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  1. =Death From Above= GrayFlag Syria By Graywo1f and Grimes Welcome to Grayflag Syria, brought to you from the minds of Graywo1f (voice of JesterAI) and Grimes (core-engine-development-via-DCS-Scripting, god and curator of SLmod and MIST). Grayflag Syria is a hardcore persistent multiplayer Coop campaign set in 2005. Team up with other BLUEFOR players to liberate Lebanon from Militant and Syrian Army Occupation and conduct various airstrikes inside Syrian territory against strategic targets and a fully realistic SAM network with enemy CAP, sometimes player controlled. Experience a moving front line as BLUEFOR will have a total of 51 objectives to capture inside Lebanon. The enemy forces will attempt to resupply and reinforce their positions and even launch counter offensives, as players attempt to push the front line farther North from the coast to the Bekaa valley. As you and your teammates set up BLUEFOR ground units to invade/capture objectives or defend with CTLD troops/vehicles, you won't have to worry about them disappearing after a server restart or crash! Their position will be saved when the server restarts and you log back into this persistent battlefield. Grayflag is a player driven campaign in an open ended sandbox. You and your friends will fight how you want to fight to complete the objectives while utilizing your own tactics and mission planning to strike targets across the entire map. The enemy will do its best to react to the changing battlefield as you and your friends complete taskings/objectives. This mission features the Combined Arms module by allowing the player to bring whatever they want to the fight. Have a few player helicopters bring you a mortar squad next to an objective? Want a friendly SAM network set up to cover an area? Go for it, and it will all save in the mission state. For more info on how to play and DCS Server info Discord - discord.gg/deathfromabove How to play google doc - https://docs.google.com/document/d/14jNUFLPIWb41ctWJa_SiH6-FkWhgwuCBTrTVTlN_Xpo/edit?usp=sharing Grayflag is currently in Open Beta! Current features: Fully Persistent units that save - Moving front line - 51 Objectives with 2 to 6 capture points, CTLD - Forward FARP's/Bases that unlock as you progress - Realistic Syrian SAM network - Syrian CAP - Limited player REDFOR slots that are slot blocked for vetted roleplayers - Fully interactive F10 map showing the battle/status - Full CTLD integration - UH60L Blackhawk Mod - Dynamic 'Bubble' Spawning - SRS and More! WIP features include: More F10 map info on targets - Audio clips for events - Enemy strategic SAM repair - CSAR - More dev info on discord!
  2. Universal Training mission Summary: Use this mission to practice any module to do almost any task you wish. This mission works best if you have another resource with you to practice with like Chuck's guide, manual or Youtuber of choice. Features: There are ground targets which include soft targets to modern MBTs both stationary and mobile with each their own respective JTACs for using laser guided ordinance without any self-lasing ability. An emitting search radar that can be used to practice employment of any kind of ARM. Naval targets include both stationary and mobile ship targets. Air targets include, a very low and slow flying helicopter drone target. As well as low, medium fixed small fixed wing targets with a large fixed wing target at high altitude. All targets infinitely respawning thanks to scripts. Tankers of every kind (both basket and boom style) as well as a dedicated KC-135 for A-10s (flying lower and slower than the other 2). The mission also includes carriers of all kinds, including Supercarrier and free carriers as well as the Tarawa. Players can start cold-start in either Batumi, on each carrier or on the FARP (for helis, AV-8 and Viggen only). Future features will include sling loading and CTLD for helis. The ability to set up "practice ranges" where you can spawn any target of your choice that can actually shoot back in order to practice employing weapons in a more combat oriented environment. Download links: Cold-start only version: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3321331/ Cold-start & hot-start: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3321332/ Cold-start only Night version:https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3322234/ Cold-start & hot-start Night: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3322235/ Any suggestions or bugs especially module specific ones (I don't own everything afterall) please let me know so I can get to fixing them as soon as I can Current Version: V1.02 Changelog: V1.01: Corrected briefing description to show correct JTAC frequency and to fix numbering mistake. V1.02: Added: Link 4 and ACLS to both CVN-71 Theodore Roosevelt (336.0) and CVN-74 John C. Stennis (335.0). Immortality to all tankers and AWACS Map drawing to indicate the border between carrier ops and training area. Night versions of both cold-start only and hot-start missions as separate files. Fixes: Carrier fleet should slow down now if you leave the zone and speed up when getting close to the carrier group V1.03: Fixes: Carrier fleet definitely slows down if you enter the practice area and speeds up with you enter the carrier area. V1.04: Fixes: Corrected Texaco 2-1 (KC-135 at 17,000ft) and Texaco 3-1 (dedicated A-10C tanker at 15,000ft) frequency. Should be 252.000 AM
  3. DOWNLOAD LINK: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3321102/ Version 1.0 - Requires latest DCS Open Beta - NOTE - This is a quickly built mission to get you into the action right away and for me to test rapid mission making. - There are two missions in the zip file. They are both the same except one is daytime and one is nighttime. Once you are in any of the missions, you can use the radio menu, F10 option to switch to the other time of day. SITUATION Yesterday morning, Russian forces initiated a full-scale invasion of Georgia. This unprovoked and evil attack consisted of major armoured thrusts from 3 different directions, plus airborne and helicopter assaults at various locations throughout the country. NATO and US forces are responding to the area, with the first in country US Army asset is a platoon of AH-64D Apache helicopters. They have set up base at a FARP to the west of Tbilisi, and are gearing up for operations in the AO. MISSION Late yesterday afternoon, Russian special forces attempted a heliborne assault of Senaki airfield. They landed approximately 100 troops on the base, but were unable to secure the whole facility. This, combined with Georgian anti aircraft forces, prevented the Russians from landing their transports and re-enforcing the base. The Georgian forces on the ground have taken back most of Senaki airfield, but a small platoon sized Russian force still occupies the airfield administration and base ops complex on the north side. Our mission tonight is to support the Georgian troops retaking the base. Primary targets include machine gun positions in two guard towers, plus a bunker. Georgian troops will give us further direction when we are on scene. WEATHER The weather is low clouds with bases approximately 2500ft AGL. Visibility is 20km + in occasional light snow. Winds are light out of the north between 5 – 10 knots. Altimeter 29.92. THREATS Russian special forces on the Senaki airfield may be armed with heavy machine guns, RPG and MANPADS. There is no Russian armour within 50 km of the base. The air picture is complicated, with both Russia and Georgia flying the same types of airframes, for the most part. The low weather has hampered both sides from establishing air superiority over the battlefield, and Georgian anti-aircraft capability is denying the Russians easy overflights. PLAN OF ATTACK Set your radios up on the ground at FARP Vitaly prior to takeoff. FARP VITALY 121.0 TACAN 34X GEORGIA SF 30.0 INTERFLIGHT 30.0 MAGIC 309.7 Depart FOB Vitaly comm out and proceed direct SP 1 (MADAINI). Once there, turn direct to waypoint 2 and expect to contact the Georgian troop commander (X8T) on 30.00. (this will happen automatically, as long as you have your radios set up in game). 0 FARP VITALY 38T LM 21949 73826 1 MADAINI (IP) 38T KM 78213 84817 2 SENAKI TGT 1 38T KM 56315 82248 3 SENAKI TGT 2 38T KM 56018 82221 4 SENAKI TGT 3 38T KM 56233 82214 5 FARP VITALY 38T LM 21949 73826 MISSION DESIGNER NOTES: 1. There are two versions of this mission, a day mission and a night mission. If you have loaded any of the missions, you can switch to the other in game by using the radio menu, F10 option. This will be available for the first 2 mintues of the mission only. 2. This mission is able to be played single player or multicrew (2 players in one aircraft). There is an AI wingman flying with you, callsign Chaos 72. You can command them to do things on 30.0 FM. 3. It is imperitave that you set up your radios prior to taking off. If you do not do this, you will not hear any communications. 4. Once over the target, you can always RTB if you are WINCHESTER (or other reasions). Use the radio menu, F10 option to check out.
  4. SUBMARINE HUNT MISSION MARIANAS MAP Hunt down a soviet submarine spawned randomly in an area. Use S-3 Viking with COMBINED ARMS module commands. Audio detection sounds + ( buoys in water + help from other ships popping flares to help locate ennemy) Try to score 100 points maximum Avoid losing ships from ennemy sub attack. Use as less torpedoes as possible to score max points. INSTALL : ---------- ***************************** On my PC the files go here : ***************************** the Mission file *.miz = C:\Users\Pc\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Missions the FAKE SUBMARINE PEDRO folder = C:\Users\Pc\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Mods\tech Explain/Showcase Video : DOWNLOAD : -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IF YOU WANT THE FRIENDLY SUB AS USS LOS ANGELES : https://www.dropbox.com/s/a6rbxltnyristmp/USS%20Los%20Angeles%20SSN-688I.zip?dl=0 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I suppose you dont need to OWN the super carrier module to have it used by IA but just in case, I made several versions of the mission; --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- this version requires NO MODULES AT ALL, so JUST COMBINED ARMS no mod sub n super carrier https://www.dropbox.com/s/65h0681zyk36mhu/PEDRO%20TEST%20___%5E____%20%20SUB%20HUNT%201.0%20NO%20Mods%20SUB%20n%20SUPERCARRIER.rar?dl=0 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This version uses SUPER CARRIER and Stock game TYPE 93 Submarine to simulate USN friendly Submarine super carrier but no usn sub https://www.dropbox.com/s/6to8s0dmyetyxnt/PEDRO%20TEST%20___%5E____%20%20SUB%20HUNT%201.0%20SuperCarrier%20But%20No%20USNSUB.rar?dl=0 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This version uses SUPER CARRIER AND USS LOS ANGELES submarine super carrrier and uss los angeles https://www.dropbox.com/s/x5v1qtai1nrwn18/PEDRO TEST ___^____ SUB HUNT 1.0.rar?dl=0 Have fun....
  5. Buon giorno Piloti! Il progetto/community AlliedForces.eu ha il piacere comunicarVi che per martedì 16/11/21 è stata schedulata la seconda operazione congiunta ambienta nello scenario WW2, nominativo: Operazione Red Week Al fine di migliorare l'esperienza simulativa abbiamo fatto un ulteriore step in avanti(speriamo ): questa volta la missione richiederà i contenuti a pagamento Normandy e Asset Pack.. Lo scenario è di tipologia PvP e PvE( in assenza di voli Client l'IA interverrà per completare la task). Rinnovo i ringraziamenti per tutto l'appoggio manifestato e la fiducia mostrata verso il progetto/community Allied Forces da parte della community 51° Stormo European Air Force ! Ringraziamo sempre anche le ED che sembra stia volgendo sempre di più sguardo verso il fantastico mondo della WW2. Siete tutti invitati, i dettagli nei link sottostanti. CLICCA QUI PER BRIEFING E PRENOTAZIONI PRE FLIGHT ROOM - CLICCA QUI PER TOPIC FORUM Per qualsiasi necessità siamo a disposizione!
  6. Hi, My latest Persian Gulf mission is now live. Since its been 30 years since Gulf War 1 I have included a tribute to those who served. Any feedback or comments would be appreciated. Cheers SB Experience the beauty and tranquility of the Persian Gulf as the sun sets in this immersive and exciting DCS flying experience. Cruise down the coast at low level in close formation with four RAF Tornado Gr4s. Perform a spectacular flypast at Ferrari World before taking in the night lights of Abu Dhabi. This HIGHLY IMMERSIVE mission features full custom audio with VOICE, SFX & Music used throughout the mission A simple, calm and relaxing sortie set in stunning conditions. YOUR MISSION: • Blast off from Khusab AB, Oman. • Roundez vous with JACKAL - a four-ship of Royal Air Force Tornado Gr4s inbound to AL Dhafra in the UAE. • Fly in formation at low level and make your way down to Ferrari World (Abu Dhabi) for a flypast. • Fly loose and relaxed or tight group formation Red Arrows style • A simple, calm and relaxing sortie set in stunning conditions. • Gulf War Tribute included MISSION TIME: 45 minutes FEATURES: • Full Custom Audio VOICE, SFX, MUSIC • Hot start jets for fast access • Waypoints included • Single & Multiplayer • Free Flights - No Threats • Relax and Fly AIRCRAFT SUPPORTED: • F/A-18C Hornet • F-16C Viper • F-15C Eagle • F-14A 135 GR • Mirage M2000C • SAAB Viggen DOWNLOAD NOW> https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3314421/ Thanks Stevie --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MY DCS CONTENT: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/?CREATED_BY=steviebeats&set_filter=Y RAF Tornado Gr4 - Skin Pack https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3313013/ Low Level Sortie with RAF Tornados (Caucasus) https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3313267/ RAF Sukhumi - Low Level Training (Caucasus) https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3313806/ Armed Reconnaissance with RAF Tornados (Syria) https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3314195/ FACEBOOK PAGE https://www.facebook.com/steviebeats.co.uk YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/c/StevieBeats ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. I wonder if there is a magical way to trigger a flag when player points TGP cross at an object. Say JTAC does the talk on for a building, player points to that building with TGP and flag is set or action triggered.
  8. George Washington - Persian Gulf Part 1 ________________________________________ (ficticious scenario) By NorthEast Pilot Version 1.0 3/20/2021 ________________________________________ Prerequisites: * DCS World OpenBeta 2.56 or higher * Supercarrier * F/A-18C and/or F-14B * SKINS: (beautifully developed by others) * F-14B: VF-103 Jolly Rogewrs 2000-2001 PACK v1.0 (https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3307339/) * FA/-18C: VFA-103 "Jolly Rogers" 2004 Last Tomcat Cruise Livery [Fictional] (https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3301078/) ________________________________________ (ficticious scenario) Tensions couldn't be higher. Relations between Iran and the West have collapsed. Iranian agression in the Persian Gulf has dramatically increased. As the world watches things unfold, we hope for deescalation but we must prepare to counter any threats to global supply lines. June 21, 2006... The US has deployed a carrier strike group in hopes the presence will convince the Iranians to stand down, but recently the Iranians have launched missiles at the fleet, destructing them at dangerously close range. Attacks on the fleet can not be tolerated. ________________________________________ I plan for this to be the first of 10-12 missions in a detailed campaign... Enjoy! Persian_Gulf_GW_part1_v1.00_03202021.zip
  9. Strap in and get ready as a pair of Royal Air Force Tornado Gr4's take you on a breathtaking, low level sortie in DCS. Low Level Sortie with RAF Tornados - DCS Mission (Free) OFFICIAL TRAILER https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-GaaEco4kU8 Download the Mission NOW> ABOUT THE MISSION: Strap in and get ready as a pair of Royal Air Force Tornado Gr4's take you on a breathtaking, low level sortie in DCS. Experience the thrill of low level flying at speeds of up to 550 knots. 
Take in winding rivers, stunning valleys, beautiful lakes and fly the world famous Kutaisi Loop. 

It's fast, Its low, its great fun and will keep your flying skills tip top. 

250 miles of low level tactical formation flying through some of the nicest scenery in DCS and with the mighty Panavia Tornado Gr4 for company, whats not to like?
 Stay in formation and make it back in one piece for tea and biscuits. 
Support: Single Player / up to 3 players Level: Easy and fun for beginner and pro alike Mission Time: Around 30 mins
 Aircraft: F-14A, F-15C, F-16C, F/A-18C

 Mirage M2000C Thanks Steve
  10. So I noticed multiple times when spawning P-51 start on runway engine spins up. When I touch the HOTAS throttle lever (Warthog) it goes to idle. Same thing Spitfire. HOTAS throttle idle but engine roars away until lever touched on mission start. Began with first 2.7 release I think. Yes, I checked the checkmark, I've relied on it for years.
  11. C-130 Hercules Mod - ReSupply Mission - AIM120C to Mezzeh (Syria) Here is a transport mission you guys may also enjoy. My very first. It includes Moose, Simple Navigation, and Simple ATC Communication and some other goodies. It also includes my EasyStats.lua for those who have setup a customer MissionScripting.lua. Easy stats logs your flight time and data in real time. Enjoy and tell me what ya think. I fly in VR so enjoy the emersion. Download Mission https://thefraternitysim.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/Hercules-ReSupply-Mission-AIM120C-to-Mezzeh.miz Download the C-130 Mod by Anubis https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/252075-dcs-super-hercules-mod-by-anubis/ Enjoy! More c-130 missions to come!!
  12. A new mission is available on the users files: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3315288/ Iran and China have entered an alliance of mutual support which has bolstered Iran's influence in the Persian Gulf. As a result tensions between this alliance and the US and Europe escalated to the point of war. This mission is set early in the conflict and involves providing CAP for ground attack flights. Fly a F-16C 4 ship armed for air to air into Iran and prevent red fighters from interfering with blue strike groups. Red forces are randomized as are some blue forces for replayability. DCS version 2.5.6 (stable) Please report any issue or bugs to my by PM, thanks.
  13. Hi, Started playing DCS in VR some weeks ago and I'm having a blast. Bought the F-16 immediately and started the learning courses designed for it. However, I'm having issues with my controls when flying missions as they only allow me to use the F-16C_50_easy controls / version of the jet. I rather enjoy the more complex and detailed controls of the F-16C Sim version. This leads to my question; is it possible to have the full simulator controls for a mission flight, or is gameplay in mission mode limited to a simplified set of rules (/controls)? I guess the same question applies to multiplayer when I eventually embark on that adventure. Appreciate all feedback!
  14. I've been through training, flied some sandbox missions practicing against both air and ground targets and want to start playing the campaigns. I'm not anywhere as comfortable with the F-18 yet as with the good old A-10, so I'd rather start with something easy so I don't have to replay missions over and over. Which campaigns are relatively easy/simple and which ones are more challenging? Here's the list, let me know if I missed anything: Task Force Challenger Serpent's Head Raven One Rising Squall Operation Pontus Also feel free to recommend some of the free campaigns available to download, there's a few of them but I have no idea if they are any good. So far I've seen this one recommended: Operation Cage The Bear (and of course Liberation, but that's another kind of beast).
  15. RAF Sukhumi - Airbase MOD - puts you right in the heart of a modern day RAF fast jet training base right here in Caucasus Map of DCS World. Sitting on the coastline Sukhumi airfield has been extensively upgraded via VPC MOD to host RAF Hawk T1, RAF F-5E, RAF L-39 and RAF F/A-18C squadrons. Use this mission as a base for training or LAUNCH one of two Low Level Training Sorties with a pair of RAF F-5E’s or Hawk T1 via COMMS F10 MENU. Blast off from a foggy, atmospheric sunrise at RAF Sukhumi in this fast and exciting mission - similar to my earlier Low Level Sortie with RAF Tornado - DCS MISSION The F-5E has been used here in DCS as it is similar to the Bae Hawk T2 which is currently used by the RAF to qualify its fast jet pilots before they move onto frontline squadrons and operate aircraft like the EUROFIGHTER TYPHOON or F-35. Take in the amazing lakes, rivers, valleys and mountains of the Caucasus Map in DCS as you maintain formation in this thrilling and exciting low level flying training mission lead by RAF F-5E fast jet trainers. Point to point, tactical, low level aviation and navigation with real comms from your flight lead as he guides you around this awesome route. Visit the local low level flying area AKA The Kutaisi Loop, a series of tight, winding valleys similar to The Mach Loop training area in the UK. This mission gives you a full and enhanced DCS flying experience and includes ON SCREEN MESSAGES, COMMUNICATION MENU ITEMS and CUSTOM PILOT AUDIO WELCOME TO RAF SUKHUMI - Upgrades include... • Upgraded Tower • Squadron apron and hangars • Squadron aircraft and liveries. • Base support vehicles • Fire station • Visiting Aircraft • Cold War Aviation Museum • BUNDLED PDF with links to MODs/skins & install instructions Available Aircraft Slots (Players) • RAF F-5E - 29 Sqn (x4) • RAF L-29C - 208 Sqn (x2) • RAF F/A-18C - XIII Sqn (x3) Support: Single Player and Multiplayer Easy and fun for beginner and pro alike Mission Time: Around 40 mins FEATURES: - HOT START AIRCRAFT - CUSTOM AUDIO FROM LEAD PILOT (229 AM - Pre-tuned in aircraft) WARNING - AUDIO/ON SCREEN MESSAGES!!! Make sure HELMET AUDIO VOLUME is turned up ON-SCREEN MESSAGES and COMMUNICATIONS MENU (F10) USED THROUGHOUT MISSION!!! I will update this mission to iron out any bugs or to add more functionality Cheers and all the best for the holidays Stevie Thanks
  16. when trying to capture FARPs (single and 4 spots) I get the message that its been captured (via trigger) , but they never change coalition. Aerodrome capture works fine its just the FARP capture FARP Capture Problems.trk
  17. You wanna know more about OPERATION DESERT STORM? Then Checkout the latest Newspaper with all relevant information in it!
  18. OPERATION DESERT KNIFE | FICTIONAL | INFORMATION LETTER SHORT REMINDER: Original Name of this Mission was Operation Desert Storm but it got "rebranded" to Op. Desert Knife __________________________________________________________ Singleplayer - YES Multiplayer - YES COOP - YES Each other - YES Against each other - YES __________________________________________________________ Syria Map - Required Carrier Module - Highly Recommended Tf-51 / Is Free & should be Pre Installed Gray Shark Skin - Recommended 16-32 GB Ram - Recommended Hello and welcome to the information sheet on the mission "Operation Desert Knife" Operation Desert Knife is a dynamic mission that means there are multiple possible endings! You can play Operation Desert Knife alone, in co-op or against each other! There are no limits! The main goal in Operation Desert Knife is to take out the enemy aircraft (AI) and then land! Whoever manages this first, decides the victory for his faction! If one faction wins, the other faction loses! Again, you can fight the AI with a friend and then land. Or you can fight the enemy AI on your own while your friend / enemy has to do the same against you! The first to turn off all targets wins! You can of course do 2v2 1v2 and so on, no limits! The location is on the new Syria map and starts at sunrise! Now you are setup for my first Dynamic Mission and I really hope you will enjoy it! I have also added a Airshow! So you can train with oldschool aircraft like the TF51 or BF109! (please keep in mind that this mission does not try to be realistic at all! Its a 100% Generic Fun Mission, something you just wanna throw on without thinking to much and just testing out the latest stuff of DCS!) OPERATION DESERT KNIFE CONTENT - 2 rival factions, each with 4 selectable airmen - Real radio messages from the political groups: USA & RUSSIA - Different endings possible (Dynamic Mission) - Audio announcements if a team member has died or an enemy player has been eliminated. - Audio announcements if an enemy is sighted inside of your Political area & warning if you are in an enemys Political area. - The latest carriers are available for both factions! - SAM targets available for both factions (A-10II, SU25T - to counter SAM site) - Mission briefing for each Faction! - RAM friendly, despawning of cinematic aircrafts (aircrafts that only spawn to look cool), carrier and assets only spawn when needed (if you spawn inside a f14 the carrier will spawn for example (same for russian carrier and cinematic aircraft) So Assets which are just dont needed wont load! - Many many IF conditions for a balanced game flow - Self-made mission pictures so that you know what your task is! (dont expect picasso art ) - Airshow (Ram friendly, if you spawn inside of an neutral aircraft, everything that is related with the Operation Desert Storm Mission will despawn so you save Ram and can press F2 without seeing any other aircraft rather then yours! REAL ATC AUDIO RECORDINGS For an immersive feeling! Russian and American Voices! Alerts and kill confirmation Voice! Source: YOUTUBE! SELECTABLE AIRCRAFT RUSSIA: - Su 33 (on Carrier) - Su 33 (on Carrier) - Mig 29 (on Airbase) - Su25T (on Airbase) - Su27 (on Airbase) SELECTABLE AIRCRAFT USA: - F14 B (on Carrier) - F18 (on Carrier) - F16 (on Airbase) - F14 A (on Airbase) - A10II (on Airbase) ------------------------------------------------------------------ SELECTABLE AIRCRAFT NEUTRAL (AIRSHOW): - BF109 (on Airbase) - Mig29 (on Airbase) - Spitfire (on Airbase) - TF 51 (on Airbase) - AV8B (on Airbase) EPIC BATTLEFIELD INTRO SONG Epic Intro for following units - F14 B - F18 Whats planned for future Update: - adding 2 Helicopters with unqiue Tasks for each Faction (Hind + Blackshark - Russia) (Apache + Huey - America) OPERATION DESERT KNIFE TEASER (we recommend you downloading the Gray Shark Skin for cool looking SU33 AI and Client Aircraft ( https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/de/files/3312850/ ) ENJOY OPERATION DESERT KNIFE ( https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/de/files/3316674/ ) With best regards BlazeXI
  19. I made a mission for the Hind. When I first made it, I made a camp within a meadow, enveloped by trees on all sides. However I go to bed, wake up the next morning and boot up DCS to keep tinkering, and find that two areas of the forest have disappeared! A triangle section of forest was removed on the south side of the camp, and the strip of trees to the east have been cleared. No triggers or such have been used to clear terrain or obstacles. Screenshots I took on day 1 of making this mission: Note the south tent and container are hidden in the trees, and there is forest behind the parked Hind... And this is what I found this morning: Also of interest, within the ME it clearly shows in the altitude and satellite view that there should be trees where the voids are to the south and east But once you jump into the mission, the F10 map will display the trees as-rendered...missing: Perhaps also related, I noticed that the first time I boot up the ME from the menu, the trees won't render at all close up, but are barely visible when zoomed out in the ME: This^ however does not render completely treeless once you fly the mission, that's ME-specific only. So this last screenshot may be a separate issue. Attached is the mission I made Mi24 start.miz
  20. Just wonder what folks think of my first mission up at https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3317671/, "A-10C Green Monster Anti-Ship Mission by josefk". Here's a screenshot that was just a little too big to include in the uploads: It's not going to be the only mission I'm going to post in user files and I can assure you some will be more complex than this one. Plus there will be an anti-ship mission that's going to be far more complex. With that, I invite your feedback and any questions please.
  21. We need the option in ME to fill client planes with AI pilots, if they´re not occupied at mission start. That would make a huge improvement in gameplay. We could build one (big) mission with different roles and different planes i.e. Hornets, A10s, Apaches... where every group does its thing - SEAD, CAS, Attack... In this case you could build only one mission and choose which plane to ride. The others would then be set to AI and performed their tasks. Therefore you could play one mission from different angles of view. Once as a fast Hornet, the second time as a slow A10, the third time in a complete different feeling in a chopper... It also would clean up the missions window which is often redundant. It also would make mission design easier.
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