly a solution for the desired result of making unit controllable but immovable? EDIT: achieved goal using the AI SET TASK option and adding a task for "halt". Intended behaviour still seems off
  14. Hi Everyone, I've experienced another bug while stress-testing the stabilisers; if you drive the vehicle around in circles, you'll witness the turret periodically shake horizontally. I've attached a track below testing the T-80U and the ZSU-23-4, though any vehicle with a stabiliser exhibits similar behaviour. Stabiliser_Shake_Bug.trk
  15. Hi Everyone, I've found a bug that is probably related to this one. If you take direct control of a vehicle and turn the stabiliser on (without moving the turret) the turret will remain locked in place (in both elevation and azimuth) and it is unable to be moved. What you have to do to get it unlocked is to have the stabiliser off, move the turret, and then turn the stabiliser on again. It seems that moving the turret with the stabiliser off is the only way to get the stabiliser to work properly. After that it will function as desired, this might pose a problem as IRL, most vehicles with stabilisers typically have them engaged by default and are only turned off in certain circumstances. In the track below I'm using the T-80U, after taking control I drive forward a short distance, stop, enable the handbrake, and immediately after the white 'dust' (I'm very pleased that's getting sorted) clears I start operating the controls, but the turret remains fixed in place; shortly after I disable the stabiliser and control is restored, then I re-enable the stabiliser and all is well. This can be repeated on every vehicle with a stabiliser. As a side note, using the turret to hull align disables the stabiliser. Latest OB, Specs below, using the joystick to control the turret. T-80U_Stabiliser_Bug.trk
  16. Hi, new here :) Not sure if wishes for Combined Arms goes in here but here we go. When clicking a group leader ( 1) you don't see the connection to other units in that particular group. We are using a persistent version of CA, and are using quite some time to make it fun for the users, so we move the units around quite a bit all the time. A kind of coloring, marking, lines or anything else to indicate "group members" when clicking group leader would be a great help. Thank you in advance ;) ChokDK
  17. When giving units (t-72's in this case) waypoints, the unit will turn and drive towards the given waypoint. however, after a certain distance or period of time the vehicle stops as if it has reached the waypoint. giving a new waypoint gets the vehicle moving again but it never really seems to get more than halfway to the waypoint before stopping Also, units follow pathing as if they are off road even when the path is set to be via roads and they start on roads.
  18. 6th Virtual Marine Air Wing UPDATED: 7MAY21 Recruitment is now OPEN The 6vMAW is now accepting applications for various positions within our wing! The 6vMAW is the DCS branch of the Op4 Gaming Community. Our virtual air wing is a mix of airframes, utilizing a USMC Air Wing model at its base, with attachments for specific aircraft. We are North America based, with regular operations happening Sundays at 1800 PST. Auxiliary flights happen throughout the week as pilots are available to participate. Additional roles available for those wanting some extra duty, such as Operations Officer, Training Officer, Communications Officer, and Aggressor Operations Officer. *Real Life Comes First* attendance requirements We aim to achieve a technically diverse milsim combat aviation environment, while maintaining a casual atmosphere that maintains the *Fun* element. We currently operate the F/A-18C Blk. 20, AV-8B NA II, F-14B, F16C, and A-10C in a variety of roles. The Wing also staffs a dedicated Communications Officer, that provides ATC/AWACs gameplay to our missions. Check our "About Us" Page for more info https://forums.eagle.ru/clubs/page/84-about-us/ Check out our Discord or PM Me--> Rogers#7371 https://discord.gg/ESQ32Rk
  19. 1. The in-game M256 Main Gun dispersion rate is unrealistic and inconsistent 2. Gun Site bounces (does not do that in real life) 3. Stabilization should always be on in the Abrams - it turns off when you switch to the Commanders seat. 4. Lasing sometimes not working. Track file with the mission file Range.trk Range.miz
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