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BUG: Strela vehicles shooting down Mavericks


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I am not sure whether this should be reported as a bug, or, whether this was an added feature in 1.12, but Strela vehicles do not have the capability to track, let alone lock-on to incoming AGM-65 missiles. I have launched two AGM-65Ds at a russian Strela vehicle (I cannot recall the exact model), and each time they have launched a missile against my Maverick and shot it down every single time.


If this is indeed an added feature, it should be removed. And if it's a bug, it should be fixed. AGM-65Ds profile (during its final phase of flight) has a profile of mere 12 inches in diameter, and its rocket motor has long since cooled down, so there is no IR signature. To think that Russian AA vehicles have the capacity to launch missiles and successfully destroy incoming AGM-65 missiles is absurd.

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