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Take Off Configuration


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I have several scenarios for take off practce...with heavy and light loads...and in all cases, I get much better stability in the take off with my flaps in the fully up position.


With Nose Wheel steering engaged up to 50 mph, I find the aircraft starting to drift to the right, which I counter with left rudder...once Nose Wheel steering is released, the aircraft will continue to drift to the right, which I continue to counter with full left rudder.


This keeps me relatively straight down the runway.


I have a Thrustmaster Hotas, with CH rudders....no curve on rudders or brakes, brakes set as inverted and as slider.


This seems to be counter to the takeoff checklist, regarding the takeoff position for the flaps.


I am not sure if what I am encountering is supposed to be...or is just a bit of buggy aspects of ground handling control in the Beta.

Velocity MicroI7-4790 Windows 7 Home Premium 16Gigs RAM EVGA NVIDIA GTX 1070 500GB SSD TM Hotas Warthog

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No such issues for me. And I have good stability with the recommended full flaps setting too. I do however, get the aircraft pointing straight down the runway, then let it roll a few feet to straighten the nose wheel before releasing the nose steering button. That way there is less tendency for it to wander when you start your roll.


Make sure you set your trim according to the Tips and Hints section too. If it's not properly trimmed, you'll never get stability.

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