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Working on a campaign: Against all odds


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Hello everybody

My name is Corleone, as you can see, I am not very active at the forum, but, I read it everyday.


Here comes a little review of me:


I am an Arma editor in my community, I've been editing since Operation Flashpoint, making Coop missions, Sp missions and two campaigns, I am perfecionist, I love to have everything perfect and by perfect I mean perfect. (The persons like me, know what this means)

lately I have been editing something for DCS, some missions, nothing serious, but testing the trigger system and etc.


The Mig 21Bis is one of my favourite aircraft from all time, so I think this is my time to share my work in the World of DCS.


Against all odds


Against all odds is the name of the campaign (Static but with decissions) I am now working in, I feel that it really comes with the "mood" the player will be along the 3/4 of the campaign.


My intetion to do, is a really challenge for the player, in this campaign, you will be fliying and "old-era" aircraft against many numbers of enemy units, and most of the times outnumbered.


I want the player to have the feeling to be inside the aircraft, and in the conflict that I going to represent here, so I have made some sketches of conversations, you will be talking, alongside your wingman and your commanders and comrades in arms.


A system like you could witness in the campaign of baltic_dragon , The enemy within http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=124929

Kudos to you my friend, really a master piece.







The Backstory


Georgia, has been on a civil war for 2 years, your name is Pietr, a son of a fighter pilot, who has deceased in it, your desire to help, and to complete a dream, have move you to the Air base near your farm, where you know you will find a single person that you trust, after the death of your father, the commander Zakarov.


The commander refuses to get into the hands of an airplane, you're a kid, not qualified but respects you because of your friendship with your father, therefore, puts you at the hands of the chief mechanic Kilmov, who will share hangar, during the two years, and while it teaches you all the tricks of the Migs you are need to repare everyday, in this pointless war


After the war, the army has agreed to a cease fire, and all of the planes of your base are being re-locate to Tblisi, no pilots left, so, the commander, finally gives you the shot, you are going to deliver , one of the last Migs to your base, but something is going to happen, your country that still has not lifted from the war, will be attacked by a powerful coalition of foreign forces.






Be prepare to be part in a small regiment, of the remains of the Georgian Air war,trying to stop the invaders, and you will have to achieve more than they may be asked,you will direct normal missions that everyone is accustomed to missions in which you'll help the guerrillas, and where you must defeat a much stronger enemy than you, always.


from AG ground missions to distract the forces, to the Escort of a civil georgina jet, that has been attacked.


Every mission count in this war, your squadron will be triying to hide from the enemy while you are landed, and will be in cooperation with the guerrillas.


Become a symbol of the liberation, and lead the enemy out of your country, while you may find some surprises while the scalation brings an unexpeted ally


I will give the player the mood of a war in a destroyed country, while the war advances, you will notice it too!




The images are W.I.P, and far from finished, also I am a bad Picture man, and the missins are just getting baked!



I am triying to get this done, in the release date, from Steam, I like it to be Bug-free , and I will do my best, to you to enjoy and share a smile with me, because I enjoy doing this, and I will do my best for you to enjoy this incredible aircraft.


This also will be my first serious work on DCS, so let`s hope it all goes well!


And sorry for my english, it is not native.

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Looking good, a MP versión for 3 to 5 pilots would be grate!

+1 rep.

AKA TANGO-117. DCS Modules: ALL. I7 6700k @ 4.9 GHz / 32 GB DDR4 @ 3.2 GHz / 950 Pro m.2 + 4xSSDs / Gigabyte 1080TI 11 GB OC / 48" 4K Curved Samsung TV / TM Warthog Hotas / TM TPR rudder pedals / Track IR. Private pilot and sailplane pilot in RL.

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Very good idea 'il_corleone' if you need some help i put my self on service.

Intel i7 7700K | ASUS MAXIMUN IX Hero | GSkill RBG 3000mhz 32G(4x8G) | MSI Trio 1080ti | 1x M.2 SSD Samsung 960PRO 512G | 1 x WesterDigital 4T | Corsair AX-850W | Monitor Alienware 34" aw3418dw | Oblisidian 800D |CORSAIR H80 | Teclado Logitech G15 |Mouse Razer DeathAdder Elite | Trackir 5 + Clip pro | Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog | Pedal MFG Crosswind

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Ya know, despite how clunky this fighter is sounding, with its 20-min-use radar, its hastily laid-out cockpit, and mediocre visibility and handling, I think I just might have to get this module for the campaigns. The default campaign, taking place between two fictitious countries, ought to be interesting enough. Against All Odds, though, sounds particularly intriguing; The storyline reminds me of something you'd see in one of the pre-Assault-Horizon Ace Combat games. Also, the campaign's utilization of guerrilla tactics, much like those that the North Vietnamese MiG-21 pilots used against the US with their MiG-21s, ought to make for some fresh, interesting gameplay.

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The Release Date has been posted as the 18 of september, The release date of the campaign will be the first quarter of October! I keep working, I have some personal problems, but the work goes well!


Good luck il-corleone!


We're rooting for you, and look forward to flying it as well. :)

Nicholas Dackard


Founder & Lead Artist

Heatblur Simulations



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Hello everybody, today I have bad news.


I can`t continue the work of the campaign , atleast now.


I have some personal problems, to be exact, a loss of a loved one, so I stopped all of my work, not only here, but also in Arma and in my Gaming community.


I feel sorry for everybody who was expecting to play this in some weeks, I`m sorry gentleman, I know I cant deliver it with all of the work I promised, it is now in a "W.I.P" state, and as I said before, I can not work under this conditions, even I cant afford the Mig module right now.


I hope to finish it in a near future, a promise.


DCS is a very good plataform to Edit , and has a very good and huge community that understands your efforts and work.


So anothe time sorry, and Thanks to LN for this great module, I was expecting less.


I want to thank everybody who supported me from the beggining.


Sorry for my English


A hug to all.



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