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Dynamic axis curves

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I have been wondering if this could add something to flight sims and what everyones thoughts are.What I mean is the axis curve changes with speed.Just now I reinstalled DCS and decided to leave all axis at the default curve(zero).I think takeoffs and landings are easier in the taildraggers this way.The plane is very responsive at the low speeds you take off in and also I found I could increase the amount of travel I calibrate my Saitek Rudder pedals at.BUT then you get up to speed and find its too easy to stall the planes as the smallest pitch input sends you spinning.


So I was thinking that a setup where the axis curves buildup starting at a certain speed and stopping at a certain speed could make for an easier feel and even a better feel of a plane.This way you can have more accurate control on TO's and landings and at same time remove the twitchiness and instant stalls a zero curve axis can cause at higher speeds.


And lets bring up the constant troubles people are finding in TO and landing of the taildraggers.Takeoffs and landings are in need of very accurate controls right around dead center of the stick and rudder pedals but if you enter in curves then you dull this critical point.Curves are very important to feel and control.I posted before about how I short calibrate my Saitek rudder pedals and I believe this is why I find the WW2 planes so easy to TO and land.If I set them to default travel the point when the tail lifts off the ground becomes very hard to control as I need to enter in alot more rudder pedal and its hard to know how much.In real plane you feel stuff like tightening of rudders and seat of the pants but on home sim you need more minute control and I feel that zero curve controls nets you this slightly more.


Please,what are drawbacks that anyone can come up with?:book:

"Its easy,place the pipper on target and bombs away." :pilotfly:


i7-8700k/GTX 1080ti/VKB-GladiatorPRO/VKB-T-rudder Pedals/Saitek X55 throttle

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