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Is it possible to tune the speed at which keypresses reach 100% on wheel brakes?

stray cat

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Yep, the delay makes corrections difficult, if the plane turns too much, it's almost impossible to catch it with opposite brake. You should have seen me yesterday after buying Dora, trying to taxi for the first time, rolling off the taxiway left and right and getting seriously frustrated (I don't have rudder pedals either). But I noticed that was pretty much the same what happens with Mustang in unlocked-wheel mode and If I could tame the Pony, Dora should not be harder. The only difference is - in Pony you taxi in unlocked mode only every now and then when you have to make a tight turn, while in Dora you have to deal with it almost all the time.


After half an hour of "test drives" I think I've got it covered - you just have to make sure the plane never steers too much - as soon as you see it yawing just a bit, hit the opposite brake key/button immediately, but don't hold it, just dab it. Using rudder helps as well, because even with about 1000-1200 RPM setting the propstream gives you a tiny bit of rudder authority - not enough for full control, but enough to correct the line by ~3 degrees or so. Obviously, you don't want to taxi too fast either.


All and all, guys who own proper rudder pedals with toe brakes will always have advantage over us, but with a bit of training I'd say we can manage the ground handling of this bird as well. I admit, however, that tuning response speed of brake buttons could be somewhat useful.

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