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First sim flight with my flight instructor (CFII, MEI)

Visceral Raptor

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In the Cessna 152.


Used a combination of toe brakes and rudder yaw (propwash actually gives you extra control/sensitivity of the plane from the horizontal & vertical stabilizer) to taxi down a runway. My instructor mentioned that for dual-engine planes, you can yaw using a thrust differential between the 2 propellers.


Also learned about the importance of the trim wheel. My instructor told me that aviating is the art of using trim. Using the trim wheel relieves you of constantly having to push the yoke forward/back and locks you in a certain pitch attitude it seems.


Got to "recover" and land the plane several times. Apparently, increasing your angle of attack during the "flare up" part of the landing phase helps generate lift and drag.


Also learned a bit about the altimeter (pressure-based).


Spent less than an hour in the sim, already am stoked!



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