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  1. Since I have way too much time on my hands, I made another LUA edit that allows you to mount the AGM-88 HARM onto pylons 8B and 1B for the F-14. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3324643/ Based off of this series of tests:
  2. I just made a super rough AIM-23 Hawk mod for the F-14 Tomcat. Before releasing it, I was hoping that someone here would be able to help me out and help move the Hawk missile to make it not clip into the AIM-54 shoulder pylon. Thanks Fixed in V1.1 Link to mod: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3323002/
  3. Just got my new pedals and annoyingly Virpils software wiped all my bindings on all planes, but with the Tomcat when i invert the Rudder Axis Binding, nothing changes. At the moment, they work like bicycle handle bars (left leg forward will turn right), but i want them like irl (Left leg forward turns left) but besides inverting the axis not sure how else to change them?? possibly bug, as its only the tomcat
  4. I keep hearing the release of the F14D is not possible because of the lack of information... Can some one enlighten me on the data availability of the F/A 18 Hornet, and F16. I'm pretty sure these jets still have classified things about them. Currently they do not mimic 100% of the sim factor although close. I talked to an F18 Pilot and there's just much we can't do (he still thinks it's awesome). In the same way we are still fudging systems of these Jets. I only bring this up as many simulated modern conflicts leave the Jet feeling a little behind the times when going up with the 18/16/15 and so on. Why can the Tomcat D not be fudged a bit as well? I would much rather hear Heatblur say they don't want to do it vs the information is not out there. People have found plenty.
  5. Hi all, Did ED ever considered persistent wear and tear of the airframes? accumulating flying hours and hard landings, some systems get degraded sometimes, fuel leaks (reflected sometimes in the liverie/dirt... but i don´t see that possible), etc. Thank you, Best regards, Fagulha.
  6. Hi, will new voice commands such as setting the target aspect switch and the upcoming (hopefully next week) Jester LANTIRN functionality eventually be added to VAICOM Pro/ AIRIO? Or do we have to (somehow) create custom voice commands ourselves? I'd rather not have to dive into creating these things, as I much rather fly than fiddle around with setups (just got into VR and that in itself was a major feat to get it running smoothly on my very dated rig). Let's say I've thoroughly scratched all my setup itches for 2021.
  7. DCS OpenBeta 2.7.7 Server IP: SRS: LotAtc: Request Access Tacview: Request Access General Server Idea What we wanted to bring to the DCS community is a server that will be persistent, hardcore, and fun. While we are mainly Rotary wing focused, this does not mean we do not like the fixed-wing airframes. Helping other players in building FARP, units, and capturing airfields is a very important part of our server. Discord<<Click me Situation Israel and Syria have been in conflict for thousands of years. Since 2022, After the ceasefire ordered by the Council of nations, Syria Has spent the last 20 years gearing up for war. Syria and the Council of Nations are not willing to allow the dictatorship to have such a large arsenal. The border needs to be reinforced to protect Israel from a possible Syrian Invasion. Once the border is reinforced, we can start the push into Syria to remove the dictator from power. Damascus is heavily reinforced by his followers. Destroy factories and airfields. Frequencies can be found in your kneeboard. There are Easter Eggs in this server mission. Good luck finding them! Game Plan Reinforce the front line(indicated on map) Push the Syrian forces from the border Move into Syria and capture the Factories, Airfields, and strategic points Dwindle the Syrian forces until the supply is low enough for an attack on Damascus Assassinate the Dictator Persistence This server is persistent, constantly evolving campaign. What this means is, everything you do is kept on the server after a restart. Supply There is a finite amount of supply for both Syria and Israel. This means if you take off in a helicopter or a jet, and loose the aircraft that will no longer be in the supply However, there are factories across the map for resupply of Airframes, Fuel, Munitions, and troops. Don't forget that you will need to resupply the airfields and FARPS with the required munitions. Statistics We save stats on the server, that includes but not limited to; Flight hours Kills Deaths Weapons Specifics AI specifics Rules Be kind.... Work together No trolling No Teamkilling Combined Arms Yes! We love combined arms users! If you would like to have the ability to have a combined arms slot, do not hesitate to ask! We keep the slots limited to users who are on the discord and have some form of reputation with Gracey's Village. This keeps trolls, and griefing to a minimum Weather The weather is a slightly bumpy, and chilly light overcast. The time starts at 730 am(first run) and continues through the night into the next day. Weather can change overtime.
  8. Pulse Doppler Searching for RIOs! Keen to try multiplayer and get engaged with a thriving community? VF-154 is opening its doors to take on more pilots and RIOs to join the squadron. Our flying times: Training - By appointment with our three excellent instructors, Ops - Every Thursday, 1830Z, VF-154 Training - Wednesday nights, and just message our instructors to find a time. We welcome RIOs of all skill levels, with a comprehensive training system, in house servers, missions, and instructors tailored to your experience. We've redrafted our RIO FAM course, such that you can self study or go over it with an instructor to fully understand the role. Here's a little preview below: Want to find out more? Message our recruitment officer: Discord - Panny#2973 Check out our Squadron page: Email: dcafrecruitment@gmail.com Check out our website: https://dcafoc.wixsite.com/home Check out our Discord and meet some of us: https://discord.gg/RrzuvXXd9M Look forward to seeing you! Peter
  9. Join VFG as a Tomcat Pilot or Hornet pilot part of VF-32 or VFA-105! Who we are: At the beginning of 2021 me and two good friends were frustrated when we couldn't find a squadron that was a healthy breed of milsim and fun. So that is why we founded this group! We have a passion for realism, but also want to provide a welcoming experience for players of any skill level in our custom built campaign with custom made skins! Requirements: Discord SRS F-14 or F/A-18 Syria Map Supercarrier 18+ Communication! We have our campaign nights on Sunday 9:30PM EST Training on Friday night 9:00PM EST Stop by our Discord! https://discord.gg/FEaM72AWKY
  10. With TouchDCS released officially, I had to make a template set for our beloved Tomcat. The template contains the "Display" panel and an "Indicators" panel. I plan on expanding it later with other useful panels. Feel free to modify, share etc. User Files Download page NEW UPDATE 2.0 This is an incredible tool, the possibilities are endless. This is much more powerful than the Streamdeck or DCS UFC in my opinion. Whatever panel YOU NEED, in the tip of your fingers... If I could make my 1st template in such a short time, anyone can. TouchDCS info -> github Forum Thanks @moridar for creating this
  11. Accidentally, I forgot to low down my F-14 hook when landed my plane on the deck, and it ran into the sea. RIO called out "eject...." but the screen freeze and the entire DCS application hung. The sound distortion from the jester called out "eject..." stayed with the DCS application forever. Checked the Windows task manager, it showed the DCS had no responding. I had to end task to kill the DCS application. With the DCS tech support, they suggested me to do A-A-8-1 and repeated the same scenario. "No responding" was no longer to happen after I made F-14 fell into water after running at the end of the carrier deck. I guess that the program was stuck somewhere for the action of jester was trying to eject....?! Any suggestion? LastMissionTrack.trk dcs.log
  12. Me and my buddy Gnomus in the Cat on 4ya. This was only against an AI 18, but my hands were shaking. This was my first time in the front seat on a multiplayer server, so pretty damn cool.
  13. F-14A/B Tomcat - FAQ - FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS STATE OF FAQ: September 2021. Version 1.1 | Previous state of FAQ: March 2021. Version 1.0 Q: What is the current state of the F-14 Tomcat Module? A: Currently (as of September 2021) the Tomcat is still in Early Access and includes the F-14B, the F-14A (-135GR late version), full systems functionality for both, a RIO-AI "JESTER", "ICEMAN" rudimentary Pilot-AI, full Multicrew capability, one campaign, and approximately ~150 Singleplayer, Quickstart and Co-Op missions, several training missions and a manual. It is slated to leave Early Access as early through 2021 as is possible. Q: How do you define Early Access? Why not wait till it is ready? A: Early Access allows us to realize projects, which would else be too ambitious in scope and size for a small niche market like combat flight simulation. This is owed to the fact that we want to simulate as deep as possible and fill our products with content to the brim. However, we are aware of the huge responsibilities it brings with it. Too often Early Access gets abused as a free pass in the gaming industry to deliver unfinished products. This is not the case with us. With the F-14, we've taken great care and pride ourselves in delivering it as closely to feature complete on day one of its Early Access release as we're able. This means: all major systems and functions are working and working as intended (notwithstanding unforeseen bugs), and only smaller features might get added over time. For the -B for example this included TWS-A (which was simply too complex to make it in, in time), the addition of rather marginal functions such as NAVGRID or the AVIA Page (all of which have been implemented in the meantime), or the currently still missing EIG for the F110 engines, some ECM fairings, etc. But in general the experience of flying the Tomcat during Early Access will not differ much from flying it after release. The same counts for its look, performance optimization, etc. Early Access allows us also to address bugs which can only ever be found together with the help of the community, but most importantly, it allows us to expand the scope of content delivered for the Tomcat far beyond what is common. In General Early Access takes around two years for our products. This gives us enough time to implement all the extra content and features we want you to enjoy. We thank you all for your kind trust and support. Q: What will the release version of the F-14 Tomcat include? A: The release version of the Tomcat will include the F-14B, 2 + 1 versions of the F-14A (135GR late and -135GR Early + -95GR as an addon bonus), a RIO-AI "JESTER", "ICEMAN", full Multicrew capability, the free aircraft carrier USS Forrestal, 3 campaigns (for Caucasus, Persian Gulf and Syria), a free A-6 AI aircraft, ~150 Singleplayer, Quickstart and Co-op Missions, several training missions and a manual. Q: Is Heatblur considering making an F-14D or a Sparrowhawk HUD or PTID upgrade for the B? A: Not at this moment. We lack documentation to recreate it as faithfully as we would like to and hold it up to our own standards. If this would change, we may reconsider it. However should we ever develop it, please know that it will not be included in this module and will come at extra charge. In what form, if as an upgrade or DLC for owners and/or standalone for non-owners of the current A/B Tomcat Module, etc... we cannot say yet. Q: What version of the -B will be simulated? A: The -B that we simulate spans an entire era, from the late 80s/ early 90s to late 90s/ early 2000s. As most Tomcats were "patchwork aircraft", exhibiting features found throughout all its iterations, we decided to recreate the B to what was most commonly found across all of them in that time period. Q: What versions of the -A will be simulated? A: Similar as with the -B, each version of the -A spans a certain time period, but to discern them easier, we divide them into the 135GR late version (same time period as the -B), which has more or less feature parity with the -B, except for engines, engine instrument panels and some minor differences; the 135GR early version (late 70s to early/mid 90s), which also features an older version of the RWR (the ALR-45) and the ECM page on the HSD; and the bonus 95GR IRIAF version, which is similar to the 135GR early (late 70s/ early 80s), with the difference of having no TCS, no ICLS/ACLS, no datalink, no Lantirn pod, only older weapons (no aim-9m, no aim-7M(/H), no aim-7F, no aim54A mk.60 and aim54C) and only dumb air to ground munitions. Each version will include skins for their dedicated period/country. All -A versions feature the TF-30 Engines. Q: Where can I find the manual for the F-14 Tomcat? A: Please follow this link: http://www.heatblur.se/F-14Manual/ Q: Does the F-14 Tomcat Module support VR? A: Yes, absolutely! Due to the great work of our partners at Eagle Dynamics, DCS World runs in VR and the F-14 is no exception. This does not mean it looks any less nice on a normal screen of course. Q: Is the Tomcat compatible with the Super Carrier Module by Eagle Dynamics? A: Yes. Q: Is the USS Forrestal and A-6 AI free for all DCS users, or only for owners of the F-14 Tomcat Module? A: The USS Forrestal and A-6 AI will be free for all DCS users, regardless if they own the Tomcat or not. Q: Will there be a Super Carrier version of the USS Forrestal? A: This is something that needs to be discussed with Eagle Dynamics and does not depend solely on us. The free version of the USS Forrestal will have feature parity with the USS Stennis at minimum once complete. Q: Will there be additional assets included with the USS Forrestal, like other ships or versions of it? A: No. It will only include the Forrestal class aircraft carrier. We might eventually include all 4 versions of it, the USS Forrestal, USS Saratoga, USS Independence and USS Ranger - however, we will need to see what time will allow. For now it will be the USS Forrestal only. There will be no other ships or assets added in the future, at least not included with the F-14 Tomcat Module. Q: What is a RIO? Do I need a RIO to fly the Tomcat? A: The RIO is the Radar Intercept Officer, in other aircraft sometimes also referred to as WSO or Weapon Systems Officer (in the Strike Eagle for example) or NFO, Naval Flight Officer (which are all not pilots, contrary to Naval Aviators). He sits in the backseat in the Tomcat. He does all the radio communications and also manages flight lead, he manages the radar, the systems, he runs the intercepts and missions and is responsible for navigation and much much more. He is generally considered the "boss" in the aircraft. He takes a backrole in BFM however or during maneuvers, that require a lot of input by the pilot (landings, take offs, AAR, etc), but is else often in charge of the aircraft. You do not need a human RIO to fly our Tomcat, we created "JESTER", a RIO-AI for this very purpose (see next Q/A). But do not worry, Jester is still a young and inexperienced RIO and will follow and require your orders, 100% of the time. Of course, we do recommend to try Multicrew, as the shared experience in the Tomcat, between a human pilot and RIO, is something special indeed. Q: Who and what is "JESTER"? A: JESTER is our RIO-AI. He is not an AI in the classic sense, but provides functionality that a human RIO would provide to the pilot, such as spotting, radar management, systems management, startup and shutdown, checklists, situational awareness calls, etc... He can be interacted with through a command rose, but can also be used with 3rd party software such as voice attack, etc... Not only is Jester meant to provide functionality for the Singleplayer environment for an else 2-seater aircraft, but also immersion and fun - we recorded over eleven thousand (!) voice lines for him, to provide many variations in his calls. Jester has human limitations (he can only see, where he looks at, can only do 1 task at a time in general, he needs to look at the appropriate panel to service it, he pushes the correct buttons, etc.), makes mistakes and even comments on your flying, as well as being aware of what situation the player is in, be it BFM, BVR, WVR, Air to Ground, Landing, Take Off, etc... and will act and behave accordingly. Q: Who and what is "ICEMAN"? A: Iceman is a very - and we want to emphasize: very - rudimentary pilot-"AI". In fact, he is not an AI at all, but he takes over the aircraft, if you choose to select the RIO station in Singleplayer. He will fly straight, left or right, up and down, and is able to orbit and fly to a steerpoint. His sole purpose is so that one can fly as the RIO in Singleplayer between Take off and Landing, which ICEMAN is not capable to do (and will not be). Likewise, he is not capable to fight (dogfight, BVR, A2G) on the player's behalf (and will not be). Please note that ICEMAN was not a planned feature to begin with, which is why we consider him feature complete at any given time, but we may choose to expand his capabilities to improve the singleplayer RIO experience. Q: Is JESTER still missing features? Will he get more features in the future? A: Currently we are still working on implementing JESTER's LANTIRN capability. This will allow the player to use the LANTIRN pod together with JESTER. Beyond that only minor improvements are planned (for example adding more checklists, improving his behavior where possible), but we consider JESTER more or less feature complete. Quality of life features are another area that we will focus our attention to post early access completion. Q: Is the Tomcat difficult to fly? A: Yes and no. It is not a fly-by-wire aircraft and is considered a "pilot's plane", which means it is more hands on. This requires more effort by the pilot, but the upside of it is that the plane "speaks" more to the pilot. It is easier to feel what it wants and what it doesn't like, where the speed and AOA and G forces are at, and thus can make you a much more "aware stick" than a fly-by-wire aircraft (...and will teach you to use rudder!). For example: many claim it is easier to land on a carrier than a hornet, because of its Direct Lift Control (DLC), which the pilot can use to increase or decrease drag or lift, without changing power or pitch and AOA. On the other hand there is also a reason why it was called the "Turkey": roll reversal, flat spins, stalls, cross inputs are all things one has too look out for and train to avoid. But when flown as supposed to, it is very rewarding and it comes with plenty of "oomph". We've put in an unprecedented amount of hands-on work with some of the most experienced Tomcat pilots to make it feel as accurate as possible. This is why "reading off" all the rattling and buffeting and shaking in the cockpit is something that lets you fly it very precisely. Q: Can you fly the Tomcat as RIO in Singleplayer and Multiplayer? A: Yes and yes. However in Singleplayer the Player has to perform take off, landing and any offensive or defensive air combat or else complex maneuvering him- or herself. In Multiplayer the Tomcat is fully Multicrew capable and can be manned by two players, as pilot and RIO. Please note that in Multiplayer a Player cannot switch between seats like in Singleplayer. Q: If I fly alone in Multiplayer, can I switch to the RIO seat? A: Unfortunately no. This is only possible in Singleplayer due to limitations in DCS. In Multiplayer you can fly alone with Jester as your RIO, or as a human pilot with a human RIO or as a human RIO with a human pilot, but a RIO cannot fly without a pilot in Multiplayer. Whether or not this will change in the future, we cannot say and is not up to us. Q: What is Multicrew? A: Multicrew means you can fly the Tomcat online in Multiplayer or CoOp together with a friend (or stranger of course) as pilot and RIO. The Tomcat was a two-seat aircraft and is best experienced together with friends, where "two minds think as one and four eyes look out for two..." Q: My friend wants to be my RIO - does he or she need to own the F-14 Tomcat module, too? A: Yes. Creating the RIO part of the Tomcat was as complex, if not more complex as creating the pilot part of it. If you think of it, it is more or less like creating two modules, and a lot of sweat, passion and dedication went into getting it to this point. We hope you will find it equally fair as us, to ask for an appropriate price in return. We thank you for your kind understanding and continued support. Q: What is the Crew Pack on the Heatblur Store - and is it required to play Multicrew? A: If you and your friend want both to get the Tomcat module, we recommend you to get the Crew Pack on our store, which allows you to purchase 2 separate licenses (keys) for a slightly reduced price. Please note: The Crew Pack is only a bundle of 2 single licenses, and not required to enjoy Multicrew. Any 2 licenses purchased separately will work as well, and each owner of a license can join as either pilot or RIO at his or her own leisure. Q: Where can I find out more about the AIM-54 Phoenix missile and how you recreated it? A: Please check out the whitepaper we published about it. Currently Eagle Dynamics is implementing a new API for missiles, which will also benefit the phoenix missile. With this we were finally able to implement a more realistic guidance, which includes SARH guidance before going pitbull in a TWS shot and SARH only guidance during STT. We hope to further improve its mid-term guidance/ flight behavior once the new missile API evolves further. Please find the whitepaper here: http://media.heatblur.se/AIM-54.pdf Q: Will the F-14A have Glove Vanes modeled? A: Maybe to likely. If we will add them, it will only be visually. Their impact on the Flight Model was too small to warrant the amount of work needed to implement them fully. Q: Will you add more skins over the time? A: Yes. If you find we missed some skin after full release that should be included and you have good pictures of it from various angles, please contact us. Q: Will the Tomcat include a pilot body for normal and VR use? A: Yes. However due to the more complex animations we use, creating it takes longer and it will be added only towards the end of Early Access (both for pilot and RIO). Thank you for your kind patience. Q: Will you add customizable cockpits, or the option for a less worn cockpit? A: The short answer is no. We found that the current worn wear of the cockpit is most realistic, as confirmed by many SMEs. Recreating the entire cockpit with a less worn wear, would simply cost us too much time that we do not have. We would kindly like to point you towards community mods for this. We allow for customized cockpits, should you choose to use a mod. Thank you for your kind understanding. Q: Will you implement a dynamic cockpit system? A: Yes, we will. The extent of this system is still in flux, but you will begin seeing initial implementations of this system soon. More info to come. Q: Will you add a TARPS pod, and what will be its capabilities? A: We will add a TARPS pod, however its capabilities will be extremely limited, and it will more or less be primarily a visual implementation. The full integration into the HUD and systems would require simply too much work for the very limited role of reconnaissance in DCS. However, we will try to think of something that will provide at least basic gameplay with it. Q: Does the F-14 Tomcat support DCS Simple Radio in Multiplayer? A: It does. It has been integrated in the development from the get go (thank you, CiriBob!), and functions hand in hand with the radios in the Tomcat. You can even use the KY-28 encryption with it, as well as hot mic, etc. on the ICS between pilot and RIO. Q: Is there a Chuck's Guide for the F-14 Tomcat? A: Yes, there is, many thanks to Chuck Owl. Please find the guide here, it is excellent to get started: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=247236 Q: Where can I find more tutorials for the F-14 Tomcat? A: Please check out this thread containing links to several different tutorials. There are also training missions included with the module of course. Tomcat Tutorials click here. Many thanks to all content creators! Q: Is there a paint kit for skin creators? A: Yes, please check out the skinner's thread here. The paintkit is included in the first post. Q: Are there DLC campaigns available for the Tomcat? A: Yes, currently you can purchase "Zone 5" by Reflected Simulations. We highly recommend you check it out. We are sure more will follow in the future by the many talented Campaign Creators for DCS. Go check out Zone 5 here: https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/797-f-14a-zone-5-campaign/ Q: Are there community campaigns available for the Tomcat? A: Yes, many great ones indeed. Operation Cage the Bear by Kaba is included with the module (many thanks!), but you can download many more excellent ones here. Q: Does the F-14 Tomcat support simshaker/ buttkicker/ jetseat? A: It does. This, too, has been implemented from release of EA. Q: Where can I find changelogs for recent patches? A: You can find all recent changelogs by clicking here. Additionally we always offer a feedback thread for each patch, which you can find pinned in the same Forum Section (DCS: F-14A&B) as this FAQ. Q: What is the price for the F-14 Tomcat Module and are you offering sales? A: Currently the F-14 Tomcat is priced at 79.99 USD. We believe this to be a fair price - considering the level of simulation and the many extras this module includes. We do not expect to introduce price cuts or deep sales for the foreseeable future. Q: Is the F-14 Tomcat Module by Heatblur Simulations available on Steam? A: Yes. Q: If I own a steam version, and my friend owns a standalone version - can we still fly together? A: Yes. Both standalone and steam version are online compatible with each other and completely identical. Q: Do licenses purchased on the Heatblur Store or on the ED E-Shop work for Steam? A: Unfortunately no. Licenses (keys) purchased on the Heatblur Store or the ED E-shop only work for the standalone version, which can be downloaded here. Q: Where can I buy the Tomcat? A: You can buy the Tomcat either on the Heatblur store: https://store.heatblur.com/collections/all , in the DCS E-shop by Eagle Dynamics: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/shop/ or on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/411893/DCS_F14AB_Tomcat/ . Please note: keys purchased on steam can be transferred to the standalone version, but not vice versa. Q: I purchased the DCS F-14A/B Tomcat on the Heatblur Store - how can I redeem my license (key)? A: All instructions, the key and relevant links should be included in the email you get upon your purchase. For further information please take a look at the thread linked hereafter or feel free to contact our support any time. How to redeem your Heatblur Store purchase - click here. Please remember: licenses purchased on the Heatblur Store are not compatible with Steam. Thank you all for putting your trust in Heatblur Simulations. We sincerely hope you enjoy our products and would like to thank you for your kind and continued support! https://store.heatblur.com/ https://www.facebook.com/heatblur ------------------------------------------------------- Minimum system requirements (LOW graphics settings): OS 64-bit Windows 7/8/10; DirectX11; CPU: Intel Core i3 at 2.8 GHz or AMD FX; RAM: 8 GB (16 GB for heavy missions); Free hard disk space: 60 GB; Discrete video card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 / AMD R9 280X or better; requires internet activation. Recommended system requirements (HIGH graphics settings): OS 64-bit Windows 8/10; DirectX11; CPU: Core i5+ at 3+ GHz or AMD FX / Ryzen; RAM: 16 GB (32 GB for heavy missions); Free hard disk space: 120 GB on Solid State Drive (SSD); Discrete video card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 / AMD Radeon RX VEGA 56 with 8GB VRAM or better; Joystick; requires internet activation. Recommended VR systems requirements (VR graphics settings): OS 64-bit Windows 8/10; DirectX11; CPU: Core i5+ at 3+ GHz or AMD FX / Ryzen; RAM: 16 GB (32 GB for heavy missions); Free hard disk space: 120 GB on Solid State Drive (SSD); Discrete video card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 / AMD Radeon RX VEGA 64 or better; Joystick; requires internet activation. This product can be downloaded and installed through the DCS World Module Manager. If you do not have DCS World installed, you can download the DCS World web-installer by clicking this link. If the product description does not have information about which DCS World version you should install, you only need to have the "Stable" version DCS World 2.5 installed on your PC.
  14. Hello, I have been hitting the manual and Chuck's Guide but I still have trouble using purely the TCS to lock on an enemy. I turn on the TCS, acquisition mode AUTO, Slave Radar, put an aircraft in the middle of the tracking dots of the TCS but nothing happens. Although I have been successful locking with the radar (Slave TCS) and then turning off the radar (My TCS lock remains). What I really want to do is to slave the radar to the TCS, lock a target using the TCS with the radar off, FOX 1 to a target with a little bit of lead and finally turn on the radar to guide the missile on its last seconds. But for whatever reason I cannot lock using just the TCS. Anyone know how to? Much appreciated
  15. Hey there, I'm writing this post, as I thought some newer users may appreciate it, or a sort of PSA if you will. The learning curve involved with DCS, as well as learning your aircraft of choice is a massive task to undertake. As much as it is inspiring to watch a DCS YouTuber effortlessly dogfight your favourite plane or dodging SAMs, it is also quite daunting learning how to get to that same point of skill. Perhaps you've found yourself mixing your training between haphazardly referring to the manuals, scouring forums, and YouTube videos. You're getting to the point in which you've played most of the instant action scenarios and some of the free missions, and feel like you need to take it further; and the option of multiplayer seems more attractive. However, unlike dogfighting against computers, you're operating alongside(or perhaps against) humans, which can feel like a quantum shift. You may be considering online squadrons, but nervous about your skill level in relation to theirs. Believe me when I say this, the vast majority of squadrons love to have more people share in their hobby, and take great pride in training people up. The great advantage of multiplayer, and by extension online squadrons, is the added value of learning, community, and most importantly immersion. When I first considered multiplayer, I was quite apprehensive, but once I joined I never looked back, and my flight simulation hobby is vastly enriched because of it. Learning: This can be a sticking point for newer people, since they feel that they aren't adequately experienced, or not good enough for an online group. This may be counter-intuitive, but in some scenarios, being less knowledgeable and joining a squadron to learn can be better. Ultimately while you're in single player, you don't know what you don't know, whereas when you train with other people, they can immediately identify what you need to learn, or what's not going right. Most DCS modules are extremely complex, and frankly the learning process for all of us never ends; we're all just at different points in that journey. As a newer user, you will massively benefit yourself to join a squadron as they can tailor your training requirements. Additionally, many instructors enjoy teaching, and it further enriches their hobby. The core note here is that you won't be burdening anyone from whatever experience level you're starting from, and most instructors love to teach anyway. Community: This may seem marginally obvious, but actually having people to share in your hobby is great. Flight simulation, let alone the DCS community is quite niche, it's not like you can easily have fellow hobbyists down the road. Instead communities are globalised over the internet as we're all spread few and far in between. Thanks to platforms like Discord, the value of community within a flying group is far greater in which you can jump in and talk to your fellow squadron mates seamlessly. Since I've been part of DCAF, I have made some great friends, and I enjoy being able to share my hobby with likeminded people. Immersion: At the end of the day, the value of flying with other humans rather than AI can't be understated. Whether flying with a human RIO or operating as a flight(or both!), the immersion offered is unparalleled. I'm still always impressed when I'm part of a flight of four in parade formation, as we all collectively work together. Or when you all go into a mission, splash some bandits and return to the carrier, the sense of achievement at the end of it is exceptional, because you all had to work together and thoroughly plan what you were going to do, and reaped the rewards of it. I often find going back to single player scenarios feel rigid and too 'sterile' now, since the only human component is yourself. Like what I was saying over learning and community, flying as part of a group fundamentally enriches the hobby. If you're still unsure, feel free to contact myself either here (or Discord), as well as some newer members who fly with me. This can be a good opportunity to scope out what it's like to join a flying group. We're all part of DCAF(Digital Coalition Air Force): Me: Panny#2973 Vak(halfway through training on the F-14): Aisxos#8894 Deivid(also in training on the F-14): Deivid#3419 Brody(recently finished training and is a line pilot): brodyzach#1944 You can also visit our Discord should you wish: https://discord.gg/RrzuvXXd9M Otherwise, if you're interested in my group, I fly with DCAF(Digital Coalition Air Force) as an F-14 instructor, and would love to help more guys out. We also have F-16 Fighting Falcon, F/A-18C Hornet and AV-8B squadrons, who will be delighted to take on more people. You can read about us here: And here: https://dcafoc.wixsite.com/home Or jump onto our Discord!: https://discord.gg/RrzuvXXd9M I hope for those entering on their journey with DCS, this post can at least alleviate a few concerns about the online paradigm. Cheers, Peter
  16. I'm hoping someone can help. I purchased fear the bones on steam the day it was released. It downloaded I went to play and it came up with the activation issue error. Steam quickly rectified the issue (for most people) I loaded the game and the issue was still there. I got in touch with steam to help. The only solution they offered was to sign out and back in and verify the files. I did both of these with no success. They then said they can't help with the solution and directed me to get in touch with ED. I know this issue has been resolved for most but I am at a loss as to why it is still causing this issue for me. I have deleted and repurchased the dlc and again had the activation issue. Steam is up to date, I have all the required dlc to run fear the bones and have checked to make sure my antivirus isn't blocking it. I even offered to give steam my log in details to see if they could rectify the issue. I'm hoping someone more tech savvy then myself can give me a bit of direction or assistance.
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