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MiG-29: the little things.


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Not really bugs, but the MiG-29A should not be able to carry the under wing drop tanks because it does not have wet wing pylons, only the centreline tank can be carried. The MiG-29S and upgraded A models can carry all three. IRL when the MiG-29A is fitted with a centreline tank it cannot fire it's gun because the spent cases will damage the tank when they are being ejected, in the MiG-29S this is not a problem. Also 4G limited when carrying underwing tanks but then again limitations apply to all fighters regarding external tanks and bombs. e.g F-15 is limited to 6G with underwing tanks, or just 7 when centerline only.


The MiG-29S has an improved flight control system and allows for greater deflection of the control surfaces which results in it able to pull/generate higher Gs across the flight envelope and attain higher AoA than the 29A. The 29A can sustain 26 degrees AOA max while the C can sustain 30 degrees AoA. ''Yefim Gorden''


Nit-picking, I know but still...

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