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EZ42 Settings DCS v OKL


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New Thread as per Siths request.


The Manual says both adjustment wheels should be used to set Ballistics

The EZ42 Manual describes these wheels as A and B. DCS EZ42 uses the terms I and II.


In the DCS D9 we can only adjust the forward wheel (labelled I).



Image from EZ42 manual shows the differences between DCS and the manual.


EZZ2 Manual in German available here:


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The throttle twist grip varies the range input into the sight. With Wingspan set you use the throttle to frame the target with the Revi circle. This combination

(Set Wspan with correctly framed target) then produces the range that the sight uses in the calculation of the prediction angle.


Added to this are own aircraft turn rates and corrections from the Ballistics adjustment box.

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