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Aiming "pipper" not displayed?

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Just recently started going through the process of learning the weapons systems on the UH-1H and whilst doing the training missions I noticed that when you're setting up the rockets the guy tells you to press M, and that you should see an aiming "pipper" in front of you.


However that isn't displaying for me. The flexible sight works fine, but there is no aiming "pipper" in the pilots position for aiming rockets. I know it should look like a red bullseye as I've seen it on youtube videos of earlier builds, but it's not there in v1.2.9 for me.


Anyone have any ideas what's wrong?






EDIT - never mind, I found it. The bullseye has been replaced by a proper pilots sight and I hadn't realised it was activated using right ctrl +M/right shift + M.

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