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100 years ago today...


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At 11 pm on 4th August 1914, the world was plunged into the bloodiest, most futile war the world has ever born witness too.


The nations of Europe in their folly failed to prevent a conflict that plunged the entire planet into chaos, resulting in 79 million deaths. The war that mechanised killing saw the introduction of aircraft, and tanks, making it the first truly modern war.


For for years, three months and one week, all hell broke loose, in what was to become a political and military stalemate that ended only when the opposing forces had been bled white.


Britain saw the most bloody single day of combat it has ever endured at the Somme, and the phrase lions led by donkeys was coined.


At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, we will remember them. Whatever your nationality, this was probably the most tragic single day in the 20th century. May it never happen again.

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Man learns. Man also conveniently chooses when to abide by said lessons, alternatively whether to ignore them. Therein lies our Folly, which is why history so often repeats itself.


Always Remember, Never Forget

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'....And when I get to Heaven, to St Peter I will tell....

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People can't remember what they haven't lived through... none of the generations that lived through war know what it's like to be in one and have family members (or whole families) die in it.


This is why there will always be wars... as sad as it is, it's true... peple are too easy to start a war, all it takes is few nut jobs (a**h***s) that expect some benefit/profit from it... with political "skill" to stir up the population... and off we go again...

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they were 1 step away from a flamethrower


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RIP all the victims of WW1.


Today 2014, it seems like politics have not learned a whole lot of these atrocities.


Here is hopeing history stays history. May we stand united, wherever we are from.


The bankers ran the world back then.

The bankers run the world now.


Nothing has changed the world is a scam run by the elite.

Whenever they are going to lose money war is inevitable

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"War is when the young and stupid are tricked by the old and bitter into killing each other."

-Niko Bellic from Grand Theft Auto IV

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And what lessons have the politicians learnt from all the death and destruction ?


When you're short of votes and the economy looks fragile - rattle the sabre...


(mod - that could be construed as politics, & I guess it is, wars are about empire, empire is about resources, and politics is about controlling scarce resources - but it's an 'a plague on both your houses' type statement. I see no-one as better than anyone else in world politics at the moment)

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well those who use the military as instruments may not have learnt, but the military sure has.


One in 5.5 Australian military personnel who served overseas were killed in action/died whilst deployed in the first AIF. 500 died in Vietnam out of 55,000 that rotated. 41 and counting in operation slipper.


i still cant get over that first statistic. I can only be in awe of the generation that lived through two world wars, the great depression. then witnessed the nuclear arms race.


and those that survived the great war then were subject to the flu pandemic which claimed more lives that the combined civilian/military casualties of the great war.




Appeasement is not automatically the right course of action.


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I don't know if anybody has learned anything from wars passed, except for what mistakes to avoid. The bottom line is war is part of us humans, once it was tribes vs tribes, then it became town vs town, nation vs nation, alliance vs alliance, faith vs faith, and so on and so forth... That's who we are, anybody picturing a world without wars is picturing an utopia. Even if one day we all unite under one global government (not that I see this happening anytime soon) wars won't be gone for good, they'll just be different, smaller scale, guerrilla-like conflicts based on the same principle that's driving all wars: you got something that I want and the easiest, or the fastest, or the only way for me to get it from you is to club you to death or bomb your @ss, so that's exactly what I'm gonna do.

So yeah no reason to deny who we are, we are not the keepers of the peace in the galaxy, we're just a species that wages wars from time to time, nothing bad and shameful about it. Just look at our history, it's full of wars from ancient times till today and it will be so in the future as well, maybe not so frequently, maybe not in huge WW-style scale, but there will always be war in one form or another for one reason or another.

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as long as economic system -capitalism(which is btw only system we know of,even socialism was a form of capitalism but with a different rules of division of labor that is all) exists war is inevitable..


when you have a system that is run on monopolies and resources that are high demand and low on supply(to increase profit) war is inevitable.. the system demands it.. technology in this form acts as a deflationary force that brings cost down but increases losses in profitability,as long as credit is not maxed out this can be remedied,but when credit is maxed out then lowering costs even more is not the solution but destruction of productive capacities that produce deflationary forces becomes imperative-ergo war.


No better way to destroy productive capacities than war,destroy the factories,infrastructure,businesses, and most of all manpower, and you create balance in the economic system as the capacity that was oversupplying and destroying the status quo is eliminated.


Of course it would be more wise to change economic system that doesn't require such drastic measures but that would mean we would have to evolve..something we are death on keen on not doing.. way i see it, we are devolving back to chimps.. armed with nukes..



IF there are aliens and they are observing us i think they must be getting real bored with the show, its ending up like those mexican soap operas, same story every week, more BS, more drama, never-ending series that goes nowhere..



majority of ppl today have been totally detached by increasing their pleasure, either through sex,money,greed, or lack of power to achieve those commercialized goals. As such we have become robots, forget AI, and robotics, we already have 6 billion of them already..


Orwel thought elites would run the show by force, threat of murder,genocide,but it ended up they r rulling through over-supplying us with entertainment,to a point of making us drunk and sick of it all until we can't even think straight..


today,we all seek an escape, either through sex,food,exercise,money,greed or entertainment .. as such this is an act of totally defeated human mind, gone are the days when men of the village would arrange a meeting and discuss future of their families and responsibilities of what world they want to live in,today this is all relegated to politicians who ask us to rubber stamp some papers every 4 years or so..


ppl don't even want to be involved in politics or power-decision structure, OWS proved it,people protesting against capitalism but when asked what are your ideas, ideologies, -answer was:nothing,we got nothing,we just know we don't like this system..


i mean this is adolescent behavior.. if u r so inept or afraid that u can't formulate alternative and defend it by force this is useless.. its like just saying, i don't like capitalism cuz i'm poor.. i want to be rich but i'm not,so i am against it.. ppl r sadly not really against capitalism,they r against where they are in the food chain ..


so, no real alternatives to our world,robots we are,and those few with a brain to exploit the robots..

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If socialism is a form of capitalism, then so were all the other economic systems before it, and the words become meaningless. The middle ages had merchants and monopolies and supply and demand and currency manipulation too.


Honestly, that sounds like a lot of meaningless platitudes to me. What were people fighting over before there was capitalism? Is it really capitalism if you and smash all the neighboring tribe's canoes so you can fish better than them?

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@maturin.. not exactly, capitalism only become to existence with the invention called bank and even more so CREDIT.. basically to hold CAPITAL and on base of this you give CREDIT..is the most important aspect that makes all the rest possible..


of course,ppl were fighting before the concept of money itself, so obviously its not capitalism that is at fault here but the nature of men.. although capitalism certainly doesn't encourage peaceful behavior, in fact it does exactly opposite..it seeks monopolies and later wars to destroy excess capacity that has accumulated in the system and risks destroying the ponzi scheme based on endless credit that doesn't have the backing anymore because of the over-supply problem..


so its more of a evolution of violence.. capitalism is the peak of this evolution.. sadly this evolution is not the kind where humanity progresses but more likely devolve to a more "natural" state -- like mulch for the earth it seems..

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