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Pilot's head can move out of canopy !


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I found this by chance that using TIR5, the pilot's head can be out of the roof of canopy (around half between Sukhumi and Kutaisi).


Is that the reason when F86 was at high altitude, pilot kept deep breath?:D


Also when taxi slowly, sometimes pilot could breath deeply which usually caused by high g-load. (Sukhumi before on runway)


trk file is attached. please check both issues.

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I also noticed that nower days the pilot in DCS is hyperventilating when there is a bump in the runway.

It is not only the sabre but also the Dora, and i'm betting on it that the other aircraft also have this problem.

it is a bit understandable, the way whe are flying with the poor pilot riding along.

I know i would be scared to death in theire place.



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