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Actuals bugs we meet on the 1.2.7


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On C6 forums (french community), we made a summary of the bugs we actually meet on the 1.2.7, many of them are very unpleasants.



Some of them, like the kh-25 or RAIM, were already exposed on this forum.



By order of "priority"



-When rearming with vikhr, randomly, the player, the client as well as the host, may see all his vikhr miss, resulting in an obligation to take a new aircraft.


-Kh-25 doesn't work (see my other post in the section).


-HUD isn't repairable.


-Data-link icons order sometimes is random, for example, two pushes on the fourth icon will select the first target, three pushes will select the fourth, etc...


-In some rare occasions, randomly, data-link position and transmission won't work over a distance of 500 m, obviously not in mountains, but above the sea...


-The NAME option in the section AIRPORT of the menu SEARCH doesn't work.


-RAIM predictions don't work (on the next topic).


-Telemetry in moutain totaly bugged (sometimes 5 km more, sometimes... 99.9 km as you can see below)




Those bugs were met by multiples squadrons, and so any installation issue may not be the cause.


WE all remember that six monthes ago, the kamov was perfectly working, there were no bugs, but on those last monthes, we saw its state degrade, while in the same time, changelogs about it just desappeared.


WE enjoin the DCS testers and the official staff to test and solve those bugs, the kamov is the module which, with the A-10, has the biggest community. Too much is too much.


WE so hope that those bugs will be solved as soon as possible, why not partially for the 1.2.8 release or on a subsequent update. It's actually becoming hard to play a mission with this module without having all the work lost because of those issues.


Please help us,


And sorry for my bad english,



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I obviously have no access to the source, but judging from the overall consistency of *all* the lua files inside the game folder, I can't picture it being anything else than a motley of (huge) code squirts (this is a personal opinion, and a guess).


The pace at which things get added and complexity increases in DCS World are probably the reason behind that, and I'm quite astonished that the game (simulation) is both playable and stable.


This is ant work, and keeping on debugging the astronomically big code base must be at best excruciating (adding new feature is fun, making them work flawlessly less so).


ED has both my respect and my admiration for what they've done during all those years.


Now concerning the issues raised by Dimitriov, my guess (another one) is that the Kamov code has not been touched in a while. Translated, re-factored, maybe, but no major overhaul.


From update to update, pieces of this almost untouched code start breaking. This is maybe a sign that some of the underlying processes are not working as expected, or aren't anymore.


I don't know to what length EDGE is going to take over the previous code base, but perhaps now would be a good time to make sure the ground you're building on is solid ?


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I don't understand why we should wait six monthes more for getting the data-link and vikhr fixed.


Because they have limited manpower at their disposal and lots of more pressing tasks they (always) need to concentrate on first, I'd guess? And besides, BS is an old module that doesn't generate any revenue to speak of anymore, so I wouldn't actually be surprised if they just decided to stop supporting it altogether in the not-too-distant future. Tough, I know, but business is business :huh:


And yes, I'm a dedicated Shark driver myself, so I'd definitely like to see those bugs fixed as well - and even see the chopper developed further, TBH. But I don't think I will...

The DCS Mi-8MTV2. The best aviational BBW experience you could ever dream of.

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Hey guys, I cant do much for most of the bugs out there, but I noticed that my Advanced ABRIS training mission stopped being able to calculate RAIM predictions a while back. I finally tracked down the problem with that issue have fixed it on my end. I have uploaded a fix to the user section found here:




Just drop the file into your DCS World folder and your all set to start calculations.


Let me know if it causes any other issues. I have not found any myself. Cheers!


P.S. it may take a couple hours for the link to become active. Moderators have to check these things :)

DCS: A10C Warthog JTAC coordinate entry training mission http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/99424/


DCS: Blackshark 2 interactive training missions http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=84612

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