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Radio Transmission audio does not terminate on frequency change (1.2.10)

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When a radio transmission trigger is activated and broadcasts on a frequency to which the player is tuned, the message plays as it should. However, when switching to another frequency, the old message continues to play even if a new message plays on top of the original. This is inconvenient for missions that contain looping signals like ELTs or include more than one "radio station".


To duplicate, assign two separate wav files to radio frequency triggers (using criteria for automatic activation) and put the wav files on loop (like you would a radio station). Next, tune to the first frequency until you hear the broadcast. Next, tune away from the first frequency and you should still hear the broadcast (bug). Finally, tune to the second frequency and you will hear the new frequency on top of the old.


EDIT: Tested in UH-1 (FM) and Fw-190 (AM)

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While on that topic - In mission building I am heavily using the Radio Transmission option (more realistic than message/sound to coalition). I found that quite often subtitles for RT are doubled, which sometimes lead to stacking of the text on screen (it does not disappear as it should). This is not a major issue, but tend to be quite immersion - breaking. Anyone else noticed that too?

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