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(AM?) Radios not detuning in 1.2.9


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I have a mission from 1.2.8 (but resaved in 1.2.9) which used mission triggers to broadcast in a loop on several frequencies, both AM and FM. However, since the latest patch, they won't 'detune' when I change the frequency. (In other words, I keep hearing the station on the Yadro-1a even after dialing away, and if I dial to another mission trigger broadcast frequency on the same radio, I hear both at the same time.) This doesn't seem to affect radio presets on the R-863 and the R-828. But the same thing happens on the R-863 if manually dialing in AM frequencies that I have triggered broadcasts on (which start the same time the mission starts and run continuously). This also affects the AN/ARC-51BX UHF radio on the Huey.


I haven't really tested items on FM (I'll try after work tomorrow), but the commonality seems to be tuning radios to mission trigger stations, certainly on AM but possibly FM as well. They keep playing until you turn the radio off, or switch to another radio set in the Mi-8 (though it will still be playing when you switch back to it.)

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