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FW190D-9 will not install


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I am having trouble installing the planes into my game. I had the old version, I think the 292, with the P-51. Bought the FW190D-9( my favorite plane) and it would not install. Saying I needed the 365 version. So I tried the updater, and that did not work, Next I uninstalled the 292 and downloaded and installed the new version of DCS World.


Now I get the error message that the path is not found and I do not have the rights to install it. I then tried to re-install the P-51, new version, and it CTD


What have I done wrong? the game was working before I tried to install the FW190, and now the Me109K-4 is coming.


I only get a few days off and time is very short, I only get to fly a few time every month.

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