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Leading edge slats?


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Not all had lead8ing slats I belive...

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AFAIK, only the first few or so F-86F had the Slats (later retrofitted with the new slat less wing). The slats hinder their turning ability at high altitude. Later on the the 6-3 wing was used, increasing maximum speed and improving turning ability while raising stall speed and landing speed. Just look for F-86 6-3 wing and you will see more info.

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As far as I've been able to read, slat story goes like :


First wings had slats, but slats hampered maximum speed and high altitude turning ability. "Hard wing" we have, called 6-3 wing, with small wing fences that apparently improve lift at some conditions. This wing has improved maximum speed and brought high altitude turning to par with MiG-15, though made the plane stall a bit earlier, therefore increased takeoff and landing speeds as well.


Some later F-86F models apparently are also fitted with a slat equipped wing but that was different from earlier slatted wing. New wing also taxed maximum speed just a little bit but improved take off and landing speeds, as well as turning ability at both high and low speeds compared to 6-3 wing.


All that said, what Belsimtek has modeled for us is F-86F-35 which seems to be predominantly used 6-3 wing anyway :). So it's just fine. But later on another variant with later wing may be interesting too.

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On the first day there was the standard slatted wing.

On the second day came the unslatted 6-3 wing whom the transonic Ps Gods thought was good

On the third day came slatted 6-3 wing which Bleese the God of "No guts no glory" thought was even better

On the fourth day came an extended slatted 6-3 wing on the F86F-40 whom the Shinto gods of Nippon thought was even better



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No we really need an RAAF AVON Sabre with 2 x 30mm :)


that'd be cool, they could use the ka-50's 30mm as its already modeled (well the a-10 30 is too fast . . ) . . .


I liked cannon more than mguns in ww2 and korea . . . era sims.

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