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Su-27/33 & MiG29 radar


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So basically I'm new to this whole modern fighter thing, and I'm really wondering how exactly their radars work.


Now I've already figured out quite a few things myself, such as what PRF settings to use in relation to what direction the target is moving relative to one self, however there are still a couple of things I'm curious about:


1. What's the real difference between using the TWS mode vs the SCAN mode when looking for targets? I notice that in TWS mode the target indicator automatically locks on to the first blip it is moved across, where'as in SCAN mode you have to lock it on yourself.


2. Is it possible to engage more than one aircraft at a time with the radar homed missiles? If so, does it only work in TWS mode or also in scan mode, and how do I achieve it exactly?


3. Does turning ECM on actually provide protection against radar homed missiles, or does it only attract them even more?


Many thanks in advance :)

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1. With TWS in DCS Russian planes you can have data (targets) on your MFD, so you can track targets moves, see it on MFD - In SCAN mode you don`t have data on MFD without AWACS or EWR data link or your lock. But iff some turn ECM ON in your radar scan zone your TWS not work, you will be in SCAN mode automated.

2. Sukhoi NO - MiG29S can engange two targets with TWS.

3. ECM not protect you against misliles but from enemy plane to have data about you like as Altitude, Speed, position... But keep in mind your ecm will be burned around 40-50km and they will have that data, so turn off ecm in that range because some missile maybe can find you on HOJ in that case.

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