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CheckLists on Knee Board


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I have searched high and low and only found a few (i.e. 5 posts) that even mention the Knee Board and I can't find ANYTHING about it in any of the BS2 Manuals.


However, after watching a DCS Flight on YouTube it occurred to me that there "may" be some way to Import Images and/or Documents to the Knee Board ??

Is this true ?


More importantly, if true, then could someone either direct me to the Instructions OR Please provide them here ?

At the very least, could someone please remind me what Keyboard Command brings up the Knee Board (or commands to get different views/pages etc) ?


I only ever used the Knee Board in P-51 and that was over 1 year ago ... I'm only now getting back into things and am trying to start with BS 2.


Thanks in Advance for any and all help/suggestions.


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Wow am I ever glad I stumbled onto this thread! Thanks AlaskanGrizzly for that amazing app. I have been going gangbusters converting all of the QuickStart docs for each aircraft into kneeboards. Your app has so many more features than I would have expected. I would recommend it to anyone.




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