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"Mig Alley" reboot?


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Personally speaking, one of the flaws in the DCS system of aircraft releases (and I have all of them) is that whilst it is very nice to have such authentically detailed aircraft to fly, some of them have nowhere relevant to fly in. I refer to the Huey, P-51D (plus forthcoming 190D9) and now the excellent F-86 Sabre.

It seems to me that with the release of the Sabre along with the P-51D and the AI Mig 15 that there is a serious argument building for the development of a 1950's Korean War add on, a 21st century, DCS quality, reboot of the old "Mig Alley" sim if you will.

New terrain would be needed obviously, alongside new ground vehicles and infantry. AI IL2's and B-29s would be nice also. If successful then the scope for the release of other flyable aircraft of the period such as the Panther, Skyraider, Invader etc would appear to be considerable.

It would be nice to have a committed "Flaming Cliffs" type of structure for them rather than just get "all dressed up with nowhere to go".

So how about it? Pleeeease? :thumbup:

(I've enclosed a "fiver", mums the word! :music_whistling:)

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