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  1. UNOFFICIAL Roadmap DCS (All subject to change and continuous update), (only official and 3rd Party products): That compiled by news and ED forum post and Treads. WARNING: Please, don't take that info at face value, some or all data can be erroneous. Release dates has only orientation. DISCLAIMER: I´m not part or represent to Eagle Dynamics, partner, or a 3rd party, and not have nothing to do with DCS: World develop or updates. ED, I apologize if this post causes confusion among the community, not my intention. And my bad English. WARNING: Release date only have Tentative / Plans / Time Projections are best estimates, NO Deadlines or Promises and no Write on Stone. WARNING II: We need intent to: No double post, check previous posts. Intent confirm the info, no mods or unoficial sources. No discussions, move them to the propper posts. Not put angry if ED moderation erase a post. Intent make them friendly. Members must treat each other with respect and tolerance. 2012 DCS: World (Released) Engine improvements Weather engine (Released) Dynamic Weather Generator (Released) Environmental / 3D / FX improvements: New / Update IA / 3D Models: Weapons: 5 in. HVAR unguided rockets (Released) AN-M64 bomb (Released) 5v27 [sa-3] missile (Released) Aircraft / Helos A-50 (Released) An-26B (Released) An-30M (Released) CH-47D (Released) E-2D (Released) E-3B (Released) F/A-18C (Released) KC-135 (Released) Il-76MD (Released) Il-78M (Released) Mig-31 (Released) Mil Mi-8MT (Released) P-51D (Released) Yak-40 (Released) Vehicles T-90 Tank (Released) 5p63 [sa-3] Launcher (Released) SNR-125 [sa-3] radar (Released) 5a310m1 [sa-11] launcher (Released) 9S18M1 [sa-11] Radar (Released) 9S470M1 [sa-11] Command Post (Released) 9a331 [sa-15] launcher (Released) GAZ-66 Searchlight (Released) PRW-11 (Released) RLS-37 (Released) RSBN (Released) RSBN generator (Released) RSP-7 (Released) RSP-DRL-7 (Released) RSP-ESD-20 (Released) RSP-Peleng (Released) RSP-Radio (Released) ZIL P-19 radar (Released) Ships Perry Class Frigate (Released) Ticonderoga Class Cruiser (Released) Project molniya [Tarantul] Class Missile craft (Released) Other Drop tank 75gal (Released) HVAR smoke generator (Released) GUI Mission Generator (Released) Modules Building: API AFM Aircraft/Helicopters (Released) API Suspension (Released) Mission Editing: Scripting Engine (Released) Mission Scripting Tools (Released) Modules: Ka-50 (BS-2) (Released) (PFM/ASM) A-10C (Released) (PFM/ASM) P-51D (Released) (PFM/ASM) Combined Arms (Released) FC3 (Released) 2013 DCS:World Engine improvements: Weather engine (Released) IA (Released) Command orders to the crew (Released) Environmental / 3D / FX improvements: Damage Model (Released) Cockpit Damage Model(Released) Advanced Visual Effects (Released) Vortex Ring (Released) WingTips Constrails (Released) Touchdown smoke (Released) Engine Smoke and Fire (Released) Exhaust Trail on aircraft (Released) Mil Mi-8 APU Fire (Released) Ship Trails (Released) New / Update IA / 3D Models: Weapons: M-134 7.62mm minigun (Released) M-60 7.62mm machinegun (Released) XM-158 rocket launcher (Released) GUV-7800-G (Released) GUV-7800-M (Released) R-27ER (Released) R-27ET (Released) R-27R (Released) R-27T (Released) R-73 (Released) R-77 (Released) KH-22 [AS-4 Kitchen] (Released) B-8V20 rocket pod (Released) GBU-31(V)3/B (Released) UPK-23 gun pod (Released) Aircraft / Helos Su-33 (Released) Tu-22M3 (Released) RQ-9 Reaper (Released) Other MBD-2-67 (Released) MBDZ-U9M (Released) Sorbcija (Released) GUI Module Manager (Released) Modules Building: AFM Bombs: LUU-2B S-8OM-LE Betab-500ShP RBK-250 RBK-500AO RBK-500U SAB-100 BDU-50HD Mk-20 Rockeye BL-775 Mk-82AIR AFM air to air missiles: R-550 Mica-IR Mica-RF Super-530F R-40T R-40R R-24R R-24T R-60 R-33 R-27R R-27ER R-27T R-27ET R-73 R-77 AIM-7M RIM-7 AIM-9M AIM-9P AIM-54 AIM-120B AIM-120C AFM air to surface missiles: AFM Kh-25ML (AS-10) AFM Ground to Air Missile: 9M311 Tunguska MIM-72G Chaparral Modules: Combined Arms (Released/CA 1.5) (SVM/SSM) FC3 (Released) A-10A (FC3 Level) (AFM+/SSM) Advanced Flight Model (Released) 6DOF cockpit (Release) Segregate FC3 Module (Release) F-15C (FC-3 Level) (PFM/SSM) 6DOF Cockpit (Released) Mig-29A (FC3 Level) (SFM/SSM) Mig-29G (FC3 Level) (SFM/SSM) Mig-29S (FC3 Level) (SFM/SSM) Su-25A (FC-3 Level) (AFM/SSM) Advanced Flight Model (Released) 6DOF cockpit (Release) Segregate FC3 Module (Release) Su-25T (FC-3 Level) (AFM/SSM) Advanced Flight Model (Released) Su-27S (FC-3 Level) (SFM/SSM) Su-27 3D model (Released) 6DOF Cockpit (Released) Su-33 (FC-3 Level) (SFM/SSM) Su-33 3D model (Released) Partners: Belsimtek: UH-1H (Released) (release 1.2.5) (PFM/ASM) Crew Orders (Released) Avionic Update (Released) XM60 Reflex sight (Released) Radar Altimeter (Released) Chaff/flare dispensing system (Released) Weapons (Released) M134 minigun on doors for gunners (Released) Other (Released) Unarmed "slick" variant (Released) Mil Mi-8MTv2 (Release) (1.2.6) (PFM/ASM) Avionic Update (Released) РИ-65 Voice Warning System (Released) ЭСБР electrical bomb release system (Released) 2014 DCS:World Engine improvements: Weather engine (Released) Environmental / 3D / FX improvements: Damage Model (Released) Advanced Visual Effects (Released) UH-1H Exhaust Fire (Released) UH-1H Exhaust Smoke (Released) New / Update Artificial Inteligence / 3D Models: Aircraft / Helos Su-24M (Released) Su-24MR (Released) Mig-15Bis (Released) Vehicles BM-27 Uragan MLRS (Released) Ships Project 1164 Atlant [slava] Class Cruiser (Released) Weapons and rails: 9M113 Konkurs [AT-5 Spandrel] (Released) B-20 Launcher (Released) SC500 Bomb (Released) APU-60-2 Right missile Rack (Released) APU-60-2 Left missile Rack (Released) MBD-3-U6-68 Bomb Rack (Released) 23mm ammo clip (Released) 9M-27F rocket (Released) BD-3-USK-A rail (Released) BD4-USK-B rail (Released) Su-27 dual rail (Released) AIM-7 missile (Released) Kh-41 missile (Released) R-60 missile (Released) FAB-500N-3 bomb (Released) FAB-250N-1 bomb (Released) FAB-250M-62 bomb (Released) FAB-100 bomb (Released) AIM-9X missile (Released) AIM-9 missile (Released) CATM-9 missile (Released) UB-13 rocket launcher (Released) PTB-2000 drop tank (Released) PTB-3000 drop tank (Released) S-25 rocket (Released) S-25L rocket (Released) S-25 rocket launcher (Released) Others UH-1H pilot (Released) Us Stinger soldier (Released) Modules Building: API AFM Aircraft/Helicopters Navigation Systems ADF (Released) VOR/DME (Released) RSBN (Released) Multiplayer: Multiplayer scoring system (Released) Others Peripherals Oculus Rift Suport DK1 / DK2 (Released) Modules A-10A (FC-3 Level Released) (AFM+/SSM) Advanced Flight Model (Release) 6DOF cockpit (Release) Segregate FC3 Module (Release) Bf-109K-4 (Released) (PFM/ASM) (release 1.2.12) weapons SC250 Bomb (Released) Other 300L Drop Tank (Released) Combined Arms (CA 1.5 Release) (release 1.2.8) Ground Control Tank Firing control System (Released) SAM system radar display (Released) Manpads controled by player (Released) Realistic sights (Released) Tanks M1A2 Abrams Leopard 2A5 Leclerc T-80UD IFV/APC BMP-2 BMP-3 BRDM-2 BTR-80 M2A2 Bradley MCV-80 Warrior MT-LB SAM/AAA Gepard M168 Vulcan M48 Chaparral M973 Avenger Strela-10 (Gopher) Stinger MANPAD Igla MANPAD sights have been modified Driver cockpit (Released) all controllable ground units ammo trucks HMMVW 1025 UAZ-469 IFF system (Released) M168 Vulcan M48 Chaparral M973 Avenger Strela-10 (Gopher) Stinger MANPAD Igla MANPAD Air Control (Released) Sea Control (Released) Supply System (Released) F-15C (FC-3 Level Released) (PFM/SSM) Advanced Flight Model (Release) (release 1.2.8) Segregate FC3 Module (Released) FW-190D-9 (Released) (release 1.2.9) (PFM/ASM) Weapons SC-50 ([Release) Others ER-4 Rack (Release) Fuel Tank (Release) Mig-29A (FC3 Level Released) (SFM/SSM) Mig-29G (FC3 Level Released) (SFM/SSM) Mig-29S (FC3 Level Released) (SFM/SSM) Su-25A (FC-3 Level Released) (AFM/SSM) 6DOF cockpit Su-25A (Release) Su-27S (FC-3 Level Released) (SFM/SSM) Advanced Flight Model (Release) 1.2.11 Segregate FC3 Module (Release) Su-33 (FC-3 Level Released) (SFM/SSM) TP-51D (Released) (release 1.2.8) (PFM/ASM) 6DOF Cockpit (Released) Advanced Flight Model (Released) Partners Belsimtek: UH-1H (Released) (release 1.2.5) (PFM/ASM) Cargo (Release) Sling Load (Release) Mil Mi-8MTv2 (Release) (release 1.2.6) (PFM/ASM) Cargo (Release) Sling Load (Release) Avionic Update (Release) АRК-9 ADF Radio (Release) ARK-UD ADF Radio (Release) magnetic compass (Released) G-metr (Released) outdoor thermometer (Released) F-86F (Released) (release 1.2.9) (PFM/ASM) Advanced Flight Model (Released) Systems (Released) Electrical Power Fuel Systems Hydraulic System Air System Anti-ice System Fire Extinguish System Avionics Weapons GAR-8 / AIM-9B (Released) Others Aero-3B missile rail (Released) 120 Gal Drop Tank (Released) 200 Gal Drop Tank (Released) 3rd Parties Leatherneck Simulations: Mig-21Bis (Release) (Release 1.2.10 Update 1) (EFM/ASM) Weapons 23mm BZ Bullet (Released) 23mm BZT Bullet (Released) 23mm OFZ Bullet (Released) 23mm OFZT Bullet (Released) IAB-500 (Released) Kh-66 (Released) R-3R Missile (Released) R-3M Missile (Released) R-13 Missile (Released) R-13M1 Missile (Released) R-55 Missile (Released) R-60A Missile (Released) M-24 Nuclear Bomb (Released) M-28 Nuclear Bomb (Released) RS-2US Missile (Released) Others APU-7 Rack (Released) APU-12-40 Missile Rail (Released) APU-13MI Rack (Released) APU-13MT Rack (Released) APU-13u-2 Rack (Released) APU-60-2L Missile Rail (Released) APU-60-2R Missile Rail (Released) APU-60 Missile Rail (Released) APU-68 Rack (Released) ASO-2 Flare dispersor (Released) MDB-2-67 Rack (Released) Pilot + KM-1 ejector seat (Released) PTB-490 Drop Tank (Released) PTB-490C Drop Tank (Released) PTB-800 Drop Tank (Released) SPRD JATO Rockets (Released) SPS-140-100 ECM / Flare dispersed Pod (Released) UB-16 Rocket Launcher (Released) UB-32 Rocket Launcher (Released) Programs: DArt LotATC 4 (Released Beta 0.9.2) 2015 DCS:World Artificial Intelligence: AI acrobatic logic (Released) Engine improvements: EDGE (1.5 Released/2.0 Alpha) (1.5 / 2.0) Direct X 11 Support (Released) Improved Performance (Released) GPU (Graphic Processor Unit) support (up to four) (Released) SLI (Scalable Link Interface) / CF (CrossFire) support (Released) Clip maps support for new maps Improve lightning (Released) Higher object counts Higher resolution ground terrain mesh and textures for new maps (between 1 and 64 meters per pixel depending on area of map and clipmap level) More detailed tree models with collision for new maps Better graphical effects High resolution road textures for new maps Ability for road signs and light signals for new maps Additional ground clutter (rocks, cactuses, etc.) for new maps Unified front end and simulation .exe (Released) Improved API sound support Satellite view on editor (Released) 3D objects on encyclopaedia and editor. (Released) Weather engine (Released) Environmental / 3D / FX improvements: New / Update Artificial Inteligence / 3D Models: Aircraft / Helos F-5E (Released) Vehicles Otokar Cobra (Released) TPZ-1 Fuchs (Released) BM-27 Uragan MLRS (Released) Hawk Battery Command Post PCP (Released) AN/MPQ-50 radar (Released) AN/MPQ-46 FC radar (Released) AN/MPQ-55 CWAR radar (Released) Hawk Launcher M192 (Released) Hawk generador (Released) Roland SAM (Released) GAZ Tigr 233036 (Released) Weapons and others: BetAB-500 (Released) CBU-24B Submission disperser (Released) KAB-1500L (Released) M-117 Bomb (Released) Mk-81 Bomb (Released) Mk-83 Bomb (Released) R-3S Missile (Released) S-5Ko Rocket (Released) S-25LD Rocket (Released) UB-16 (Released) Others USAF 60s Fighter Pilot (Released) German WW2 Fighter Pilot (Released) URRS 60s Fighter Pilot (Released) AIS-T30 training pod (Released) BRU-MER-5 Bomb Rack (Released) PTB-150 F-5 150 GL Drop Tank (Released) PTB-275 F-5 275 GL Drop Tank (Released) New effects smoke (Released) contrails (Released) lighting (Released) shadow (Released) missile trail (Released) CBU-69 explosions effectes (Released) GUI: Mission editor Improvements (Released) New Countries on the editor (many placeholders). Campaign editor Improvements (Released) Mission Editing: Scripting Engine New Scripting options on editor (Released) Modules Building: API AFM Aircraft/Helicopters API Engine Model (Release) API Electrical System (Released) Piston engine detonation physics (release) API Radar Model Radar horizon (release) Multiplayer: multi-player scoring system (release) Others Extras Campaign Module DLCs: The Ultimate Argument Su-27 (Released) Republic Ka-50 (Released) New Sound engine API Position info to 3rd Party and Mods Peripherals Oculus Rift Compatibility 0.70 Compatibility (Released) Modules Combined Arms (CA 1.5 Release) (release 1.2.8) Ground Control (Released) Supply System (Released) FW-190D-9 (Released) (release 1.2.9) (PFM/ASM) L-39 Albatros C/ZA (C Released) (1.5) (PFM/ASM) Weapons P-50T Training Bomb (Released) R-3C Air to Air misile (Released) UV-16-57 (Released) Others 150L Drop Tank (Released) 250L Drop Tank (Released) Mig-29A/G/S (FC3 Level Released) (SFM/SSM) 6Dof Cockpit ((Released)) (1.5) Su-33 (FC3 Level Released) (SFM/SSM) Theaters: Nevada (Release) (2.0) Ground unit road movement TACAN and ILS Partners Belsimtek: Mig-15Bis (Release) (1.2.15) (PFM/ASM) Weapons FAB-50-40 bomb (Released) FAB-100-40 Bomb (Released) Others PTB-300 drop tank (Released) PTB-400 drop tank (Released) PTB-600 drop tank (Released) Mil Mi-8MTv2 (1.5 Beta) (release 1.2.6/1.5) (PFM/ASM) Improvements (Released) Virtual flight engineer (Released) Avionic Update (Released) SARPP-12 system (System of Automatic Registration of Flight Data) (Released) KO-50 kerosene powered defroster (Released) (P-703B) cockpit voice recorder (Released) Activated all circuit breakers (Released) Signal flare system ЭКСР-46 (ESKR-46) (Released) Annunciator light "СТВОРКИ ОТКРЫТЫ" (Cargo bay doors open) functional (Released) S-1 Siren system on the cockpit (Released) External resistance for voltage control of STG-3 starter-generator (Released) External resistance "VS-33А" «I — РЕГУЛИРОВАНИЕ НАПРЯЖЕНИЯ — II» (I - voltage control - II) (Released) Control panels a product 6201 on the left lateral panel of Electropult of pilots are made clickable. (Released) Small lamp in the cabin (Released) HEATING AKKUM and HEATING of HOURS switches (battery heaters) (Released) "LIGHTING DEZHURN." and "LIGHTING the GENERAL" switchs (lights on the cargo area) (Released) VHF-ADF Interlock switch (blocking radio compass) (Released) Changed option of informing on fine tuning of the autopilot (Released) Activated "MV Main Switch" (Mine-laying System) (Released) PKT MG Switch on cockpit (Released) "ПРОВЕРКА ЗАЖИГАН" Ignition Check Switch (Released) Cargo (Released) «АВТОМАТ. СБРОС» (automatic release) switch (Released) 3rd Parties Avio Dev: CASA C-101EB: (EB Released) (1.2.14) (EFM/ASM) Leatherneck Simulations: Mig-21Bis (1.5 Released) (1.5) (EFM/ASM) RAZBAM Mirage 2000C: (Released) (1.5.2) (EFM/ASM) Weapons Matra R.Super 530D Air to Air Missile (Released) Matra R.550 Magic 2 Air to Air Missile (Released) Matra LRF-4 Rocket Launcher (Released) Others RP541 Left and Right drop tank (Released) RP522 drop tank (Released) AUF-2 bomb rail (Released) VEAO DCS Air Force Training Pack DCS: Hawk (Released) (SFM First release/Update to EFM later/ASM) 1.2.16 Others: Campaing Module DLCs: Armen: Republic Ka-50 Campaign (Released) 1.5.1 Update 1 Baltic_Dragon: The Enemy Within A-10C Campaign (Released) 1.5.2 *2016 DCS: World Engine improvements: Dynamic shadow in terrain mountain (Released) Multi-crew on aircraft's and on same flight. 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  2. Hi Everyone, I just looked at the planned features and weapons roadmap, and several of them have disappeared off of the list. Namely the Mk 40 Destructor and Mk 63 Quickstrike sea mines, these are both 1000lb Mk 83s converted for use as mines, fitted with a retarding device and an influence detector (which can be approximated as a proximity fuse we have now). The same can be said about the Mk 77 napalm bomb, which has also disappeared. The funny thing is that both the Mk 40 and Mk 77 have models present in the modelviewer (which came at about the same time we received the new AIM-120 models). The only other thing (I think) is the GEN-X active decoy, which has also disappeared. And unless my eyes are failing me, neither the Mk 40 or the Mk 63 were on the 2020 roadmap either, the Mk 77 and GEN-X however, were. Can anybody comment what's going on? Are these axed? Because if so that's pretty disappointing. @NineLine @BIGNEWY
  3. As the title says, I wonder if we are going to get Sniper XR TGP for the Viper. As far as I know it's been planned but lately on some FB group I read that it's been removed from the roadmap. Irl f-16s block 50 started getting their Sniper pods in 2007 and ED says that that's exactly the era that they're aiming for with this module. Does anybody have any info on this matter or is it still a mystery?
  4. Update after DCS WORLD 2021 AND BEYOND video + Kate Perederko unofficial 2021 Roadmap Eagle Dynamics de Havilland DH.98 Mosquito FB Mk VI [very likely] Mi-24P Hind [very likely] Black Shark 3 [very likely] Mig-29A Fulcrum (9-12) [likely] Pacific Theatre - Mariana Islands [very likely] MAC [likely] AH-64D Apache Longbow [unlikely] Aerges Mirage F1 project [likely] Deka Ironwork Simulations Unknown Module - Early Access [unlikely] Heatblur Simulations Unknown Module [probably A-6] - Early Access [unlikely] IndiaFoxtEcho MB-339A [very likely] Magnitude 3 LLC F4U-1 Corsair [very likely] Polychop-Simulations OH-58 Kiowa [very likely] RAZBAM South Atlantic Conflict Terrain - Early Access [very likely] F-15E - Early Access [very likely] TrueGrit Virtual Technologies Eurofighter - Early Access [unlikely] Most Important Features Weather Engine [very likely] Dynamic Campaign - Early Access [likely] Vulkan based Graphics Engine [likely] Bye Phant
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