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Tactical questions for Russian planes


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Please note: I just posted the same question under MIG29S and SU27 thread.

I double post this because I hope more people will see it :) I am sorry for the confusion. I am a noob. Thank you for understanding.


Thank you for all your previous responses. I am on vacation and I have stayed up all night playing. I did not go to sleep yet... I am so hooked lol. I have more questions ....


1. IF I have ECM on and they lock on me in HOJ (AIM120C) or R27-ER (can that missile do that?), once the missile is in flight, I turn off my ECM, what does it do? Does the missile have to reacquire my plane ?

2. Its the other way around. I fly with ECM off and once they lock me or launch me, I turn it off. Does it do any effect of any of the missiles? I am talking about AIM120C and R27-ER

3. I was flying a MIG29S, I had ECM on, Full lock on F15 at 15KM, R77 armed...No launch Authorization ??? The bandit had ECM on and also a friendly with ECM on close by. Why did not I have a launch Authorization? Is it because of all the ECM distortion? I pressed ALT+W to launch and my missile missed at 15KM and I was a toast.

4. What is the real difference between R-73 and R27ET? In mission editor, head on with F-15C, I get launch authorization from 5-6KM (for R73) and about 6-8KM from R27ET. Is this the real difference? Also, I think that R73 flies better than R27ET. Please share your knowledge.

5. Chaff is for radio guided missiles. So, If I only want to protect myself against those missiles, do I need flares?

6. Once I get close to a bandit (15-10KM), sometimes I loose him. What is the best method to require him (lock him) if I don't have a visual. Do I go to Vertical scan and just keep on pressing LOCK, do I turn on IRST at this range (I fly MIG29 and SU27), Do I keep BVR on Scan? Do I Select HI, MED or Interleaved?

7. I find TWS not useful, once there is a jammer ( and on-line, there are so many of them, then it does not work). Even if there is no jammer around - TWS (snaps the target and goes to full lock once the range is permitting), However, TWS does not provide me with anything than SCAN does. I know that manual states otherwise, but I do not see any practical use for TWS. Please enlighten me.

8. Since I often have to look at RWS on the bottom right corner of the cockpit (for Russian planes). Is there a way to map this view to one key? This way , I would not have to look around the cockpit with a HAT switch, or with a mouse in the left hand, which is awkward.



Thank you so much smile.gif

The reason I am asking so much about ECM is because I like to fly MIG29S. It comes with ECM for free LOL. So I might as well know how to use it. (I like MIG29S for rate of climb and it's R77 missiles). I don't like it for is low fuel and it does not carry many missiles.

8. Helmet Mode - I find it useful in MIG 29 with R77, because unlike R73, or R27-ER(in Su 27), you can launch them from most of the angles in close range.

However, (I don't have TRACK IR and I use HAT Switch to look around). It is quite slow to move the view in helmet mode) I can use a mouse in the left hand, but it is awkward. So, I find that Vertical Scan is the most useful. Just point the plane where you think the bandit might be or not, and click until you get a lock.

These are my opinions from my limited experience.

Please share your thoughts... thank you

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