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A-4 Sight: Electronic Caging Problem


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I can't get the A-4 sight to cage electronically, nor the bombs to auto-release. I have bound a button on the joystick to electronic cage, but when when I hold it down, the pipper is still floating around on the reflective glass, when it should be rigid.


And the bombs never auto release. When do you press the release-bomb button?


Any help appreciated.



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I had the same problem at first, it seems that once you are in the dive, maneuver the pipper over the target, then press and hold the cage button. Nothing seems to happen, but you can then go ahead and press and hold pickle, and whilst holding it release the cage button.


The bombs will release if they can hit the target. (It took me a few goes to get it working)


I'm no expert, and it would be interesting to see some info on how that part of the sight works, along with the correct parameter for a bombing attack. It helped me to use the reminders on the manual pipper control on the left hand side of the cockpit. (305kts, and 10,000 feet above the target if I remember correctly, I can't check at the moment!)



If I rolled in whilst flying that profile then the bombs seemed to release a bit more predicatbly. It's a bit more of a challenge than doing it with an A-10C for sure!


Out of interest is there any data out there on dive bomb profiles?

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Thanks for the reply.


The instructions say you should press and hold the cage button before you begin the dive, and release it when the pipper is steadily aligned with the target...


Aagin the instructions say that when you press the electronic cage button, the pipper should be locked, ie. not moving in respect to the reflective glass, and yet it does move.


However, what I wasn't doing was pressing and holding the bomb release and whilst holding it release the cage button, as you suggested. So I'll try that next.

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I've just read the maual (linked in the thread below) and it does indeed say that you should electrically cage the sight befor "pushing over" into the dive.


Up until now, I've been rolling in at the target A-10 style, because that's what I'm comfortable with, but the comment would seem to suggest that in the Sabre it's better (or at least acceptable) to fly straight at the target and nose forward. It also suggests that the pipper should extinguish when the correct release parameters are met, but I'm not 100% clear on that.


Does anyone know what the usual procedure F-86 pilots would use to perform a dive bomb? I'm defo more comfortable rolling in from an abeam position, because I can squint at the target area and pick my victim :), but it is harder to roll out on a perfect heading as you run in.


Also - I don't know if it's a bug but in the bombing mode, the reticle doesn't return to the "centre" position when being electrically caged. It does in guns, but in the bomb mode the button doesn't move the pipper.

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