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Invincible / Invisible AWACs?


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I've been trying to run a general practice mission for the F-86F, with ground target range, and lots of MiG-15s on triggers for people to practice with.


The problem is that the MiG-15s home in on the AWACs flight if they're not engaged, and adding a squadron of F-16s as escort does not help; the MiGs are shooting down both the AWACs and the F-16s, and appear tough enough to eat a couple of sidewinders without going down.


Is there a way - even with external scripting libraries - to fix this?


Can the AWACs be made invisible to enemy MiGs?


Can the AWACs be made indestructible (although I guess enemy MiGs would just flock around the AWACs unit trying endlessly to shoot it down - still not a great option)?


Can the AWACs function be made available without an actual associated unit?

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On the waypoint tasking under "perform command" there is both invisible and immortal. Invisible makes it so the AI simply can't detect the unit and won't attack it. Immortal makes it indestructible.

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I hope I can necro this thread, as this is exactly what's no longer working it seems...

I've set my A-50 to invisible + immortal, but 1 of the 2 enemy Mig-25 (and I've also tried with 2 F-4E) are going straight towards it and shoot it down!? (I'm on 2.7 stable)
(I can provide a video and it's actually 100% reproduceable, so easy to set up)

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