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Newbie Question: Jamming friend or foe?


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Hello all


Recently I tried myself with the F-15C on MP servers and had to realize that almost everybody is flying nonstop with active jammers. For a totatly Newb like me it's kinda confusing to find out, if the symbols on the radar are from a friend or a foe.

On the Steamforums I found a thread about that, where they say, once locked in HOJ mode, the square on the HUD tells you, if it's an enemy or friend, if the square is crossed or not. So I tried to lock everything that I could and never ever had the crossed square symbol, even if I was sure, it's a friendly.


(1) I guess it's not possible to tell from jamming signals, who is a friendly and who not, am I right?


(2) What's the best way to find out "who is who in the zoo" :smilewink: when everybody is jusing ECM?


So, example from a 1on1 fight how they looked like so far: An Su-27 is flying with jammer on towards me. I turn the jammer on as well, having no idea how far away the enemy is. By changing the distance on the radar, I guess he was around 20 to 40, since the signal disappeared when I changed to 20. (3) Is this a stategy that works or was it something else that made the signal disappear? I make a turn, so that the enemy is at the side of my radar and keep flying >1mach. Without having a lock, an R27 hits me. (4) What happened here? I couldn't get a lock, but he was able to, but both of us were using the jammer.


Thanks for the replies!

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(1)You are not supposed to IFF (identification friend of foe) a jammer unless you get close enough to burn through it (you will then see a clear contact in the middle of the jamming signal).


(2)Few tips:

- Use in-game intel to build general SA (follow the battle feed, check the player pool..etc)

- Use EWR/AWACS if available

- Use comms/chat to ask friendlies

- Lock on the jamming signal and broadcast "Raygun" to the allies, if someone answers 'Buddy spike' then you must unlock.


(3) The radar's scale is just a scale for displaying purposes. The jammer must have disappeared because of the TD (target designator) on the VSD (radar screen). In the F-15, the target designator is connected to the antenna's elevation, so when you change the scale, the TD's position shifts as well, so does the altitude range that you are scanning (displayed on the left side). I'm not an F-15 guy but this is what came to my mind. Normally, if you move that TD again after changing the VSD scale, you'd be able to re-acquire the jammer, just try to put it back into the same altitude range as before.


(4) He must have gone HOJ on you (Home On Jam), means he locked your jammer and fired. In HOJ, although the targeting info is not provided, the missile will still try to track your jamming signal. In the case of an R-27, you wouldn't hear the missile launch warning (you'd hear him hard-locking though). Another reason could be you banking more than 30 deg when turning, in this case, your RWR wouldn't transmit anything (blind spot).


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