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IAF Bell205 Kipur War Skin- DOWNLOAD


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Hi to all


after hard work i finish my second skin


the 123 sq of the Israeli air force in the kipur war 1973 .


this skin made to correct the DCS original Israeli skin.


* new color and dust.

*new strikers on the boom.

*new SQ signal.

*airplane No.

*red color on the panel near the main door right side.

*Tail Blade color.


hope u like it







Bell 205 IAF



IAF Bell205

IAF Anafa



DCS World Modules: A-10C, FC3, MiG-21BiS, F-86, P-51, KA-50, UH-1H Huey, Mi-8, M2000K, Gazal, Bf109, Mig-15, Hawk and NTTR


My System - ASUS Maximus HERO iiiv, CoolMaster 120 Sadion Plus, I7 -6700K @4.0, G.Skill ddr4 16GB ram, Gigabyte GTX 1070 G1 , PSU Seasonic X-650W, OCZ 150 500Gb ssd drive X2, Seagate 7200 1T X2.


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