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Viewsonic TD2420 24inch touchscreen OK for DCS?

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I have a few questions about touchscreen monitors. Can anyone please tell me if the Viewsonic TD2420 Full HD Multi-touch LCD 24inch touchscreen is suitable for DCS flight sims? I have just read on Amazon that it has some serious touch recognition issues such as registering touches very inaccurately. Also someone said that edge gestures are basically impossible. As well as this I read somewhere else that around the edges you have to press very hard to get it to register. If this is true it does not sound like the best touchscreen for DCS. Could anyone please tell me if this is true and if this is not a good monitor for DCS sims then what could be a better monitor for these sims, without going too over the top in price? I can afford a max price of around $650 for a good touchscreen monitor.

I really appreciate any help.


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