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Combined Arms update?


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Hi guys,

I was just inquiring to see if anyone has any info on the next CA update?

I seem to remember a good while back some chatter about this but it had no ETA,any news on this please?


Any info would be appreciated thanks,

Mick. :) :thumbup:

[sIGPIC][/sIGPIC]Keep the faith


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Here is the change log released in 1.2.8


Some of the items in bold that stood out to me personally...


DCS: Combined Arms

  • Corrected color of bullet tracers for 23 and 30mm SPAAG and 2A42.
  • Added SAM unit acquisition/search radar display.
  • Manpads controlled by players.
  • Added ability to control naval units from the Command Map.
  • Laser ranging and automatic barrel elevation for tanks.
  • Increase destructiveness of artillery rounds.
  • Control of air units now possible for clients in multiplayer.
  • All ground group shoots on one target.
  • Corrected time reloading for artillery.
  • New Main Menu theme.
  • Flyable AC can detect laser ranger emission produced by controllable ground units.
  • Minimum attack distance for ATGMs has been fixed.
  • BTR-RD. 9M113 missile model reference corrected.
  • Corrected infantry descent on helicopters.
  • 3D. Added new model and animation of ATGM 9M113.
  • The lock and tracking range of SAM radars is increased.
  • Elevation of missile launchers corrected to prevent sinking missiles after launch.
  • Added Command Panel for tactical commander to the F7 View.
  • Command bar. After target designation the aircraft will attack units if even they are moving.
  • Aircraft can be activated from Command Bar in Uncontrolled mode.
  • Fixed options “Computer firing solution”.
  • Helicopters can easily destroy heavy tanks colliding with them is fixed.

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