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0.5 FPS !!!


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Can you see the difference between these two shots: (damn - photobucket re-sized them down)

This one has 0.7FPS - Main 1408.2, Objects 1382.7



This one has 26.4FPS - Main 34.0, Objects 7.4



Apart from the fact that 1 has playable FPS & one has non-playable FPS?

The one with less than 1 FPS has a little dot top left - an F-14 at about 40km. Bring it into picture - crap FPS, take it out - fair FPS. F2 to the F-14 - crap FPS - F2 to any other plane - FPS OK.


I get this every so often. It's not specific to the F-14, I first noticed it with the F-16. I think it might be the AIM-9, but it's too sporadic to test easily. Some plane or some other object will just kill the FPS. Stop the game, restart the mission & the problem goes away.


Anybody have any idea what causes or how to get rid of this problem?


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you were right when you said nobody with anything less than fx60 sli 78s etc etc should be playing this game, your screenie just proves it :)


smart ass right back at ya ;)


muhahahahahaha :D




I have a solution to get rid of your problem, but i dont think your gonna like what ive got to say :p


I couldnt help myself :D :D :D

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Well I noticed same thing happening on my system. LockOn restart helps. It's surely a bug.

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why wud i say that ? when i dont think he has dual core...


my post was a private joke between him and I, due to one of my previous posts regarding lockon for the future, i said that they should stop trying to optimize it for 1 gig cpus with gfmx440 video cards, as we all know that to have that for the min specs is laughable.


weta's comeback was yea, i agree, then he quoted my rig's specs and said, nobody who hasnt got yada yada yada insert my specs here, shouldnt be allowed to play lockon...


me called him smart ass, but it was done jokingly and we both had a laugh.


he now posts his 0.5fps


now it be my turn to be teh smart arse :D


my solution was to tell him to go buy a rig with my specs :p


I also get that aswell, so no matter how good the pc is, the fps counter in lockon is borked badly, use fraps for a more accurate fps readout.

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Ha Ha Ha E-S,

You're a comedian.

You should get a couple of pages of that together & take it on the road as a show...


This is the "what goes around comes around" thread is it? :-)


No clues? I've been blaming everything on Nvidia 'cause they're in league with the dark side.


The FPS counter might be borked, but I think it was being generous.


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