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I'd forgotten how slow 512Mb can be.

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I've just taken the 2x512Mb RAM out fo my 2.3GHz Barton box and replaced it with an older set of 2x256Mb. (Both running at the same 7,3,3,2.5 speed, nothing in the BIOS has changed at all). I loaded up a LOMAC mission to test the stability, hit FLY and waited.


Then I waited a little more.


Then I went off and made a cup of coffee. I came back and... waited some more.


I'd forgotten just how long a mission can take to start up with only 512Mb onboard. If it wasn't for the fact I'm building a new box with an x2 3800 tomorrow I'd put the 1Gb straight back in.


Anyway, just in case anyone out there reading this still has 512Mb, RAM is pretty cheap now, go buy some more! :-)


Andrew McP

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