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Mission Editor Manual and Tutorials wanted!


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Hi @ll,


In order to teach recruits who are completely new to LockOn the basics of creating missions, I´m searching for the following:


1st: an online (e.g. PDF) version of the original LO 1.0 50-page quick reference manual.

It´s pages 30-47 explain the mission editor.


2nd: any helpful links to any existing tutorials for the mission editor.

I already came across this thread where Brit_Radar_Dude was quite helpful but there must be more material out there somewhere.

Please point me towards it!


Thanx in advance,


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Over the weekend I created a short video (no voiceover) about customizing the weapons load through the Mission Editor for someone. It shows how to add colored smoke pods to an empty weapons load. You are welcome to use it. I'll post a link when I get home from work so you can download it.


I'm still at work but remembered the link: http://flankertraining.com/Hold/Adding_Smoke_Pods.zip



YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU1...CR6IZ7crfdZxDg



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If you can speak a little French, there is an article on http://www.checksix-fr.com, Lockon, Les Articles, the article is called "Tutorial - Introduction a l'editeur de missions".

A guy called Arve did a rough English translation and posted it on the UBI forum



There is also a large (2476K) Mission Editor document (French language) on CheckSix by Zeufman in the Lockon @Docs section called "tuto avance editeur LO" (direct link below).


Maybe get permission to translate it for your purposes? Link doesn't seem to be working for me just now however, I do have a D/L of it somewhere.


I expect you already have the links to these....

Intro Level



More complex



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In the C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Eagle Dynamics\Lock On\Doc folder is the LO FC Quick Start Manual 1.1 - Page 48-93 is a very thorough run-through of the Mission Editor.


My Flight Sims Page

- Link to My Blog - Sims and Things - DCS Stuff++

- Up-to-Speed Guides to the old Lockon A10A and Su-25T

- Some missions [needs update]

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