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  1. Dear ED, When respawning on any of the American carriers ( don't know about the others ), you A/C spawns on the catapult without the chock blocks being removed. When you give the command to remove them in the Ground Crew menu, it either states "unable to comply" or sometimes even states that "chock block are removed" but they are still present under the wheels and forces you into the ocean at take off. You need to either program the system to not have the chock blocks in place while respawning in the chute or fix it. currently the only way to not have this issue is to select a new role. This is not always possible when flying multi-player because each aircraft is already assigned. I also understand that this has been an ongoing issue for quite some time. version of DCS used is DCS open beta.
  2. AGM-84. Harpoon explodes after launch from F/A-18C Two attempts at the following configuration: Mode: BOL - Flight: Low - Term: Skim - SRCH: 5NM - DEST: 60 NM - BRG: 78° 1st attempt: 4 x AGM-84. Harpoon loaded, 1 x fired; upon pressing Weapon release button, A/C exploded instantaneously 2nd attempt: 4 x AGM-84. Harpoon loaded, 4 fired, 3/4 detached regularly, dropped aprox, 200 ft from A/C, then started to explode, 1/4 "survived" and continued regular patch Wingman confirmed 1st attempt in repetition experiment, A/C exploded upon weapon release. Harpoons were fired from 12´000 - 16´000 NM, @ aprox. 40 NM to target, @ speeds of 250-350 kts, sufficent combat spread aka separation was proved between any other A/C.
  3. Hello, I had a bug when I collided the blades with the ground: When I was landing at low altitude and very low speed, I did a side strong movement and the Apache's blades collided with ground. The helicopter remained stable on the ground. The cockpit was strong shaking because the collision with the ground, so I did shut off the engines, and and I stopped the movement of the blades. But the cockpit did continue strong shaking, it did not stop. When I got external view from the Apache, it was not shaking. I got inside my cockpit and it was shaking endlessly. I made a video: https://1drv.ms/v/s!Ao6Jj_kkDFQUjERXPgB77iSKXts-?e=86O3Gg
  4. In SP, OB, the game is unable to enforce visibility of pylons on Mi-8 when livery says otherwise. Livery argument: custom_args = { [1000] = 1.0, -- pylons off } IS NOT suppressed by game in case weapons are equipped. Default livery, weapons equipped, OK: Only the livery was changed in ME and mission was reloaded. Mi-8 is then spawned without pylons, weapons levitating. Livery has the "pylon off" argument line, but I would expect it to be suppressed by ME and mainly by presence of weapons. (I think it used to be so.) Can someone please verify? Thanks
  5. Hey guys ! I noticed yesterday that when you zoom in close to put some static units on a carrier deck, be it SC module, Stennis or Tarawa, you cannot see the different markings anymore. This is kinda problematic because it's quite a guess to put the static units properly on the deck. It would be great to have the AI crew to be visible also on the SC carriers. Thank you !
  6. came across something weird here. As far as i know, when using the radar cursors on the ground radar, the TGP should be following the radar cursors shouldn't they? (as long as the radar isnt in area or point mode of course) However, if i move the ground radar cursors, the TGP just stays put. But if i then switch the SOI to the TGP, and start moving that, the radar cursors on the ground radar DO follow the TGP. Shouldnt this be happening both ways anymore? track and used mission file attached. (edit: just saw i posted this in the wrong thread, should be in bug reports, can this be moved there?) SPI and TGP.trk SPI and TGP.miz
  7. as the title suggest, the rws is not working properly. Cold aspect targets are completely invisible even at closer ranges, and its impossible to detect hot aspect targets outside of 30 NM. Even inside 30 NM, its very inconsistent and drops radar contacts on a Hot aspect aircraft. Sometimes have to get as close as 15 NM to get a lock. Im including a track file. The mission is running 4 aircraft(MIg29s, J-11A, Jf-17, Su-33) flying cold aspect, at various speeds and altitudes, and 4 aircraft flying hot aspect. (MIg29s, J-11A, Jf-17, Su-33) RWS and its sub modes should be the most powerful and reliable in Dcs F-16, and the second would be TWS which is using less energy and easy to notch it, but you can track and target multiple aircraft at once. fcr_rws_bad.trk
  8. Title is self explainatory, i dont feel like i need to upload a track as is quite easy repeatable. Setup a moving train and try to pick it up with AG radar
  9. It seems like after the update the 64 has become very wobbly at higher speeds or when the stick is pushed far forward. It starts to oscillate back and forth and wants to roll. Is this normal? I thought there was something wrong with my joystick or the curve was messed up it was so bad but watching the digital stick it stays solid yet the heli wants to do a barrel roll.
  10. It just doesn't register my input. The counter starts, though. The yellow square stays put, and the instructor goes quiet. This happens both in original, and downloadable "corrected" version.
  11. I can't lock helicopters with the F18 radar. Locking on to helis works fine for me in the Tomcat but the F18 radar does not seem to detect them...
  12. New EWR AN/FPS-117 does not act as EWR ( does not provide players with target information) and does not provide datalink updates to planes like F-16C and F/A-18C Lot 20.
  13. The AZ/EL does not show datalink contacts of Link16 contributors. This is a bug, as all 3 MSI displays (RDR ATTK, AZ/EL, SA) should show the same info and trackfiles, on different formats. Track and screenshot attached. FA-18C_AZEL does not show Link16 aircraft.trk
  14. Hi, When sling loading cargo, the flight engineer goes to the cargo hold to look down the hatch. It would seem it no longer works to get his point of view by pressing LWin + 3, which is the pre-assigned control for "Cargo Hatch View" or by pressing 3 to go the flight engineer. Admittedly not the biggest concern, but it would be nice to have even the small things work as they should on this beautiful heli. mi8_cargo_view_test.trk
  15. At around 08:03 ingame time I fiddle with the tacan options. It does not work in a/a mode. but when treating it as a ground station it works. bugflight.trk bugflight.miz
  16. Hi everyone, in training mission AGM-65 Maverick, I cannot continue the mission when instructor tell me that it is necessaary energize the missil. I know from others posts that it is neceesary to switch the MAV page to the right MFCD in order to fix the problem but I alredy done this and I cannot continue. Any advice... thanks in advance.
  17. As the title says, the DCS Viper is currently unable to hit the negative 3 G that the real aircraft is capable of as pr. its performance manual. This is irrespective of load out, speed or altitude. Hence it's easily reproducable, and therefore not in need of a track.
  18. Compare AI to client. AI salutes, grabs the towel rack, and their head bobbles during the cat shot. The aircraft itself also bounces realistically on the cat shot. The client, however, does not salute, does not grab the towel rack, and the aircraft does not bounce on the cat shot. Instead, it tends to pop a wheelie. At best it will just slide straight with no bounce at all.
  19. Hi, I just wanted to check to see if anyone else was having an issue entering the ILS frequency for Al Dhafra air base on the DED? I go to try to enter the data for for the runway and the ILS frequency of 111.20 (I forget which runway number this is at the moment), which SHOULD be within the limits of the f-16. (it goes up to 111.95mHZ I believe, according to the DCS documentation) when I hit enter though, I just get flashing numbers like something was entered incorrectly and the system doesn't let me enter it. Has anyone been able to enter this ILS successfully? or is it a bug that needs to be fixed? or am I just doing something wrong? is it a different type of ILS that isn't compatible with the f-16? thanks for the help (currently running the latest Beta version if that helps any too)
  20. Just noticed this with latest version v2.7.12.23362 Have not isolated, but these steps did reproduce: Steps to reproduce 1. AH-64 -> Instant Action -> Desert Challenge 2. Quit mission 3. F-18 -> Mission -> Mission Qualification: Supercarrier CASE III Recovery 4. Observe sea glowing. (Restart game and skip straight to 3. to see normal behavior) Good (Normal) Bad (After repro steps) EDIT: Workaround is to restart game. (Repo step 4 hints at this, but it's important to know it can be temporarily avoided.)
  21. At night, when Mono mode is selected on the MPD, if you select the DIG chart on the TSD, it is shown in color. I am not sure if this is as designed - just didn't seem right.
  22. I'm not sure if this is already reported. Reproduce: Place a Red FARP > Capture it > Event triggers but FARP stays red. Link:
  23. Tested before and after this patch with these results: BLUE ALT / RED ALT -> Detection Range (NM) 35K / 35K -> 48 35K / 30K -> 46 35K / 25K -> 31 35K / 20K -> 31 35K / 15K -> 31 35K / 10K -> 31 BLUE ALT / RED ALT -> Detection Range (NM) 35K / 35K -> 48 35K / 30K -> 46 35K / 25K -> 31 35K / 20K -> 31 35K / 15K -> 31 35K / 10K -> 31 So radar look down wasn't changed this patch, unsure if the "Slant Range" fix meant this or something else, but regardless the look down penalty is grossly excessive currently. Look-down penalty should be nearly non existent over water (where this test was conducted) and over land should have a small effect due to ground clutter but not a -35% radar range across the board as soon as the bandit is greater than 5000 feet below the nose. As far as I'm aware, DCS uses the degrees of radar look down, I didn't record that here though. It does appear however that this is a bug and not intended. The 48NM to 46NM is reasonable for a 5K difference in altitude, and then the flat 31 NM across the board perhaps could be a bug in the code somewhere. I didn't want to record & include 12 tracks but it's easily reproducible 100% of the time. To reproduce: place yourself and the bandit at the noted altitudes and L&S (undesignate switch) the bandit as soon as detected to get an accurate reading.
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