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  1. Whaaaats up everyone I’m writing this post mostly because my dcs squadron of 250 member are looking really bad for this rare thing called viggen pilots :). We are mostly a US based squadron but have members all over the world. You must be able to speak English, be 18+ and just a nice individual. We organized events multiple times each week on our own servers that are open 24/7 and with prebuilt huge dynamic scenarios. On top of that do we also have campaigns wher we can have up to 40 people flying at ones. If you are experienced in the viggen that’s great but I’m willing to teach you the viggen inside and out if you so want to. So are you the one that likes to fly low and stupidly fast above the tree tops, strike targets that are deep in to enemy territory or just do send RB-15s at a poor carrier group. What are you waiting for just click on the link down below because I would love to have you as my wing man and teach you everything I know about the viggen! You will find the discord invite here // (HVY) Artic fox
  2. See, I'm a patch addict, I have dozens and dozens of patches and there's a lot of people that are in this. I had this idea in my head of making some dcs series patch (same artwork as the hoodie and shirts, but as a patch) sold on the ED goodies n t-shirt website. See my patch collection below to help you understand how big this thing could be! Fly safe fellow simers
  3. Il 36° Stormo Virtuale nasce nel 2012, fondato da un gruppo di appassionati di simulazione di volo militare. Come simulatore viene scelto Digital Combat Simulator, o DCS, che si distingue dal resto dei simulatori presenti sul mercato per l'elevato livello di realismo delle dinamiche di volo e dei sistemi d'arma. Negli anni, il 36° Stormo Virtuale, grazie al lavoro delle persone che si sono succedute alla sua guida ed ai suoi membri, è stato in grado di evolversi ed espandere le sue attività sulla maggior parte dei moduli presenti in DCS. Attualmente lo Stormo vanta ben quattro Gruppi di Volo, suddivisi diverse squadriglie fra Caccia, Bombardieri, Multi-Ruolo ed Elicotteri, con una media di circa 50 piloti attivi. La forza del 36° Stormo Virtuale è sicuramente la sua filosofia basata sulla condivisione delle conoscenze, non vi è infatti un sistema didattico basato sulla figura dell'istruttore, ma piuttosto un sistema di apprendimento basato sullo scambio di informazioni fra i vari piloti virtuali. Al fine di garantire gli standard operativi e l’uniformità delle procedure, i percorsi formativi sono guidati e supervisionati dal Comando di Stormo e dai Responsabili di Sezione Operativa che di giorno in giorno collaborano alla guida del gruppo e documentano le procedure mediante la produzione di appositi manuali pubblicamente condivisi e disponibili per chiunque sul nostro sito. Le attività dello Stormo spaziano dalle classiche serate addestrative, dove ci si addestra a perfezionare la propria conoscenza del mezzo, alle attività operative interne come le Joint Tactical Operations, i tornei internazionali e le campagne organizzate in collaborazione con altre comunità di volo. Forum del 36° Stormo Virtuale Modalità di Iscrizione Statuto e Regolamento
  4. Hey everyone, I built my PC in 2017 to run DCS 1.5 and it ran it perfectly with no problems or FPS drops at Highest Graphic settings but then 2.5 came and I couldn't run my game at highest settings anymore so I had to downgrade the graphic settings and I still managed play the game/simulator with the same computer with good FPS for 4 years. I was bored today and decided to go on DCS World and see which graphics settings have most impact on FPS so I did quick tests and on each option during testing my game kept crashing after loading few missions(Fixed in an update) so I hope it was worth it and here are my results and findings and what configuration I use. This is my first time creating a guide so don't expect much from it. Here are my computer specs: CPU: i5-7600K 4 Cores Overclocked to 4.5GHz. Memory: 2x8GB(16) DDR4 2400MHz. SSD: Crucial M.2 1TB SSD 2400MB/s Reading Speed and 1800MB/s Writing Speed. <---Highly Recommended if you are using a hard drive GPU: MSI GTX1060 6GB X VR Ready. Screen: 1080p 240Hz 27Inch Curved AOC. VR Headset: Oculus Quest 2 via Air Link 5408x2736 90Hz. (25-45FPS with same settings as 2D) Here are my current graphic settings with how my computer handled it: Lowest Frames Per Second: 45 FPS Average Frames Per Second: 60 FPS Highest Frames Per Second: 90 FPS CPU Usage: 45-100% GPU Usage: 99-100% Memory Usage: 14.1-15.1 GB out of 16 GB (Turns out game uses SSD as Virtual Memory when RAM usage is almost full check out this guide and make sure you only enable file paging on SSD I set my to 32000/64000MB) Note^: (Depending on the situation from being on the carrier on multiplayer with rainy weather to being 30,000ft in the Air) How it looks like in game: Here are my results and findings tested on Caucasus map with the F/A-18C: Textures: Low to High, About 1FPS decrease and cockpit looks way better I wouldn't recommend switching to Low unless you need every single FPS. Terrain Textures: Low to High, I didn't notice any FPS or Graphical change even though the game restarted when changing the option so I don't know about this one so I kept it at High. Civ. Traffic: Off to High, No FPS loss just low detailed vehicles driving on the road and going through tanks and anything placed with mission editor so I keep it OFF to not ruin my immersion when doing Air to Ground Missions. Water: Low to High, 20FPS decrease and didn't notice any water quality change high in the air so I put it on Low. (Only noticeable when comparing side to side images) Visibility Range: Low to Ultra, 5-6FPS decrease buildings and objects can be seen from far away without needing to zoom to make them magically appear I recommend setting it to Ultra or Extreme. Heat Blur: OFF to High, Didn't notice any FPS decrease so I switched it to High to have the realistic After Burner/Engine Heat Blur at the back of the Jet. Shadows: OFF to High, About 6FPS decrease it isn't that much of a performance hit from no Aircraft Shadows to having a high detailed Aircraft Shadows. Resolution of Cockpit Displays(Mirrors): 256 to 1024 Every Frame, Didn't notice any performance difference so I kept it at 1024 Every Frame. MSAA(Anti-Aliasing): OFF to 4x, About 15FPS Decrease I prefer to have this option on 2X to not have obvious jagged pixelated edges without having much of performance decrease. Depth of Field: OFF to Simple/Bokeh, 20-40FPS Decrease on external view, I prefer to have it OFF to not have any Blurriness or performance decrease. Lens Effects: None to Dirt+Flare, 1FPS Decrease I prefer to have it on None to not get blinded by the sun. Motion Blur: I prefer to have it OFF to not have any Blur and have good visibility. Clouds: Low to Ultra, 5FPS Decrease with Minor Quality change I chose Standard for optimal performance. SSAA(Anti-Aliasing): OFF to 2X, 35FPS Decrease it becomes unplayable for me with this option so I recommend having it OFF if you don't want massive performance decrease. This option removes jagged or pixelated edges. SSLR(Light Reflections): OFF to ON, About 8FPS Decrease so I prefer to have it ON for better lighting and light reflections. SSAO(Ambient Occlusion): OFF to ON, About 10-15FPS Decrease I prefer to have it OFF, no major difference the only thing I noticed was the reflection of the screens and better reflections off the instruments and it wasn't that noticeable. Also it's suppose to make scenery blend more such as shadows and look more natural. (Only noticeable when comparing side to side) Clutter/Grass: 0 to 1500, Up to 30FPS Decrease in a very grass dense area, It's best to not max out the setting, also Grass is not noticeable from the Air and doesn't decrease performance when flying High above 7000ft. Forest Visibility: 30% to 100%, 5FPS Decrease, on 30% trees don't load until you get close so I prefer to have it on 70% to be able to see all Trees around me and not render insignificant unnoticeable far away Trees. Forest Details Factor: 0.1 to 1, 1FPS Decrease, Trees Textures look better and detailed. Scenery Details Factor: 0.1 to 1, 1FPS Decrease, Buildings and Structures Textures look better and detailed. Preload Radius: 100 to 100000, Didn't notice any performance difference probably because I'm using an SSD but this may effect people on HDD, Slow CPUs and low RAM. (Do not use above 75,000 if you have 16GB of RAM or less, Use less Preload Radius if you start experiencing random crashes specially on multiplayer.) Gamma(Brightness): Doesn't really effect FPS I prefer to have it on 1.6 for dark and not bright atmosphere. You can increase it depending on how you prefer it. Anisotropic Filtering: OFF to 16x, 18FPS Decrease I prefer to have it on 8x to see distanced objects with high detail if you want performance over quality turn it OFF. Terrain Objects Shadows: Flat to Default, 10FPS Decrease Shadows look better and more detailed and not pixelated. Flat to OFF, 3FPS increase not much increase so I chose to have it on Flat to at least have Shadows on Trees and Buildings. Cockpit Global Illumination: Makes Lighting in the cockpit dynamic I prefer to have it ON. Rain Droplets: OFF to ON, 2-3 FPS Decrease, I prefer to have it ON to see water droplets on canopy if you want bit more FPS have it OFF. Vsync: Limits or Syncs Frames Per Second(FPS) to Monitor/Screen Refresh Rate(Hz), I prefer to have it OFF to not limit my performance. Note: I just realized some of my tests aren't the most accurate but they are precise they should give a good idea on which options have the most impact on FPS. Also here's a very useful Video made by "Commander Steinsch" shows how much visual difference each option does, I don't recommended doing same settings as the Video though. Note: For Mariana Islands scroll down below. Thank you for checking out my post and hope it helped you out, if you have any suggestions or questions go ahead and ask I would happily reply.
  5. yall ever notice the jingle when you turn on the RWR in the viper is to the tune of the first three notes of the theme to A Space Odyssey?? idk if its intentional or not lmaooooo, imagine the engineers designing the system having watched the film being like, hehe lets put that as the jingle XD
  6. OPERATION DESERT KNIFE | 2.0 UPDATE SHORT REMINDER: Original Name of this Mission was Operation Desert Storm but it got "rebranded" to Op. Desert Knife __________________________________________________________ Singleplayer - YES Multiplayer - YES COOP - YES Each other - YES Against each other - YES __________________________________________________________ Syria Map - Required Carrier Module - Highly Recommended Tf-51 / Is Free & should be Pre Installed Gray Shark Skin - Recommended 16-32 GB Ram - Recommended Hello and welcome to the information sheet for the 2.0 Update of Operation Desert Knife! Russia and Germany are tired of the American sanctions! The conflict is being fought in Syria! The Russian position in Hatay is currently under fire and Incirlik and Adana were successfully bombed by American B1 bombers and captured the B1 are on their return flight to the American base Al Hajar! ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Will Russia and Germany retake Al Assad and bring the Americans to their knees and thus retake Incirlik and Adana? or Will the Americans take the last base called Hatay from Russia and Germany and win the RussGER USA conflict? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Balance of power RussGER coalition | UNITED STATES: RUSSIA | GERMANY, 4 Su 33 | 1 Mig29 | 1 SAM position | 5 Soldiers | 4 Tanks | 1 AA _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Eligible Russian Jets: 2 Su 33 | 1 MIG 29 | 1 Su 27 | Su25T | Eligible Russian Helicopters: 1 Hind | 1 Ka50 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Recruit, choose your role! Su 33, Su 33, Su 27, Su25T, Hind, Ka50 or Mig 29! Then immediately go to the quadrant assigned to you! __________________________________________________________________ Win Condition [JETS]: Destroy: 2 F14 | 2 F5 -> Then Land __________________________________________________________________ Win Condition [HELICOPTERS]: Destroy: 3 Bradleys | 7 Soldiers | 2 Apaches _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ AMERICA, 2 F14B | 2 F5 | 1 F14A | 1 SAM position | 7 Soldiers | 3 Tanks | 2 Apaches _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Eligible US Jets: 1 F14-A | 1 F14-B | 1 F16 | 1 F18 | 1 A-10C | Eligible US Helicopters: 1 Apache | 1 Huey _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Recruit, choose your role! F14-A, F14-B, F18, F16, A-10C, Huey or Apache! Then immediately go to the quadrant assigned to you! (BA41) __________________________________________________________________ Win Condition [JETS]: Destroy: 5 Su33 | 1 Mig29 -> Then Land __________________________________________________________________ Win Condition [HELICOPTERS]: Destroy: 1 Anti Air Vehicle | 5 Soldiers | 4 RUS-Tanks _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Alternatively, there will be an airshow in Palmyra! __________________________________________________________________ Selectable aircraft at the airshow: 1 BF-109 | 1 Mig29 | 1 Spitfire | 1 TF-51 | 1 AV-8B ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What is NEW in Version 2.0? HELICOPTERS! (Hind, Huey, Ka-50, (Apache* when it comes out)) -F16 HARM fixed (dcs update caused trouble in 1.0) -2 new unique Tasks for Helicopters (US & RUS) -New Briefing Pictures for Helicopters, A10 and the Frogfoot Jet -Death sounds added for the Helicopters -Reworked the flares for orientation -Translation Issues fixed -Su33 Grayshark skin not showing up when installed fixed -Russian Carrier is closer to the Operation Area (distance is now more equal to the US distance to OP Area) -Changed Time to 5:58 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I Finally have COMPLETELY renamed the Operation from Operation Desert Storm to Operation Desert Knife, because this Mission has nothing to do with Operation Desert Storm. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ENJOY OPERATION DESERT KNIFE 2.0! ( https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/de/files/3316674/ ) (what is planned for 3.0?) -Apache, Eurofighter and Tasks for them
  7. I enjoyed reading the newest update and look forward to checking out automatic F18 carrier landings. Just to watch for awhile and learn. The Fountain having water would look really immersive and be FUN as well. I personally am waiting for the North Atlantic Map and the F4U Corsair. They have both been on My wish list for a long time. Clear Skies Mike
  8. I'm new to DCS. I believe it's an outstanding flight sim. But my perspective on the game took a major hit when I loaded up a REPLAY track and discovered to my horror that the replay does not reflect my actual gameplay (i.e. I crashed in the replay when I did not in the original playthrough). For a game like DCS with its relatively high price points, the lack of a fully functional replay track is an embarrassment. After conducting a due diligence, I was surprised to learn that this replay bug has been around for years, not months or even days, but years. In light of this, I cannot recommend this game to my friends or colleagues in good conscience. The devs should know better. The devs should be better. Do your customers and community better and fix the broken replay system once and for all. Thank you.
  9. Bonjour, je me présente. Feauxe, je suis un petit moddeur sur Dcs qui a comme projet de réalisé le grandiose Dassault MirageIV. Je viens ici pour demander un coup de pouce si certains sont assez calé dans le domaine. Le coucou a donc son modèle 3D fait par ma main, des textures et tout ce qui graphiquement sont nécessaire pour l'instant. Le problème étant que le MirageIV en question est déjà posé sur une base d'EFM. Mais voila, je suis une brèle pour codé un EFM et donc je cherche quelqu'un qui bénévolement est assez fou et attiré par mon projet pour pouvoir taffé sur un EFM et occasionnellement sur le MirageIV avec moi. Si vous souhaitez plus de renseignement sur le projet n'hésitez pas a me contacter via discord ou par Mail. Mon Mail: marais.gaby@gmail.com Mon discord: Feauxe#5990 Toutes aides est le bienvenue, Merci beaucoup ! Des photos du projet si joins.
  10. Whaaaats up everyone I’m writing this post mostly because my dcs squadron of 250 member are looking really bad for this rare thing called viggen pilots :). We are mostly a US based squadron but have members all over the world. You must be able to speak English, be 18+ and just a nice individual. We organized events multiple times each week on our own servers that are open 24/7 and with prebuilt huge dynamic scenarios. On top of that do we also have campaigns wher we can have up to 40 people flying at ones. If you are experienced in the viggen that’s great but I’m willing to teach you the viggen inside and out if you so want to. So are you the one that likes to fly low and stupidly fast above the tree tops, strike targets that are deep in to enemy territory or just do send RB-15s at a poor carrier group. What are you waiting for just click on the link down below because I would love to have you as my wing man and teach you everything I know about the viggen! Discord link // [HVY] Artic fox
  11. Hi, Just released a 10 mission campaign titled: AJS 37 Viggen: Odinnadsats campaign. 7 missions out of 10 will make you start from a road base. This campaign is challenging. It was designed to make full use of the aircraft's STOL capabilities and weapon system. You can check it here: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3316614/ ADDED July 3rd, 2021 Started making tutorial videos for the campaign. The first two are out on this day:
  12. Super Hornet inspired UFC Control app for the F\A-18C for DCS World. I've been working on this app for a while, since UFCs are difficult to build i decided to make this app and use it with a 8 inch fire HD tablet in my cockpit setup. I added some extra features like the ability to control some of the panels and i currently working on adding a Data Cartridge feature to input way points faster. I tested everything i could and everything seems to be working so far. I would really appreciate if you guys can report bugs back to me. I'm also open for suggestions on extra features to add, etc. For now the APP is only available for Android but I'm in the process of submitting the app to the Apple App Store. Let me Know what you think! Hope you guys Enjoy The APP! INSTRUCTIONS: Video Tutorial: Coming Soon 1- Get The App: Android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.embarcadero.HornetUFCDCS iOS https://apps.apple.com/us/app/hornet-ufc-dcs/id1604694496#?platform=ipad 2- Download the lastest release of HornetUFCDCSAppServer from the GitHub Repository https://github.com/AlphaMikeSimulation/HornetUFCDCS/releases 3- Unzip The Content somewhere in your hard drive( Desktop Or C Drive For Example) 4- Copy the DCS-BIOS Folder yo your Scripts folder ( C:\Users\USERNAME\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Scripts) 5- Edit your export.lua file and add this to the end of the file: dofile(lfs.writedir()..[[Scripts\DCS-BIOS\BIOS.lua]]) 6- Open the HornetUFCDCSAppServer.exe and go to settings and inpiut the IP Address of the Tablet or Phone that you are using for the HORNET UFC DCS App 7- Click in Shutdown Server and Start the server again for the new IP to take effect 8- Open HORNET UFC DCS In your phone or tablet and go to settings, input the IP of the computer that you are using for running DCS World 9- Open DCS World and wait for HornetUFCDCSAppServer status to change status from DCS Not Running To Waiting for DCS... 10- Open any Mission and wait for the HornetUFCDCSAppServer status to change to Connected 11- Now you can control the UFC from your phone or tablet, ENJOY!
  13. Доброго дня, может кто сталкивался с такой проблемой не могу добавить вертолет за синюю коалицию за сша или других синих, ранее был желтый значок вертолета или самолета теперь никак не получается, охота за синих полетать, а как сделать не знаю. речь идет за ка-50
  14. Hi, I am wondering that can DCS world is able to use network location (Not network drive) also? For example: I can edit/save my mission editing at the network location at the computer A, and I can play my saved mission editing at the computer B. In the current mission editor, I see the network drives but I can't see network location. Thanks.
  15. DISREGARD I was messing around randomly trying things and I noticed that the year was set to 2016. Then I remembered that SCUDS were a big deal during the Gulf War in 1991, so I switched the year and that gave me the option to add them. I can delete this post if the admins want. ### Hello everyone, I just installed Combined Arms into the latest version of DCS. I see existing available Combined Arms missions but I don't see any way to add units (a SCUD for instance) to my own missions. I watched a video and it seems there should be a "missiles" category in the ground units section, but I don't have that. I haven't tried any other kinds of units. Am I misunderstanding what Combined Arms is supposed to allow me to do? Is it just that I haven't found the right way to do it? Am I experiencing a bug? I did a search here in the forums and ended up with a thousand returns spread over 40 pages, so if the answer is in there and I didn't spot it I apologize. Can anyone help? Dave
  16. Hi Pilots, I n I new 2 VR in DCS and even @ de PC. Need some tipps and apps to get de best out of mi setup 4 mi Oculus Quest 2 4 DCS. Yes, I n I used de search function 4 de forum but couldnt find much 2 solve my probs. Any suggestions for vids @YT, forums or any other platform? Any suggestions for apps? (virtual desktop allready installed) Gratefull 4 any hinds >S< Spliff
  17. A general Speed Bar for airspeed, compass, height and Time Scale .... Can you get them to show up in the main game view? And how can you get rid of that friggin' FPS frame counter in the upper right corner, probably set by NVDIA ..
  18. For those involved in IL2 and using mods a Q: Is there a mod en- and disabling tool like JSGME is for IL2 Great Batlles and Rise of Flight ?
  19. Hi, I am working on a mod for DCS that requires building a model and then exporting it. I have the model in 3ds Max 2020, and I have tried several different versions of the EDM Plugin (including the most recent one) and none of them have succeeded in exporting a .edm file that can be read by ModelViewer2. At this point, I am pretty sure the problem is with the plugin, and not my 3ds Max install. Does anyone have a sure version of the plugin that they know 100% works with Max 2020? If so, could you please attach it, or tell me where to find it. Thank you so much, Armada
  20. I live up on top of a mountain and one of the last houses to have internet. I recently downloaded 179GB;s and started flying MSFS2020 and it took me days to do, but I was getting an average of 4-8MBps. I am now downloading 2.7 and as usual for all of the DCS DL's of the past few years, I only get 0.7 KBps ( less then one meg ) and I was wondering why this always happens ? Its not like I am downloading this from Russia with a ping rate of 210 or something..... Thank You if anyone can give me a link or advice if there are ways to use ports or something that would at least give me the same download speed that MSFS 2020 has. With the new clouds, I cant wait to fly in DCS as Microsoft is very boring to Me, but I wanted to try out the Corsair F4U and become accustomed to its startup and flight controls, so I bought it. Lastly I hope the Marianas Islands is released soon. Clear Skies Mike
  21. Hi all; Want to share with you the built of the ACM panel for F-14A/B pilots. It base on 3Dprinting, with simple arduino electronics and MMJOY2. There are 2 D-type connector to add additional buttons. There are built in LED for all buttons and lights if anyone wont to connect them to the sim. (I`m with VR so I didn`t put the effort). If anyone want the model you can purchase it in this link: https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-print-models/hobby-diy/mechanical-parts/3d-printable-f-14-acm-panel-with-electronics-compatible Here is a movie how it`s working with the sim.
  22. Hi there, When playing dcs world, i decided id go back to the aircraft i started in, the f15, to have some fun. Flew it for a half an hour or so before closing the game to run errands. However, when i came back and tried to play it, the f15 wont recognize my HOTAS inputs. What's weird is that it can recognize the button presses on the hotas, but not the axis inputs. So for example i can press my dispense chaff, flare, or any other button on my t16000m hotas setup, but it wont recognize the pitch, roll, or throttle axis at all. Also, it flew fine when i flew it before running errands, and i didn't end the game in any way that could harm the pc or its data. (quit to desktop, wait a few min, and then hit shutdown) i've tried deleting and reinstalling the f15, then the entire game, and still no avail. I thought it could be a hotas bug so i flew the f18 and su25t, but ran in to no problems at all. Throttle and stick both worked perfectly fine on the f18 and su25t, but still just wont work for the f15 only. i've tried remapping keys, clearing the axis and reassigning, but nothing works. Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.
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